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@Fidelbogen sez: “We needn’t treat feminists fairly or ethically. Underhanded tricks r the order of the day.”

Silly Fidelbogen! Tricks are for kids!
Silly Fidelbogen! Tricks are for kids!

It’s labor day here in the US of A, a day for picnics, parades honoring our nation’s workers, and going through Fidelbogen’s timeline on Twitter looking for especially obtuse tweets from the always obtuse Men’s Renaissance Agitator and would-be philosopher-king of the Men’s Rights movement.

Yes, I know we just did Fidelbogen the other day, but we’re doing him again.

Because it’s my blog, that’s why!

And it’s worth it. Because Fidelbogen, who apparently fancies himself some sort of evil rhetorical genius taking down feminism with he power of his mighty words, has a knack for saying out loud what a lot of Men’s Rightsers think.  As I pointed out the other day, he’s admitted straight up that he’s far more interested in attacking feminists than in actually helping men. Which is clearly the case with most MRAs, as evidenced by their complete and utter lack of accomplishment in the whole “actually helping men” arena.

In his tweets, he often goes further, exposing the dishonest nature of these attacks on feminism. Indeed, a good portion of his tweets are basically him twirling his moustache as he explains the devious trickery he’ll be using to take the evil feminists down.

Here he is in full supervillain mode:

One of Fidey’s favorite themes is that he and his MRA buddies can define feminism, so suck on that, femmies!

Indeed, he won’t shut up about it:

Yeah, dude. Trust us — we know.

And here he suggests he’s far more interested in pulling women down than in raising men up:

What’s this? Straight up misogyny?

Oh, sorry, misogyny doesn’t exist.

Or … does it?

Do try to keep your story straight, dude!

Fidey is the master of baffling metaphor:

Ok, that didn’t make sense. Let’s try this one:

Huh. Pisspots, however unsavory, do at least serve a useful function. Is Men’s Rights Activism thus the equivalant of peeing on the floor?

Too complicated. Fidey tries a simpler metaphor:

And then marches off into the land of incoherence once again.

And then accidentally stumbles upon a truth:

Read that one over again, Fidey, and take a good hard look at yourself.

144 replies on “@Fidelbogen sez: “We needn’t treat feminists fairly or ethically. Underhanded tricks r the order of the day.””

Hi David.

I follow Graham Murkett (somegreybloke) on Facebook and someone posted a link to this woman’s blog in one of his threads. You probably have already heard of her, but she’s another anti-feminist woman who seems to have a decent following of misogynists, MRAs, MGTOWs, and RedPillers. It’s sad and a little amusing to watch these guys comment and bloviate in her blog while condescending to her at the same time.

Here is the link some helpful idiot posted to Graham.

I figured I wasn’t bringing anything new here. Not surprising that she comments here occasionally. I feel bad for people like her though.

Ah, Sunshine Mary.

The first time she commented here we caught her repeating falsehoods. Never retracted.

And she refuses to answer questions about that whole ‘bearing false witness against your neighbor’ thing.

The best kind of religious!!

I followed the link ladyzombie left up there. The compilation of complete lack of perspective (she is utterly unable to distinguish between a professional code of conduct, a student code of conduct, a law and a general social guideline), blithering ignorance (yes, Sunshine, there are plenty of public service messages out there about the dangers of alcohol) and smug self-righteousness made the overall product almost impossible to read through.

“My best move to end sexual violence: confront sexist comments — every time”

Her caption on the photo of two young women holding that sign?

“Is it illegal to make a sexist comment? Who decides what is sexist? If someone makes a sexist comment, are they guilty of contributing to rape culture? Can they be prosecuted for this?”

Yes because them pointing out the nature of the comment is totally the same as arresting the person making the comment. Just how fucking thick is she? She has no issue telling legal from moral when pushing her set of morals…right?

Dear gods tell me she doesn’t want to make biblical fundamentalism into US law?

I have to wonder where Sunshine Mary lives that she managed to make it through life without seeing a PSA about alcohol. They were all over the place when we were kids!

Argenti: Welcome to the wonderful world of Projection! Yes, most theocrats like her would secretly (or not-so-secretly) LOVE to make their Holy Scripture Of Choice into the basis of the legal system in their country; they will often lie and insist that it was always supposed to be that way.

So they naturally assume that that’s what everyone else wants, too–for their own personal moral codes to become a full-blown system of legal enforcement. This then lets them complain that any attempt to instill a societal standard is the exact same thing as making violating that standard a crime with a prison term.

Just remember, there are Americans who support the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” law.

CassandraSays: That is easily one of the most disturbing analogies I’ve ever run across, not to mention a completely terrifying mental image.

@Cassandra – You talking about her husband ordering her just made me think that she’s actually some kind of stepford robot and was in fact made to order. Hey, she could have been grown in a vat!

Yes, most theocrats like her would secretly (or not-so-secretly) LOVE to make their Holy Scripture Of Choice into the basis of the legal system in their country; they will often lie and insist that it was always supposed to be that way.

With USians of this type, I always think they don’t know their Founding Fathers from their Pilgrim Fathers.

Yeah I find myself saying “you know, they put it FIRST for a reason” all too often (like, oh, idk, so I can get cross and point that out and even have the freedom to comment on the rest? I swear, some people!)

I try analogies, usually to Judaism since the “fear the Muslims!” is so high here, but “how would you feel if Jews were trying to make various Jewish rituals and laws the legal standard?” just gets me “the founding fathers weren’t Jewish”


Also, anacondas are awesome. And she is mindbogglingly thick.

