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Roosh V tweets the world’s saddest tweet

How pathetic is this?

What a sad, small, empty life he must lead. I almost feel sorry for him.

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Oh,so Roosh is bad in bed, and boring. Well I never.

I cannot help but laugh at his attempts to be taken seriously as some kind of insightful deep thinker. Wooo, look at me, I read some books and spent years whining on the internet about how women aren’t all pretty enough for me ,I’m so special!

The irony is that he has nothing interesting and useful to offer even for the first time.

I really think that PUAs are primarily concerned with other men, and just use women as a points system to prove how much better they are than other dudes.

Of course it’s all about the other dudes. Afterall bragging to a woman that you managed to get laid is pointless because women don’t spend 90% of their time thinking about that.

FWIW, Beloved and I aren’t all that adventuresome, but we’re coming up on 14 years of snogging, etc. and the Beast With Two Backs just keeps getting better and better.

We just have to hope our two chaperones go to sleep before we run out of energy.

With apologies to Mr. Lionel Richie:


And any self-respecting woman would take one look at Roosh and say, “NOT EVEN ONCE!”

Roosh V already stablished that he doesn’t like women, doesn’t want to have relationships with women and doesn’t like having sex with women. Why does he think anyone should listen to his insights about women, sex or relationships?

Eh, he can’t seriously believe what he is saying here? I don’t have a high opinion of Roosh at all, but usually he at least tries to veer above blatant self-parody (usually not succeeding, but you have to applaud the effort I guess?)

In any case, let’s promote this tweet for a bit and watch him backtrack, it will be instructive.

I was really struck by that tweet too. It seems that it has taken Roosh over ten years to figure out that the kind of predatory “seduce and destroy missions” he has been pursuing and advocating are emotionally empty activities that lead to further isolation.

For nearly a year I followed Roosh pretty closely. What persuaded me to stop was how incredibly sad his life made me feel. His relatively unguarded “tweets” are like desperate signals from a dying planet.

@bluecat – I was thinking the same thing. PIV, oral and anal would be 3, and it certainly fits his mindset that he uses a body for himself to get off and that’s the only thing that matters.

Any time I start to feel bad about being partnerless, I can count on the MRM to remind me that there are worse things than being single.

He must suck at sex, too.

He’s said recently that he doesn’t even enjoy it, and either he or one of his co-writers said they consider their conquest a failure if she enjoys it, so frankly I’m surprised he even gets a third try.

3 times 5 seconds is how much again?

A life time of regret and a stain of grease you’ll never remove no matter the amount of scrubbing.

of a kind.

I’ll have to let my husband know there must be something wrong with him because we have been having sex for over 30 years and he still keeps coming after me(his ideal is sex 4 times a week and he is 48 ) .I’m about 1,000 times over my maximum usefulness and it seems he hasn’t noticed.

She has nothing interesting or useful to give him after 3 times probably because that’s about how long it takes for her to say ” I’m sorry this isn’t going to work out .But we can still be friends no hard feelings O.K?”

I’m not even going to address the vast savannah of stupid that is his underlying philosophy, but I can’t help but wonder – like, what if she gives him a set of allen wrenches and a subscription to National Geographic? Interesting and useful. Or, does nothing ‘count’ unless she pulls it out of her lady bits?

I’m surprised that there are women letting him have sex with at all, let alone multiple times…

Oh, please. Pull the other one Doosh.

A friend of mine once said of a particularly bad lover, “Any woman who’d sleep with him twice is too lazy to masturbate.”

With an optimistic and patient woman (My friend was admittedly neither.) a lover might get a couple more attempts to see if inexperience rather than selfishness was the problem. I’m betting Roosh is making sweet lemons out of the fact that it is women who are hitting and quitting him (if women ever voluntarily touch him at all) and not the other way around. I mean, you wouldn’t hang around for his personality and from the way he describes his approach to sexual relations it’s clear that sex with him would be a disappointment at best.

This Roosh must be proud of leading the band of losers he calls his followers. I’ve always said the PUA are poser skidmarks. The only respectable MRA position is MGTOW.

@bluecat – I think your idea of the “three” is correct. I know only a little bit of the PUA rules, but aren’t the “notches” the number of females the PUA has sex with, not the number of times? In which case, there’s no point in being with the same person more than once – it’s wasting time you could be spending on getting more notches, and thus proving yourself better than even more men. (I know, ugh, but PUA-logic.)

On sadism, there’s a joke my father used to tell – “the definition of a sadist is someone who is kind to masochists.” Another sadism joke he used to tell (don’t ask) was that a general is captured by the enemy, and proudly proclaims “I am impervious to pain!” They start torturing him, and his screams are awful. The interrogator says “I thought you said you were impervious to pain?? and the general replies “Not my OWN!!!!”

Jeez, it is gross when grown ass men refer to sex with “girls”.

I don’t feel sorry for that rapist jerk. I’m happy that he’ll never know love or even mutual respect and affection. He deserves imprisonment if the stories he tells are true, not just a lonely life stewing in his own hate.

I am amused that this thread contains both the statements “Great, now I’m hungry.” and “I’m never eating again.”

I only wish they were said by the same person (and possibly in the opposite order).

And I agree; if a woman is enough younger than me that I would consider her a girl, she’s too young to engage in sexual congress with.

I like the phrase sexual congress, by the way, it makes me think about having sex using roget’s rules of order. Is quarum one or two?

Lot of reading comprehension problems in this thread. Just because Roosh doesn’t WANT to have sex more than three times with the same female, doesn’t mean he COULDN’T.

