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Update: Ladies Still Destroying the World With Reckless Buying of Lady Things [UPDATED with complete demolishment of Elam in the comments]

Cats: Also lovers of extravagant, world-destroying luxury

Apparently Paul Elam, head boy at A Voice for Men, felt that his last 1500-word opus on the evils of female consumer spending wasn’t verbose enough. So he’s put up another 1500-word rant on the subject that adds nothing to his already pretty substance-free argument — except for a lengthy preface in which he pats himself on the back for being SO BRAVE enough to confront the ladies with the uncomfortable TRUTH that they are destroying the world with all their lipstick and fancy shoes and hats made from men’s balls and whatever else it is that those silly world-destroying gals are always buying.

Gosh, no one’s ever said anything bad or even so much as joked about  materialistic women before. Congratulations, brave Paul, for blazing this trail of truth! (At least Anita Loos had the good taste to be utterly hilarious in her satire.)

And gosh, it’s not like men have ever been known to spend loads of money on useless shit. Nope. Never.

Oh, and speaking of useless crap (and this is a bit of an awkward segue here): MAN BOOBZ T-SHIRTS ARE 40% OFF TODAY! Yes, again!

To take advantage of this NEW ONE DAY SALE, go to the Man Boobz store on Zazzle and enter the code 12DAILYDEAL3

Remember, fellas, if you buy a shirt, it’s a necessary and utilitarian purchase, something to wear while you are hunting the mammoth, or fishing with your $4600 fishing rod, or typing out world-saving rants about how awful ladies are.

Ladies, if you buy a shirt, it’s nothing more than world-destroying vanity. Women should wear rags.

But hey: what better to make rags from than a nice Man Boobz t-shirt? Now in four delicious, world-destroying flavors: Mammoth, Cartoon Mammoth, Cupcake, and Cock Carousel! Loads of other Man Boobz swag on sale too, at 15% off.

EDITED TO ADD: Check out the comments for Elam’s post to see a brave commenter named Amanda politely but relentlessly tearing Elam’s article to shreds. Among other things, she links to a Slate article that suggests, based on several European studies and some admittedly “quick-and-dirty spreadsheet calculations” by a Carnegie-Mellon researcher, that men and women in developed nations have roughly similar “carbon footprints,” with men a slightly less “green” than women.

The responses to her comments, like Elam’s post itself, rely heavily on ass-data and lots of essentially meaningless thetorical huffing and puffing. Like this bit of blather from Tawil:

You don’t honestly think that men in political power are going to make decisions detrimentally affecting the wanton consumerist desires of the women voters who put those same men in power, do you? If yes you clearly don’t understand who has the power. One move by a politician that detracts from narcissistic licence for females gets him voted out – by women. Same holds true for corporation CEOs – any move that would stifle women’s shopping behaviour or her budget would see the company go bust. (and BTW CEOs and politicians make up about one billionth of the total population of men… the rest of the men are laboring in back-breaking, soul-destroying occupations to make your life more comfortable princess).

Amanda quickly rebuts this and everything else thrown at her, reducing the regulars to blustery nonsense and toothless misogynistic insults — like this from Skeptic:

You’ve obviously never heard of pollution by proxy have you? Probably too busy shopping I guess.

Skeptic is also suspicious of any and all research from the evil gynocracy known as … Sweden, “probably the most misandric culture on the entire planet.”

Eventually Elam wades in and offers a response that he clearly sees as appropriately patronizing; he even uses the word “cupcake,” a clear sign of MRA hubris.

Your comment alone is polluting. It is feminism’s toxic waste that has already contaminated much of the planet’s intellectual purity. So while I will answer you, I do so with the qualification that along the lines of environmentally sound thought, it is like talking to a BP rep about good saltwater fishing.

As to why women cause more pollution I will have to tax your ideological mind with simple math.

Men earn about 80% of income worldwide. Women spend about 80% of income worldwide, a disproportionate amount of it on themselves. …

More blah blah blah, and then he winds up with this:

It is real simple, cupcake. Those who consume, pollute. Those who consume excessively pollute more.

Rinse and repeat till you figure out who consumes more, and who consumes more frivolous goods and services in the vanity economy.

BTW, producing Swedish research around here is like breaking wind and calling it perfume. More pollution.

You will note that Elam relies on that 80% figure we discussed in my post on his previous women-are-destroying-the-world rant. You know, the 80% figure that is repeatedly endlessly in media accounts, invariably unsourced. Because it is not actually based on any real research, as the Wall Street Journal recently discovered? When asked for the source of this, he finds … yet another media mention of the figure, without a source given for it.

Paul Elam, master of ass data, is completely unaware that he has lost the argument, and acts as if he’s won some grand victory.

Actually, that’s pretty much how he acts every day.

Time for that gif again. You know the one. But the T-shirt sale is real. And I’m not being sarcastic about Elam being completely and utterly owned by Amanda.

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9 years ago

@Hippodameia and Cloudiah: Vaccountants, Varchivists, always welcome and needed!

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

Ithiliana – that Transylvanian accent is just too sexy for my internets.


9 years ago

How predictable. Tell these idiots that women are at fault for our dirty environment and, all of a sudden, they’re greener than Green Peace.

9 years ago

1! 1 apocalyptic voman! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
2! 2 apocalyptic vomen! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
3! 3 apocalyptic vomen! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

9 years ago

Mikey, poppet, if you’re that desperate to troll, you might want to go to the thread where the action is.

Oh, and if your environment is dirty, try soap & water. Woman don’t have to clean up after you, you know.

Little Jackalope
Little Jackalope
9 years ago

I recently discovered the joy which is ManBooz and recently got the chance to show my S.O. this amazing site. He made it an astonishing four paragraphs into a Paul Elam article before turning to me and saying, “I’m sorry there are people like this.”

9 years ago

This is a test of the word vile.

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