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Head-clearing Weekend

Sometimes I just can’t bring myself to look at MRA bullshit. I’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, kittens.

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Before decided to post here I lurked on this blog a while…………….And I couldn’t help but notice that the troll that you people are the most fond of, or at least tolerate, are the stupid ones whose weaknesses are obvious and whose logic is easily reduced to shambles. The more intelligent trolls get banned when butthurt regs e-mail Mr manboobz himself and request they be denied posting privileges because they make people rale mad. tsk! tsk!

Except “intelligent troll” is an oxymoron, as you’re busy demonstrating.

BTW an ellipsis is three dots (or in some usages four, depending on placement), not a dozen-odd. It’s a discrete punctuation mark, not a “fill in as many dots as you want to indicate length of pause” thing.

Re: ellipses: 3 in a sentence (or is it paragraph?) and 4 between them?

Welcome back Pecunium!

I feel like whenever a feminist comments on an MRA blog it’s the grammar equivalent of the scene where The Bride slaughters all 88 of the guys attacking her in Kill Bill.

The tell is “tsk tsk”. Not many trolls use it, and hmm, who would be upset right now about the regulars telling him to fuck off/emailing David about him?

Oooh guys, I think I’ve figured out why all MRAs suck so much at the grammar! It’s because their rotten feminist primary school teachers ™ were so busy doing “make-work” (see other thread) that they couldn’t be bothered to teach them the basics of how English work! But they only screwed over the boys! Because misandry!

“And who would proclaim that smart, eloquent, logically irrefutable people get banned?”


My vote’s with Abnoy, or possibly Diogenes. Though it would be hilarious if all of our trolls who share the same fixations turned out to be the same person.

The more intelligent trolls get banned

Which trolls would that be?

Our, ban list is pretty short.

Eoghan (for sockpuppetry), the long runners were Brandon, Al (in both his major incarnations). Samuel (creepy). Toy Soldier (lying) Pell (and I defy you to say it’s because he was logically superior). Marc (rape advocacy). Tom Martin (rape advocacy), Stam/Gov’t Girlfriends (sockpuppetry).

But please tell us who was banned, while kicking logical ass.

Pell? Was he the intelligent one? HA HA HA HA HA HA… [splutters into huge coughing fit because I’m still sick] Please don’t make me laugh that hard again tonight, my lungs can’t take it yet.

@Pecunium did you happen to catch a glimpse of the Tardis ballgown this weekend? Probably my favorite hall costume of the con.



I was excited enough about the sonic screwdriver pen I got with the Doctor Who magazine this week.

Kitteh’s. She remade a prom-dress into it. It was gorgeous.

I also made a joke about one of the winners (we were watching on Arisia TV). “Can’t sleep, clowns will bring me presents.”

When I bumped into him (out of costume), praised the dressing gown he was in; and then saw the awards, I asked what he’d done, he told me, I told him the comment, and he said, “Oh, that was you!”. So he’d heard it, and was amused.

I worked my ass off. I might be speaking at Fog Con in Walnut Creek in March, for those who are in the bay area.

That dress! The inside of the TARDIS looks to be hand painted too, the dress itself I might be able to pull off, but that? Not a chance!

Holy shit that’s amazing! *takes kitteh’s spare paper bag*

She took best workmanship, and best comic presentation, in the journeyman class (I think that was the class). The Arisia website has the entire listing, and you can see the other costumes.

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