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War Declared on Misandric Pants

Puppy battling the evil of Misandric Pants
Puppy battling the evil of Misandric Pants

One effect of living within the ideological bubble of the Men’s Rights movement is what you might call ideological inflation: MRAs start off believing, for example, that women don’t face discrimination today, in the developed world — an idea that’s wrong enough to start with. But then, surrounded by other delusional MRAs who reinforce their every wrong notion, the denizens of the Men’s Rights bubble come to believe that women haven’t ever been discriminated against anywhere and at any time in the history of the world. (You may recall those evil cavewomen who sat around eating prehistoric bon bons while the men hunted the mammoth to feed them.)

And that leads to things like the following video, in which the FeMRA video maker who calls herself The Wooly Bumblebee declares war on a pair of “Misandric Pants” she bought for her daughter by accident.

Yep, that’s right, she’s furious because one fucking percent of the proceeds made from selling these pants goes to a charity fighting against the very real discrimination and oppression that girls face all over the globe. You know, like being denied educations because they’re girls. Like being forced into child marriages with adult men. Like being forced into prostitution as children. That sort of thing.

Apparently girls don’t suffer from being repeatedly raped as children. But boys are totally oppressed because a tiny portion of the profits from a pair of pants goes to a charity that talks about, and tries to do something about, the shit girls have to endure because they are girls.

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*concentrates very hard on cute puppy piccy*

Did I tell you all (I think not?) that we haz two new puppies?

I was driving home from grocery store on Dec. 30, and there were two little dogs out in middle of nowheresville Texas standing right by road. I stopped car, hopped out, and with a small amount of coaxing, they jumped in the car.

We’ve called shelters, listed them as “found,” and searches internet sites for local lost/found dogs, to no avail.

They’re ours, we think. Looking at pics online, we think they’re mostly miniature rat terrier: each is about 10 pounds. Both female. One (Daisy) two years old, and vet thinks possibly has been spayed. The other (Sweetpea) is about 9 months and just coming off her first heat. They’ve had basic vacs and checkout, and are living isolated from the three cats and our indoor chocolate lab for now. Next week, they go in for heartworm tests and Sweetpea’s operation.

Then we start socializing/training them to be in with the cats (they’re incredible hunters, so we’re a bit worried about instinct to pounce and shake that breed info says they have, and which we’re seeing).

They’re well socialized–they weren’t even dirty and probably hadn’t been on own for long (probably dumped not long before), and even a bit spoiled.

So, um, PUPPIES!

“Though I am a bit confused as to why she thinks a school that has banned jeans will allow stretchpants that look exactly like jeans ….”

I had a classmate in middle school whose dad was very religious and strict and wouldn’t allow his daughters to wear bluejeans (don’t ask, I didn’t get it either). So she wore some kind of double-knit pants that looked just like fake denim.

Just like it.


My friends and I obtained a totally legal copy for dramatic reading/sporking purposes. We lasted until Chapter Twelve before we got uncomfortable about pisstaking the books. We just recapped and ranted up to the end of book one and then left it alone.

You have my sympathies and admiration.

@the kitten, I loved the tomato and herb soup! I could probably get a friend to send some over.

BigMomma, have you seen any for sale in Australia? It’s years since I have. There is a Baxter’s Australia company listed, but the link to it on Baxter’s UK homepage is broken, which makes me wonder if they went out of business.

Welcome, JustACheeto!

CWS & LBT: if you want a good 50 Shades pisstake, check out Jennifer Armintrout’s blog. Her chapter recaps are hilarious.

So… does Pierre work at a clothing store?
Pierre: Hello, how may I help you?
Wooly: Yes, I would like to return these pants I bought for my daughter.
Pierre: OK, so do they not fit?
Wooly: No, they fit fine.
Pierre: Do they not look good on her?
Wooly: No, they look fine.
Pierre: Then what’s wrong with them?
Wooly: They’re too misandric. I need pants that hate men less.
Pierre: Hang on, let me call my manager. *on the phone* Yes, it’s about misandric pants. No, this is not that Slave guy complaining about being visually assaulted again.