As for alcohol PSAs, I was reading the safety signs in the shop out of boredom while eating and the damned one about back injuries includes not to drive or dive while drinking because either can result in serious spinal injuries. I have a personal pharmacy of “do not drive or operate machinery” labels that come with extra special “alcohol may intensify this effect” labels.

You literally cannot avoid it, like, idk about when she got her license or if it’s a state based thing, but CT requires a drug and ALCOHOL cause to get your license (idk if it’s age based). We had a unit on drugs and ALCOHOL in HS gym class FFS. Poor innocent sunshine’s probably never held a bottle of booze to see the warning labels, many of which include “please drink responsibly” (I’ll be happy to, your living room pecunium? See how much it takes to lose our typing skills? 😛 )

In short, she makes me want to get out the whiskey, see what the label says, and then have a couple swigs. (Apparently autocorrect spells it whiskey)

That’s never going to work with them, because it’s always that their version of Christianity is the literal truth, that everything else is not only factually wrong but evil, and (I guess) the whole America as Godzone* Chosen Land, fulfillment of prophecy, blah blah blah.

*except they’re wrong of course, coz everyone knows Orstraya is Godzone, maaaaate.

There are USAians who sincerely believe that the First Amendment established the right to be any kind of Christian* you want, and that every other religion is ‘at your own risk ‘.

*Catholics, Mormons, Quakers, Unitarians and suchlike, offer is null and void.

Myoo — pirate!! *runs screaming*


Robert’s right, most of that strain that I’ve encountered allow for all religions that “follow the biblical god” so Judaism is in, but the idol worshipping Catholics are out (Virgin Mary’s an idol apparently)…and Mormons…no, just no.

The ones that really get on my nerves though? Jews for Jesus. Because I apparently look Jewish and thus get targeted by them and GO AWAY. (The whole assumed to be Jewish thing just amuses me, if I wasn’t so common I’d not care in the least, but I just don’t get it [I guess my last name looks fairly Jewish, to those utterly unfamiliar with actual Jewish names, but that doesn’t explain the reactions of, for example, Jews for Jesus folks])

(The whole assumed to be Jewish thing just amuses me, if I wasn’t so common I’d not care in the least, but I just don’t get it [I guess my last name looks fairly Jewish, to those utterly unfamiliar with actual Jewish names, but that doesn’t explain the reactions of, for example, Jews for Jesus folks])

I had that “you look Jewish” thing once, and it was baffling. Not as baffling as someone saying it about you, though!

When I told someone that I was ethnically Jewish – their response was “but you don’t look Jewish!”

Yeah – ’cause we all have ridiculously big noses, curly sideburns, and wear yarmulkes 24/7. So, obviously, I was pretty annoyed by that comment…

What kind of real man doesn’t know that you can’t safely remove a bloated bloodsucking tick with a pair of pliers, choice or otherwise? I read that and immediately thought Welp, I guess feminism is safe then.

Aw, this guy is as nonsensical as Edward Lear but about 1% as entertaining.

Sometimes it’s weird what can trigger a person. I read Fiddly Booger’s blah blah blah and then his one insight (the one at the end) really set me off. Mum had a brain haemorrhage a few months ago, is still in the hospital, and her damaged brain has become the master of blocking what it doesn’t want to know. A couple of years ago we nursed her husband until he died of cancer, and she was in the room when he took his last breath — the hardest thing she’s ever had to do — and now she’s constantly asking me to call him, to call each of his family members, friends and acquaintances, to hunt him down somehow, because even though she’s been told many times that he’s dead, “it just can’t be true!” Heartbreaking. And exhausting.

This fidel guy has never had a happy relationship with a woman. You can hear the sexual frustration oozing out of his armpits. He is a lost cause of misery.

I also read he doesn’t think there is a war on women. This is how deillusioned and misogynist he is. Anyone with common sense can see this within minutes. He only sees a ‘war on men’. As if that is something new in any shape or form? As if that can shadow the war on women? He is just a miserable piece of shit. He and his friend DannytheMRA are both equally crazy old men.

Can we not on the “crazy old men” trope? My crazy old man of a grandfather’s taken up residence in the dementia wing of a lovely retirement home and would never turn into this sort of misogynistic dirtbag (swapping war stories with the other WWII veteran like it wasn’t 60 years ago…that’s another matter [hey pecunium, I think we’ve found the source of my fondness for listening to them eh?])

SandinaFem has a habit of making drive-by comments with ableist or violent content, then never bothering to respond to being called out (and possibly not even bothering to read other comments at all).

I’m glad your grandfather’s in a good place, Argenti.

I really have to wonder with drive-bys like that. Is the point to litter the comments with little turds to try to make it look like crap doesn’t get called out? Or to vent anger with all the ableism they have ingrained?

I thought the name rang troll bells, but I couldn’t place it so I assumed good faith. Oh well.

And yeah, lovely place, my mother hates the floor pets though — birds. She hates birds (to the point there’s a more or less unspoken shop rule not to tell her one when gets in. Which, with three open bay doors, happens with some frequency) He’s got a proper room, nicer than any of my apartments. No kitchen, for what ought be obvious reasons, but walk in shower with chair, huge closet that’s about as big as my bedroom sans bed (I could easily put a 250g tank in there, and a bed roll, and be the happiest little camper on the planet), bedroom, den/living room.

And, of course, a new war buddy to swap stories with. Seeing how I’ve long been the only one not to go “you told me that one already” I’m sure he’s pleased being able to repeat himself and not have anyone care (if they even remember!)

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