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Supe-pah-per Storm Troup-pah-pers?

Scary news from A Voice for Men. On their front page right now:


So Sweden is Nazi Germany?

This is a little confusing to me, because, according to what I’ve always considered the most trusted and reliable source of Swedish information, Sweden is actually Napoleonic France.

Unfortunately, my only other real source for information on Sweden is not much help either, as it seems to suggest that Sweden is … the Mojave desert?


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titanblue — I cheated, I googled.

Xänte — I considered non-base 10, but with 10 there, it’d have to have been hex or something, and I kind of know hex (HTML color codes use it)

1 + 1 = 10 would’ve been fun though!

And 10 + 10 = 100, have fun with that, stoner’s boner. (Not that anyone cares about your boner btw)

@Argenti,that’s one’s too easy! I have a t-shirt that plays on that, and people ask me what it means.

@Kitteh: we were shown that MacBeth version in English at school. I seem to recall the witches were sexed up a bit….

Martin Shaw seemed to take on characters that were the (logical) voice of reason in a wilderness of conservative beliefs: case in point, Insp. George Gently and Father Jacob (Apparitions). The script writing for those two shows annoys me because it makes Shaw’s characters to be the only sympathetic main ones.

I haven’t seen Apparitions but I didn’t find John Bacchus to be wholly unsympathetic. A walking casebook of 1960s prejudices most of the time, for sure, but he had his moments. The thing I found a little hard to believe was how ahead of his time Gently was on so many issues. He’s a very likable character and I like the series, don’t get me wrong, but it did seem a bit of a stretch on occasions.

I felt that George Gently as a concept was:
– Procedural police show, check.
– Set it in the 1960s so we can deal with lots of social issues, check.
– We need a main character who is usually on the wrong side of the social issues so they can be a foil – Bacchus (and clue the name)
– We need the main character to be the one who is on the right side of the social issues.

I could easily accept the main character to be on the right side of a few moral issues. But abortion, prostitution, domestic violence – too much, for a senior police officer, for the 60s.

Exactly. Gently does have a fair bit of Too Good To Be True about him.

It’s an interesting contrast to Judge John Deed. Deed was a much more flawed character, but I thought they really messed it up with his flaw being the constant inability to keep his pants zipped. It got incredibly boring, for one thing. The whole Whitehall-is-out-to-get-him-but-he-wins-at-the-last-minute business got very repetitive, too. It was a shame, because the series could have been a lot better.

@ cloudiah
Lol’ed endlessly at that link!
“This piece is not about my son. In real life, he is a multi-faceted individual living his own life. In this article, “My Son” is a cardboard cutout of any ordinary, intelligent young man who is considering his future”
Can safely say attractive twenty year olds who have completed army training and deployment, are entering college to study engineering, surfs, rides a motorcycle and a mountain bike, maintains a classic car, has biceps to slober over and is (amazingly) liked and respected by everybody despite being disgusted at the standard of women available to him is not the ordinary young man. Pretty sure “multi faceted” is just code for not as hot, intelligent or impressive as i am pretending ordinary people are in this slightly disturbing essay.

Why couldn’t Stoner state his problem something like:

f(2,3) = 10
f(7,2) = 63
f(6,5) = 66
f(8,4) = 96

f(9,7) = ?

The puzzle would have been the same but we wouldn’t have to ignore what “+” means.

Re driversuz: Whenever a mothers starts going on and on about how awesome her son is, the rule is to take the square root of whatever she’s saying and divide it by three. With a feMRA, one should probably divide it by, like, a thousand.

khantron — you win ALL THE MATH, my statistics mind forgot all about functions!

katz — and put it on pay-per-view, could fund manboobz indefinitely on that!

*dies laughing*

Just how stoned are you? We (rather clearly) meant Diogenes the Dull…I mean, the Cynic. He’s a more regular version of yourself, more or less. Claims to have invented algebra at 9 (or was it 10?) — you two together would be a laugh a minute!

“In real life, he is a multi-faceted individual living his own life.”

Really? You mean he does more with his life than just stereotype and hate women because they don’t meet his unrealistic expectations? WOW!!!!

“Sarcasm is my friend, so no, I’m not a bitter aging helicopter mom with Oedipal issues”

Well, sarcasm is my friend too, and it said that you ARE a bitter aging helicopter mom with Oedipal issues. It also said you are an asshole and in denial and you’re not invited to its birthday party this year.