RE: hellkell

I dunno, hellkell, I slammed through fifteen chapters and had to concede because it reached a creepy point that I COULD NOT MAKE IT FUNNY. I needed the equivalent of the Chicken Dance playing the entire time, and that’s hard to do in text.

LBT: she manages it, and makes no bones about what an abusive asshole Chedward is and comes at it from a pretty feminist position. If that makes sense. I had minor surgery today and the painkillers have kicked in.

Oh, Maple syrup ideas. Tir a neige, of course. ( heat it up, lay it on snow and roll it into toffee). I have a killer maple syrup pie recipe I can give you. And pounding chômeur, which is basically just vanilla cake, layered with male syrup. As the cak bakes, the syrup trickles through, flavouring the whole thing.

I go to play Guild Wars for an hour and come back to oodles of information.

@Kitteh: pleased to hear your’e going well on your beading.

@Ithiliana: yes, please, photos. 🙂 I hear pecunium takes some good ones 😉

Re yarn, yes and in NZ we use “ply” which often is used for yarn that is woven into a single ply. So 8 ply = DK, and we say “8 ply” even if it doesn’t physically have that many strands.

Back on the OT, I should have realised this sooner, but how come Wooly Bumblebee uses a bee as a nym because queens are the ultimate spermjackers. All the females in a hive are sisters, and will sacrifice themselves for the hive and the queen, so bees are the ultimate feminists. So, weird nym.

Cthulu’s Intern: they’re not that cheap for what are basically leggings. On sale for $9.99 sounds about right.

Kitteh’s: it was just a cyst excision, but in a very odd, uncomfortable place. The procedure itself went well and quick–only 35 minutes–and I didn’t have to have general anesthesia.

Kitteh’s Unpaid Help, Fine, I will CLAIM THE PANTS OF MISANDRY!!

We Canadians get so odd when we go round the bend.

And while I know puppy pics, kitty pics, and random excess geekery (Whovian for life, grew up on Baker and Davison) are welcome, should I start throwing baking recipes up for Maple Syrup or not? (I’m sick and can’t go to my friend’s party.)

Kiwi – I’ve had a couple of false starts (mainly from changing my mind about including spacer beads) but I’ve a dozen beads done now, and I think it’ll go okay. The funny part is putting all the different sizes/colours randomly: I tend to do stuff symmetrically or in order, and it’s an adjustment to avoid that. The necklace will look all wrong if I lose the randomness. 🙂

@Hellkell, LBT

I can’t find anything after Chapter Twelve funny. Before that there are some so-bad-it’s-good times (for example, ‘Oh my’, and Ana describing blowjobs as ‘my very own Christian Grey-flavoured popsicle’) but then… you cannot make it funny. I think the ‘Chicken Dance’ method would just wind up creepy rather than funny.

Hey, I just realized my phone has me as lightcastle while the computer has me as LC. I will switch both to lightcastle, since you all have such nice names.

LC – I think you’re pretty safe throwing recipes around! There are a lot of keen cooks here (me, I’m of the “microwave for five minutes at 1000W” variety).

Have you read Katz’s Pierre comics? They are the best. Wave that maple leaf flag with pride!

hellkell – ouch! Glad it’s all over simply, though.

Ithiliana, TEH PUPPIES! ::faints from cute::

@Kitteh, yes I would want to put things in order too. It has taken me years to be able to use different coloured pegs on the same garment on the washing line (damn you weird OCDness!).

@Ithiliana: what cute little dogs. Small enough to be considered honorary cats. 🙂

@Creative: that was the only thing I hated about literature at school (never took English past college = NZ equivalent of high school, I think) was reading stuff I hated.

@Hellkell, sorry, I missed a response to you in my last bit. I’m pleased the cyst is out, I hope you feel better soon.

@the kitten, no Baxters is still going strong but from a quick recce of their UK website, it looks as if they don’t do that soup anymore : (

“It has taken me years to be able to use different coloured pegs on the same garment on the washing line (damn you weird OCDness!).”

