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Three Links to Destroy Your Faith in Humanity


Seriously, if you’re feeling depressed, don’t read these.

1) Hunter Moore’s ‘Scary as Shit’ Revenge Porn Site Will Map Submitted Photos to People’s Addresses

Remember the guy behind the revenge porn site Is Anyone Up, which enabled assholes to post nude pictures of their exes for a worldwide audience to see? That site’s down, but he’s got a new one about to go up, with a new feature:

Scorned lovers who submit photos of their exes for revenge can now also enable others to physically stalk them by including their addresses along with the photos. HunterMoore.TV will then display the photos on a map. …

“We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people,” Mr. Moore gleefully told Betabeat, adding, “I know–it’s scary as shit.”

More here.

2) Creepy ‘Love Surgery’ Performed on New Moms’ Unwitting Vaginas

This isn’t a new story, but Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan has written a horrifying overview of the case of Dr. James C. Burt, a gynecologist who maimed countless women by performing weird, unnecessary, and often quite damaging “vagina tightening” surgery on them without their knowledge or consent over the course of several decades.

Burt’s “Love Surgery” was based on the doctor’s cockamamie idea that women are “structurally inadequate for intercourse” and that the only way to fix their “pathological condition” was through surgery that made the vagina and vulva more penis friendly. He also believed that Love Surgery would turn women into “horny little mice.” In his 1975 book, entitled “Surgery of Love,” Burt … says that “hundreds and hundreds” of women were treated this way, but other sources estimate that the number is actually in the thousands. …

 In his tireless efforts to make women more fuckable, he actually ended up causing his patients serious, irreversible damage.

Perhaps most astonishing:

[O]ther doctors and medical professionals knew what Dr. Burt was up to, but did nothing. St. Elizabeth Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, where Dr. Burt practiced, didn’t require medical consent forms for the procedure for the first 12 years it was being performed.

3) When “Men’s Rights” Narratives Kill

Amanda Marcotte writes about a sad story related to Slate’s Dear Prudence in which a man stalked and killed his ex and one of her children – after being alerted to her location by a sympathetic friend, who is now “haunted” by this terrible mistake and its horrifying consequences. As Marcotte notes,

The so-called “men’s rights” movement is very intent on convincing the public that domestic violence is overblown by feminists, and that many to most victims are lying to the police and the courts, who take them at their word because the justice system is supposedly in the thrall of the all-powerful feminist regime. This narrative tends to have a lot of power, because it feeds off long-standing stereotypes of women as deceitful, manipulative gold diggers. Unfortunately, the widespread credulity for anti-feminist ravings about lying women in cahoots with the police does lead to tragedy … .

If you are not already depressed enough by this story, take a look at Domestic Violence Crime Watch, a site that chronicles cases in which domestic violence leads to murder and other violent crimes. While women account for some of the violence, the overwhelming majority of the cases on the site involve male perps and female victims; sometimes children and other family members are harmed or killed as well. Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows clearly that women are far more likely to be murdered by intimates (and exes) than men.  (The one bit of good news in all this:  the number of such murders has been declining for some time.)

If this is all a bit much, here’s a live stream of kittens in action. (Or, at the moment at least, napping.)


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Anonymous isn’t a single group. Hence the tag anonymous.

Its a loose collection of people with different motivations. They’re big on shutting down child porn rings, for example. But they’ll also post rumors that a celebrity just died. Its all done for kicks.

That was a mistype. I don’t really know how I kept mistyping the same thing, probably something to do with the dyslexia.
Anyway, the resident Sally still hasn’t answered whether he condones Ms. Marcotte’s behavior during the Duke Lacrosse scandal or her comments about Catholics. So far, it’s just been “you made this pretend thing about pretend people so that’s somehow on par with doing real shit to real fucking people”. I mean, how does imaginary even merit comparison to the witch hunt Amanda Marcotte took part in?
These Sallies would rather waste air screaming about imaginary women in jokes being raped than save real women from rape. This is why Sallies make less money on average, they don’t have any concept of reality. Money is made in the real world, not joke land. Lives are saved in the real world. People are fed and crime is prevented in the real world. Hell, the fact that all of them are here screaming at people is a testament to how frivolous their dogma is. It’s just an excuse to scream at people and abuse them.

Idealogue review: “the fact that all of them are here screaming at people is a testament to how frivolous their dogma is. It’s just an excuse to scream at people and abuse them.”

I just came into this thread but…you’re talking about MRA trolls right?

A Sally is, if you had not realized from the context, someone who uses the social justice movement as an excuse to be cruel to others or to benefit themselves. I’m sure we have none of that here, though. Nobody uses social justice as an excuse to be cruel, and nobody has ever referred to insulting people as another “tool in [her] social justice arsenal”.

Why would knowing that mean anything to any of us? IDGAF about that, or about your beef with Amanda Marcotte. That’s not what this post is about and you’re furiously trying to derail because it’s the only weapon in your arsenal.

also are you for real calling me sushi, that is the saddest make-fun-of nickname ever, surpassing even schticky’s ‘mange’

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