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War Declared on Misandric Pants

Puppy battling the evil of Misandric Pants
Puppy battling the evil of Misandric Pants

One effect of living within the ideological bubble of the Men’s Rights movement is what you might call ideological inflation: MRAs start off believing, for example, that women don’t face discrimination today, in the developed world — an idea that’s wrong enough to start with. But then, surrounded by other delusional MRAs who reinforce their every wrong notion, the denizens of the Men’s Rights bubble come to believe that women haven’t ever been discriminated against anywhere and at any time in the history of the world. (You may recall those evil cavewomen who sat around eating prehistoric bon bons while the men hunted the mammoth to feed them.)

And that leads to things like the following video, in which the FeMRA video maker who calls herself The Wooly Bumblebee declares war on a pair of “Misandric Pants” she bought for her daughter by accident.

Yep, that’s right, she’s furious because one fucking percent of the proceeds made from selling these pants goes to a charity fighting against the very real discrimination and oppression that girls face all over the globe. You know, like being denied educations because they’re girls. Like being forced into child marriages with adult men. Like being forced into prostitution as children. That sort of thing.

Apparently girls don’t suffer from being repeatedly raped as children. But boys are totally oppressed because a tiny portion of the profits from a pair of pants goes to a charity that talks about, and tries to do something about, the shit girls have to endure because they are girls.

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pillowinhell, you getting a constant “You can buy this in Oz” is the definition of irony, ‘cos pretty well everything I want is only available online to US customers. I had a minor shitfit a while back when the Pyramid clothing collection decided I couldn’t even READ its website from my location. Their loss, I’d have spent serious money with them.

Hey bring that lumberjack gear with you, we want to make Pierre feel at home if he ever visits downunder again,

Kiwigirl – I’m pretty safe from feline interference, I’m perched up on my computer chair with my stuff on the laptop (a crappy old desk just big enough for it and the printer underneath). Mads has never shown any interest in jumping up here.

::looks over shoulder in case of sudden attack of Feline Perversity is about to strike::

Apparently there was some sort of decree that only Knitting, crocheting or quilting is allowed as a fibre arts hobby in Canada. I mean, I can see why those crafts are popular here, but can we not branch out a bit?

You’re looking for very fine or rather heavy crochet yarn? I got a store about five blocks from me that sells only crochet stuff. Hooks too, some of them look better for tatting than crochet work.

I’d love to learn how to crochet patterns, but I can’t decipher the damn books and my attempts look like cat toys after a really bad day.

I’m not a Canuck, but I live in Minnesota (which is almost Canada… kind of). I have a friend who dips french fries in syrup, but I’m not sure if it’s a local thing or if I just have a weird friend.

I’ve only ever had the fake kind of maple syrup, which was too sweet and artificial tasting, but I like maple candy so I’m curious if I’d like the real thing better. It sounds like people use it the way people use marmalade in the UK, ie. on savory as well as sweet things, especially savory breakfast things.

Maple syrup? You can make lollipops, add it to coffee, roast hams in it, pour it onto snow and eat it, maple syrup cheese cake(my personal fav) bake it with porkchops and yams, maple walnut cakes/muffins/donuts, flavor toffee.

Maple syrup definately goes on porridge! And oatmeal!

And yes, it used for savory dishes as well. You could bake apples or pears in syrup.

Um yeah, the real stuff is better by a mile. Not so saccharine. Also, you can get different grades. Most syrup is table syrup, but you can get syrups for baking/cooking (not so sweet) and candy making too.

@kitteh, the cat always finds a way. Always. Mine are known to sit behind the sofa quietly and then jump up behind me. which gives me a huge fright.

@pillowinhell, I am a frequent customer of Mary Maxim, Interweave, Annie’s Attic (the reason I got a US shipping address as they won’t mail international), Lionbrand, Redheart, and Herrschners. I’ve come to crochet from knitting, have knitted for > 30 years and only attempted a round DC cat blanket with left over oddments of yarn when I was about 15. There are two types of pattern: visual crochet, which shows you the piece in layout form, and typed pattern. Most patterns are the latter, which I am fine with as I am used to reading knitting patterns.

Some of the stuff I find difficult, especially Doris Chan patterns where she doesn’t do things like tell you the number of repeats in between ongoing shaping, so you really need to understand how a garment (for example) is supposed to look in a pattern so you can see where to do things. I am basically up to being able to do this now, but it’s taken around 2 years to get here.

My hooks from Mary Maxim arrived this week, so I can get onto the beaded crochet necklace I was wanting to do after Xmas, but didn’t have small enough hooks ( It’s done in 4 pieces, two per side, and I have not done any beaded crocheting before so this will be a new ability for me. But I have bought the Annie’s Attic video tutorial on beaded crochet.

