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Matt Forney, still trying hard to offend, publishes post suggesting that whenever women drink they cheat on their boyfriends [CORRECTED]

Women preparing to cheat.
Women preparing to cheat.

Matt Forrney, the asshole behind the now-defunct In Mala Fide blog, is apparently as desperate for attention as ever. So today I’m going to indulge him by posting this deliberately obnoxious comment of his about women and drinking. [CORRECTION: The post was actually written by someone calling himself “The Captain Power,” who is evidently a whole other different person than Matt Forney, who merely published this post on his blog called Matt Forney.]

If your girlfriend goes out and drinks alcohol, you are most likely getting cheated on.

Women by nature are predetermined in their D.N.A to get pregnant and reproduce, and until they reach menopause they need a constant supply of penis to provide fertility. Your girlfriend might prefer your penis, but once the alcohol kicks in and she is inebriated, your penis is useless.  Out of site, out of mind (but full of semen).

In my entire life I have never met a women who was out drinking and didn’t cheat on her boyfriend. …

The few drinking exceptions for women include weddings, work parties, birthday parties with male friends, and suicide attempts.

The reference to suicide attempts at the end is a nice touch.

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It’s a complicated issue, but the cultural narrative and people wanting to discuss their horror birth stories (which is also shockingly common and something that I think is just innately cruel) doesn’t help.

It didn’t occur to me for a long time afterwards (being in a fog of chronic pain at the time) that she said exactly the wrong thing. Oblivious really, blinded by her ideology. She was basically telling me and, by extension, the whole 20-30 of us antenatal/ high dependency patients, fearing the deaths/disabilities of our babies or ourselves, in the hospital at the time that we were failures because we didn’t fit into her idealised, totally unrealistic view about beautiful, natural, harmless pregnancies producing bonny, bouncing, healthy babies. (I wasn’t there for just the relaxin-damaged joints. I was there because of a suspected thrombosis so they could keep an eye on me and I could be treated/transferred urgently if anything went wrong.)

What she should have said would have been to sell the hospital as a boon to modern women. Just look at how lucky we are that we have these facilities to do the best for you unlucky few and your babies.

Yeah. One of those jokes about “Now we know that god is male. A goddess would’ve done a much better job.” would have got the unlucky message _and_ the this-is-shitty message across without scaring the pants off already worried women.

That’s always been my take – no goddess would make such a stuff-up of body design!

Prolly it was just that Ceiling Cat got bored and put the whole process on auto pilot.

Yeah, that’s why I advocate for hospitals when it’s necessary. There is absolutely a time and place when hospitals and modern medicine and even c-sections are totally necessary and beneficial, and there’s really no “wrong” way to have a baby, knowing that interventions are created because they are sometimes very important and necessary parts of maintaining healthy births. There’s really only a wrong way to support someone through pregnancy and birth.

Wow Argenti, 16 days late! That’s really late. 30hrs induction isn’t that uncommon, but forceps is surprising rather than going to a section and it’s almost fortunate for your mom that’s what happened, precisely because once you’d had a section, it was unlikely all your subsequent children wouldn’t be section as well during that era. Nowadays VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) isn’t that uncommon, though still could happen more often imo, merely because of the risks associated with cesareans compared to a vaginal birth.

Re: forceps, like I said, her OB/GYN was ANCIENT. Like, old enough to retire, in the eighties. So he’d have been trained right around WWII. Point here is that he hadn’t learned how to work forceps in med school that decade, but many many years ago.

*shudders* and if she had been sectioned…my brother’s sliding right out would’ve gotten a whole lot more dangerous.

Yeah, I mean, we use vacuums now, although there are some doctors who prefer forceps and occasionally forceps provide a different function from vacuums. And yeah, the risk goes up with having had a previous section. The risks go: Vaginal birth (no prior section) < Vaginal birth after cesarean < Repeat cesarean < Trial of labour after prior cesarean resulting in a repeat section.

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