OMG my mum does that! She’s not OCD at all generally, but has this thing about matching coloured pegs. And not just pegs the same colour as each other, they have to match the garment as closely as possible.

BigMomma – no more Baxter’s tomato and herb? Noooooooooo…

Biscuit, such a sweetie! 🙂

Argh. I better go do the grocery shopping. We’re out of cheese and bread, among other things. Back soon!

@Kiwi girl

The assignment is the write a 2,000 word article about whatever we want. I’ve volunteered to do this because some things need to be said. (We have studied things that I didn’t like, although it’s more “dear god, this is tedious” rather than “I need to exorcise that piece from my brain” horrifying.)

Although I am now going to take a break into the land of sleep because it’s 4am here. Night, everyone.

Misandric pants… I thought this would be a genital-shredding zipper thing.

Mmm, maple oatmeal. Actually, most of the oatmeal I make these days is steel cut oatmeal and dried fruit in the slow cooker overnight. With a pinch of salt in the morning, the dried fruit is sweet enough to not need any additional sugar.

Still, awesome on pancakes. I make buttermilk pancakes from scratch, my brother does beer-batter pancakes with oat-bran and a touch of cinnamon which are possibly even better.

wordspinner: I assume you know that aran is a five ply cable. When I can spin finely enough that doing a five-ply cable won’t be the size of climbing rope, I intend to make some. Right now I’m getting a pretty heavy two-ply (chunky, and “arty”, but the knitter who is playing with it says it’s nice to work, even if swatching it to get needle ga. was a bit of a pain).

I’ve managed to get a handle on spinning worsted, so I am making a fairly “rustic” yarn with some grey merino; spun worsted, and brown romney, spun woolen. It’s being fun.

I’m using the wheel to rewind the bobbins for better plying, and waiting on my holiday present (three more bobbins, and a tensioned lazy-kate; so I can stop using the one I made from chopsticks and a carboard box; though the tension on it is nice).

I’m also spinning some cinnamon alpaca on my spindle which the wheel makes a lot easier to ply. It’s much more consistent than the wheel spun. If I got a lighter spindle I could probably do lace-weight.


I made it through to Chapter Fifteen only by utilizing every inside joke I’d built up till that point. I had three counters running by then, counting how many times she blushed, gasped, bit her lip, and said ‘oh my.’ (Blushes reigned supreme at 68 after fifteen chapters.) I used my alternate universe theory where Anastasia and her roommate were deeply in love and Christian Grey was a mind-controlling alien from Neptune. I even utilized a serial killing bear making entrances to certain painful scenes.

I held out valiantly… but still, I fell.

Maple syrup on pancakes of course, also on icecream. (I’d heat it up a bit.)

Now, an old Quebcois recipe: Maple Syrup Pie.

One pie crust for the bottom (you probably figured that part out)
1 ½ cup of maple syrup
1/3 cup of flour
½ cup of cold water
¾ cup of light cream ( 15 % )
2 tablespoons of butter

Mix the flour and the water and beat until smooth

Bring the maple syrup to a boil

Add some boiling syrup to the flour-water mix a very little at a time and mix well before adding more

(really, go slow here. Just maybe a spoonful from the pot. A serving spoon, maybe. You can eyeball it, just don’t drown it. You’re making the base for the gluten that will keep it all together here.)

When all the syrup is added return the combined mixture to the pan and add the cream and the butter. Slowly bring to a boil while stirring with a wooden spoon. (Any non-metal spoon, really, the recipe pre-dates Nylon and Silicone spoons)

Add all this to the pie crust and bake at 375 F for about 40 minutes. The center should be setting, but your real issue is that the crust should be baked. (The filling is pretty much thickened in the boiling phase.) Let it cool a bit so it will set some more. Slice and serve with either light or heavy cream poured on top, or ice cream.

You can top it with a second crust if you’ve made a topping crust.

An 8″ pie dish should be fine for this.

Have fun! (Now *I* want some. ^_^)

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