If you want to learn crochet, there are a number of very good learning books out there. Lionbrand is also a good site for tips and patterns for a range of abilities. And, I swear, YouTube must have been invented for teaching people new crafting skills – and it’s all free. 🙂

Basically anything you might use sugar or honey for you can substitute maple syrup for.

Maple syrup milk.

OMG, yes, try the real stuff! Fake “maple” syrup bears about as much resemblance to the real thing as store-brand chocolate chips do to a Godiva truffle. The difference is like night and day (which was an endless source of annoyance to both me and my mother when I was a kid, because she couldn’t afford the real stuff and I wouldn’t eat the fake stuff).

Misandric pants, huh? I wonder if Wooly Bumblebee will be wearing her finest tinfoil hat and bib when she returns the offending pants and no doubt goes on a paranoid rant to the salesperson.

Quickly, in the rough order the topics have been covered:

Add me to the sperm-count jeans assumption list!

JustACheeto, you sound like you’d fit right in! Get ready for your life to disappear into a vortex of refreshing to get silly jokes or recipes or cat stories or troll smackdowns.

Australia’s some sort of homeschooling mecca too, both for the religious nutjobs and the uber-left anarchist unschooling types. Not quite sure on the details.

Maple syrup is delicious but expensive and doesn’t work well with moustaches.

The combination of the cutesy voice and video editing with the batshit sentiment and sudden sweariness is really disturbing, too.

“Maple syrup is delicious but expensive and doesn’t work well with moustaches.”

I am so glad I finished that mouthful of tea before reading that statement.

I’ll have a look for maple syrup, then, though I have a horrid suspicion that Coles and Woolworths (only supermarkets near me) will only have fake garbage. First time I tried alleged maple syrup was at the Pancake Parlour some thirty years ago. I expected it to be a bit like golden syrup, but it was this thin, rather flavourless stuff. But eh, who’d expect Scientologists to care about getting maple syrup right?

It sounds like people use it the way people use marmalade in the UK, ie. on savory as well as sweet things, especially savory breakfast things.

Maple syrup + breakfast sausages = win.

I dunno if anyone else has said this (bleh, I’m doing an assignment which involves writing an article about 50 Shades of Grey and I can feel my brain cells dying as I examine my totally legal copy) but maple syrup fudge is tasty as all.

Thanks to all who’ve welcomed me. Jokes and cat stories and troll smackdowns sound wonderful. That goes double for recipes. I’m currently doing the college thing and expanding my cooking skills beyond put-a-vegetable-in-your-ramen has been a lot of fun so far.

You might be better off going to a health food store for maple syrup or a farmers market then. Sounds like the idiots you bought from didn’t bother to boil the syrup down enough. So what you had was sap.

Maybe we should establish the Manboobz Trade Consortium. I can supply the crochet, knitting and maple syrup supplies if the resident Aussies can send me the needles flosses and tools for embroidery.


Well, if your moustache is of the type handled like grass (all the same length) rather than in the older style (all coming to the same line), and the ends aren’t any longer than the rest, you’d probably be fine. Cops, muslims, gay men from the ’70s, and globetrotting Quebecois misandrists with unusual career paths can probably have all the maple syrup they like, no problem.

Anything that calls to mind “cavalier” or “raconteur” or anything else frenchy doesn’t suit the stuff though

By the way, anyone check out the spearhead lately? They’re whining about the 50 million Berlonescis’ wife is getting. He’s a multi billionaire. Also, his whine about the judges ruling was precious too.

OMG, yes, try the real stuff! Fake “maple” syrup bears about as much resemblance to the real thing as store-brand chocolate chips do to a Godiva truffle.

Always hated “maple” syrup as a kid. Felt so vindicated when I discovered it was only corn syrup and caramel color. Same with canned tomato soup (tomato puree and corn syrup). DAMN YOU CORN SYRUP!

Back on topic, I hope some of that charity money goes to reconstructive surgery for girls who developed fistulas because they were forced into pregnancy way too young. Otherwise, these girls tend to find themselves on the street because no one can handle their incontenence issues that result.

thebewilderness – thanks for that link! I’m finding out by practice (I’m beading AND eating toast AND doing Man Boobz stuff – yay multitasking) how the bend and curl thing needs to go. The pins I have are already in loops at one end, which is convenient but makes me feel Inadequate because my loops are still a good bit bigger and not so round. 😀

I initially thought Misandric Pants was like “meany-pants”, but alas.