😀 Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Stoner, come back when less stoned. I, and everyone else here, am well aware that Diogenes the Dull (I mean Cynic) is full of shit.

Let me use little, easy to comprehend, words. Diogenes the Cynic is a commenter here, and he claims to have invented algebra. This is just one of his many absurd claims.

Please do continue to completely misunderstand, it’s hilarious.

Well, sarcasm is my friend too, and it said that you ARE a bitter aging helicopter mom with Oedipal issues. It also said you are an asshole and in denial and you’re not invited to its birthday party this year.

Yutolia, are you my sister? Because that is something she would say, in a Daria voice.

Diogenes the Cynic is a commenter here, and he claims to have invented algebra.

I believe you are mistaken. Diogenes the Cynic lived in ancient Greece. He’s dead now.

Hey, he claims to be a cynic, though he’s clearly just dull! Or are you afraid I’ll summon him by mentioning him? Because yeah, no one wants to deal with that tedium.

Call him Diarrhoea the Chronic and it’ll get the idea across.

Or remember that “cynic” comes from dog/doglike and recall that DtC is just yapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapyapping in the back yard.

I lived next to that dog at one point — I can scare cats growling at them, at shut up most dogs in seconds, that beast? He’d just try harder at his attempts to ruin the fence between us. Two years living next to him and he started every time I went out the back door.

Yeah, very much like our cynic. (Note, I do not make a habit out of growling at small furry things, but it helps when the cat is swatting my fish tanks)

I freaked our Thomas out once by doing the mmmrrrrOWowowow cat-about-to-have-a-fight noise at him. Not sure if he knew it was me or not! 😀

We’ve had a few yappity little wretches like that. There’s one next door, which fortunately is inside most of the time and hence quiet, and one down the street, which is out of earshot in my place.

DtC definitely has Small Dog syndrome.

If you find yourself living next door to an unfriendly dog, try bribery. It worked for me! My old landlord had a rottweiler/pit mix that guarded the back yard, and used to bark like crazy when I went anywhere near it, or even looked out the window facing it. So I started cooing at him from the kitchen window while throwing him dog treats. After a while he would happy-bark instead of want-to-kill-you bark, and when I met him out on the street he immediately rolled over for a belly rub.

Bribery – I recommend it.

Any advice for a friendly but mind bogglingly dumb dog? I’m sitting on the floor with the kitteh and will probably soon be pounced by my father’s big stupid mutt (he means well, but is nearly as big as me!)

I quite like being pounced on so never developed any strategies to prevent it, sorry! I grew up with a friend whose family kept wolfhounds, so I pretty much had to resign myself to the fact that giant dogs were going to jump all over me and occasionally knock me down.

Lol, I’m not really a fan of being pinned, though I guess it is best if it’s by a lick-me-to-death dog! And one handed cuz cat… Hi there attack cat >.<

That was hilarious, she just went from pet me! to I killz! in about 15 seconds. Maybe the dog really is the least of my worries!

To give a bit of perspective here, these are the dogs that I grew up around. My friend’s family had at least 4 of them at any one time.

Fun fact: Diogenes the philosopher were called “cynic” because of his ascetic, super-simple life-style. People thought he lived “like a dog”. It was much later that the word “cynic” acquired its modern meaning. (Later followers of Diogenes claimed to adhere to his philosophy according to which material stuff didn’t matter – however, unlike Diogenes, they still HAD lots of material stuff, only they said it was unimportant, and poor people were therefore really no worse off than they were. Gradually, “cynic” started to mean something like “hypocrite” and eventually “not very nice person” and even later what we mean by it today.)

I finally bothered to read driversuz’ thing. First she says:

[Men] have the same job titles as you [women] and they take home the same pay, but they work longer hours and they do harder work

And then, in the same paragraph, she says:

They know that the minute they sign a marriage license, everything they own is yours, but nothing you own is theirs (except your debts)

But suz! Aren’t they entitled to half of my income, which is apparently equal to their own?

And then, a bit later, she says:

You go buy your own four-bedroom colonial in just the right subdivision.

Well that should be easy, right? Since I’m earning the same salary as my husband would be?

It’s almost like you don’t actually believe women can earn as much money as men at all.

RE: Dvarghundspossen

That’s pretty neat! Thanks for the info. I kinda enjoy stripping my belongings and playing the, “how much do I REALLY need” game, and I remember Diogenes as the guy who rambled around naked and shouted at statues.

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