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Men Rights Activist: Don't expect activism from us, because "someone has to keep this society running and it damn sure ain't going to be the ladies."

MRA doing a large amount of advocacy in a comment section
MRA doing a large amount of advocacy in a comment section

So someone went to the Men’s Rights subreddit the other day to ask the assembled Men’s Rights Activists a simple question: what sort of activism do you folks do? Specifically, the visitor asked, “Do MRAs have marches or campaigns or fundraisers?”

The post didn’t get much attention, but the answers that “Chickenjuggle” got were pretty, well, instructive.

Some Men’s Rights Redditors pointed to the astounding successes of the events organized by A Voice for Men, which have drawn literally dozens of people from around the globe — that is, more people than you are likely to see waiting for a bus (except during rush hour).

Others tried to claim credit for, among other things, Movember, a month-long prostate cancer awareness campaign that most MRAs have no more connection with than I do, and for the work of various Fathers Rights organizations that MRAs, by and large, have nothing to do with.

A few pointed to fundraisers that A Voice for Men has held … for itself. (Yes, if “fundraising” is redefined to mean “sending a lot of money to Paul Elam, without knowing what exactly he even does with it,” then, yes, MRAs are pretty active fundraisers.)

And the rest mostly offered excuses.

LAMFF explained that most men have a hard time fitting activism into their busy schedule of HUNTING THE MAMMOTH TO FEED YOU:

LAMFF 3 points 1 day ago (8|5)  Most MRA's are too busy working to march. Someone has to keep this society running and it damn sure ain't going to be the ladies.

Others darkly intimated that it was much too dangerous for them to actually get up off of their asses and march, as they might risk their balls, or at least their jobs, and possibly even their spot on the couch. (I added that last bit; it seems like it would be important to them.)

ThePigmanAgain 5 points 1 day ago (10|5)  "Do MRAS have marches...?"  No, mostly because MRAs have an aversion to being shot in the balls by the Stormtroopers of the Plutocracy.
Ianafiafe 15 points 1 day ago (21|6)  No because there are serious risks of losing jobs/pets etc. for MRAs who march.  Once the movement becomes mature and can withstand things like that there will be.

As is well-known, no other activists in the history of the world have ever put themselves willingly at risk for their ideals.

Unkleman sniffed that those silly marches were probably sour, anyway:

unkleman 1 point 1 day ago (3|2)  MRA's are more about awareness in a hostile media than feelgoodisms or PR actions. The distinction lies in that men do not need to qualify themselves for equality, once the general populace is aware, people will be inclined towards fairness. It is false propaganda and straight out lies we need to combat with false facts that have been too long unchallenged.

That bit at the end about “false facts” is an interesting slip, huh?

TRPACC, meanwhile, insisted that sitting on your ass posting comments on the internet was, in fact, activism of the highest order:

TRPACC 1 point 1 day ago (4|3)  AVfM, CAFE and F4J are the most active in those regards, individual mra's have been doing a large amount of advocacy in comments sections of the mainstream media for years.  AVfM is currently trying to raise 20k and is going to expand.
In other words, this video from SomeGreyBloke turns out not to be a parody after all, but a dead-on accurate portrayal:

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8 years ago

“The revolution is in the mind” = dude, you’re spinning. Stop it.

8 years ago

What a pseudointellectual way to say “lazy.”

Ally S
8 years ago

There is no need to march. The revolution is in the mind. Thats how to defeat feminist hate.

I’m sure male abuse victims in need of shelters and other resources necessary to escape their abusive partners are yearning for the psychic revolution you speak of. Oh wait.

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