Lot of reading comprehension problems

The irony – it burns.

PS Kevin 11, the word you are failing to find – it’s “woman”. Not “girl” ( a female child), not “female” (an adjective, not a noun).

I think the whole point of the ‘3 times’ thing is to separate his conquests from random one-night stands that could happen to anyone – his claim being that he *could* have had sex with each individual woman as often as he wanted but once he proved to himself (and to his readers, of course) that he had worked his PUA mojo (the magical 3), he could move on, notch well established. Blergh.

I find it much more pathetic that he thinks these romps are relationships.

And kevin 11, thanks for proving my point. Now go away.

Just because Roosh doesn’t WANT to have sex more than three times with the same female, doesn’t mean he COULDN’T.

Nobody is saying that his tweet PROVES that no woman is willing to sleep with him more than thrice 9_9. Why do people go all “you can’t read” and then totally misrepresent the entire thread?


That’s actually really a sad way to go about life, having sex you don’t even like simply to rack up points for the PUA’s club.

I like the phrase sexual congress

The US legislative branch has ruined it for me. Sounds like an orgy gridlocked by sexual disfunction and arguments over contraception, male enhancement options and pizza.

Lot of reading comprehension problems in this thread. Just because Roosh doesn’t WANT to have sex more than three times with the same female, doesn’t mean he COULDN’T.

No he can’t. Any man who fails consistently to establish any sort of meaningful relationship..can’t…he is an abject failure as a man and as a human being.

Lot of reading comprehension problems in this thread. Just because Roosh doesn’t WANT to have sex more than three times with the same female, doesn’t mean he COULDN’T.

Sure, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

But seriously, so? The point is Roosh is a wearisome, pathetic little predator who for some reason feels the need to get the sex, in any way he can (partners consent, laws, and basic human decency be damned), from people who he appears to loathe and has absolutely no respect for. And he doesn’t appear to enjoy it; and he’s also perfectly happy to spread misery wherever he goes (which actually, seems to be the whole point of his behavior). And he seriously lacks in the personal hygiene department. In short, he’s the human equivalent of slime mold.

Actually, I take that back. Slime mold has an ecological niche, and thus is useful. Roosh is not. Roosh is below slime mold.

I won’t disagree that Roosh is a skidmark. I have nothing but contempt for the PUAs myself. There’s a site devoted to picking their bullshit apart:

But this doesn’t mean I support Manboobz.

And slime mold is fascinating! They’re composed of one enormous cell that can be up to a meter across, containing thousands of nuclei, and some of them have as many as 500 different genders!

I suspect the magic number three, possibly in his sad little head, refers to three orifices. I mean, after you’ve been everywhere, why would you want to go there again?

I’ve read that John F Kennedy had a similar habit with his pickups. It’s a score-card thing, I think.

I was wondering whether that’s what he meant.

Kennedy, too? I already had a bad opinion of him regarding women, but it’s just taken another plunge.

@ Kevin 11

“The only respectable MRA position is MGTOW.”

Yes, we, reasonable people everywhere, agree. Individuals as irreparably damaged as MRA, frustrated in their egoistic desires for control over women and oozing unbridled hatred toward them, have nowhere to go but TOW.

It is not as much respectable, though, as rather their only option, really, since no one — specifically, no woman — wants them. But I suppose it makes them feel better to think that’s it is their choice and their “respectable” way.

In any case, good riddance, is what we say. They won’t be missed.

kevin 11 is… really, really boring, isn’t he? I mean, I just wish for the trolls of yore, the titans of asshattery, but all we get lately are the sad, sorry dregs–shoot-and-run kids who dash off after making a single “I know you are but what am I?” ‘retort’.

OT to all posters:

How do you make use of those awesome quotes you include in your replies?

Please help a newbie. Thanks!

Yes that’s right, “freemage”. I’m boring, stupid, sad. All very vague generalities that you don’t have to back up with substance. How convenient for you.

Yes that’s right, “freemage”. I’m boring, stupid, sad. All very vague generalities that you don’t have to back up with substance. How convenient for you.

You own your words, son.

And I am afraid your word are not making you look interesting, smart or even self-aware…your words are making you look boring, dull and pathetic to say the least.

I don’t know how for the life of me how a person can believe that the pathetic backwards opinions of MRM are somehow “winning” or “logical” or even within the spectrum of being an adult…because from what I read of the MRA’s, they are childish, shallow and stupid. Please correct me if I am erring…but throwing tantrums and whining about how evil women are and how these evil women are the cause of all the bad in the world, strikes me as childish, shallow and stupid.

Now go take your coloring book and make yourself useful by drawing in between the lines and let us adults talk.

I am clearly not in the mood for bullshit…proceed at your own risk.

Yes that’s right, “freemage”. I’m boring, stupid, sad. All very vague generalities that you don’t have to back up with substance. How convenient for you.

Well, you call yourself “kevin11,” then in the other thread basically call someone a coward for posting under a username on a blog; you also seem to think that death threats are funny. That really says a lot about you lack of intelligence.

“I don’t support Manboobz.”

Then why the hell are you here? Annoying people for laughs? That’s really sad, don’t you have a life?

And we’ve heard this schtick before, and not contributing anything to the discussion. That makes you pretty damn boring.

“Boring, stupid and sad.” freemage got it right.

Bullshit kevin11, I sincerely doubt any woman is actually sleeping with his creepy ass more than once, if they are doing that.

In his own words, he describes raping unconscious women more than having sex with them.

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