Also maple syrup is good for everything!! Seconding the breakfast sausage idea. Love love love. I also have been known to drink it straight from a shot glass >.>

@ The Kitteh’s Help,

I used to have an Etsy store (that i got way too bored for …) selling wire and bead jewelry, and I learned loads of what I know from YouTube videos. Just google around!

Also, to get the loops on the end the right size and shape, I’d cut off the wire to there was about a 1/4 inch tail left, then bend the wire at almost a 90 degree angle to the hole in the bead. (Does that make sense?) Then you can hold the little tail of wire in the pliers and just sort of rotate your wrist, making a loop that should fit snug against the bead.

That’s a garbage explanation, and maybe I’m just telling you something you’re already doing O.o

Anyhow! YouTube videos are the best for learning crafting techniques – well, for those of us who learn by watching and then trying 😀

I just donated £1* to Because I Am A Girl, thus giving them nearly 15 times what this fucking numpty would have given them as a direct result of her stupid shitty video. IN YOUR FUCKING FACE WOOLY BUMBLEBEE. ALSO STOP TAKING THE GOOD NAME OF BEES IN VAIN.

(*It would have been more but there’s been this major fuck up with work which meant I only got paid half of what I was expecting this week and there’s big bills which I have to pay** this month or we’ll be made homeless or go to prison.)

(**I’m the only wage-earner this quarter, but still happily with BoyFantastic***, thus conclusively disproving hypergamy as a theory.)

(***He ordered me THE MOST AMAZING late xmas present yesterday which I am DYING to show you all but I’m going to wait until it’s delivered and I have pictures. But you guys will LOVE it.)

OK, that’s enough asterisks, it’s stupid o’clock here, I’m going to bed before I have to think about the wanky bumblebee any more.

After about a dozen you get them pretty uniform. I, of course, had to go back and redo the early ones that were kinda wonky. But once you get the knack of tension and size and all the fiddly things it’s easy peasy.

Halite – that explanation makes perfect sense! And yeah, it’s pretty much what I’m doing (trying to do, anyway, lol). My desktop is currently littered in cut-off bits of wire and loose beads.

thenat – you rock! And seconding the bit about bees. She oughtta be drummed out of the People with Bees in their Nyms club. Looking forward to the picture of boyfantastic’s present!

LOL about hypergamy. I was trying to figure out yesterday if any of these mean hypergamy or they cancel out:

1) Mr K is an ex king (can’t get much higher up the social scale than that)

2) He’s hot stuff (well, I think he is and I have a few friends who’d love to jump his bones)

3) He doesn’t have any money and I couldn’t mooch off him if I wanted to.

So, um, which is the major factor? Am I hypergamous or not? I’d hate to let down the Hivemind Collective.

I’d give Wooly Bumblefuck her damn dime if she’d go away forever.

I bet the minimum wage cashier at the store will give not one shit about the misandric pants when she returns them.

At first I thought that “misandric pants” was simply a joke on David’s part and that the in question would not use the words “misandric pants”

I should have known better.

“Wooly Bumblefuck” perfect!

thebewilderness – yeah, getting there. I’m used to doing fiddly stuff, so that at least isn’t a problem (though SEEING it these days means magnifying glasses). Fortunately these wires don’t have to be wrapped around themselves, they’re just the loops, so there’s that much less work and opportunity to look really messy involved.

Pillowinhell: There is a fiber shop in Ottawa (I could walk there, but not tell you where it is), which was pretty complete. So you probably don’t need to move to Oz.

Of course, as a spinner, “worsted” weight yarn is confusing as all hell… Worsted is a way to make yarn (and for crochet the “standard” yarns are spun in the direction which is less good).

… I practically live off Heinz canned Cream of Tomato. It just tastes like my childhood and it’s pretty cheap.I just try not to think about why it’s cheap.

I used to live on Baxter’s soups – any Scots here know them? But they don’t seem to be exporting to Australia any more. They had the best tinned tomato and herb soup – it didn’t have the sweetness that puts me off most tomato soups.


You have my sympathies. I blasted through the first fifteen chapters of 50 Shades of Grey for MSTing purposes (thus why it is known amongst my friends as 50 Shades of Bears), but I had to cave because DAMN.

Yarn size designations are confusing. Besides “worsted” (which is a spinning technique), there is “dk” or “double-knitting” (which is a knitting technique, and not a particularly common one), “aran” (which is a style of knitting involving cables and knit-purl patterns) and “sport” and “fingering” which I have no idea where they come from. The only two that make any sense are bulky and lace, which are self-explanatory.

wordsp1nner – and don’t you love it when a pattern is for a particular brand of wool where the weight has its own name, so you are left guessing what the equivalent will be? Especially when it’s not wool you’re going to see in a shop anywhere. (I don’t buy wool over the Net, I need to see it in daylight first.)

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