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High on a hill was a lonely fem-herd

Over on A Voice for Men, the paramount meeting place for the brave warriors of the Leading Human Rights Movement of the 21st Century, a commenter calling himself Laddition has some uncharacteristically kind words to say about feminists (in this thread). Well, “kind” may not be the right word for it. But Laddition tells us that as awful as the awful feminists are, they’re not quite as bad as are … the rest of the world’s women. Sorry, the “rest of the fem-herd.” He explains:




Naturally, the readers of A Voice for Men greeted these pearls of wisdom with upvotes.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, can someone explain GirlWritesWhat and TyphonBlue and the rest of AVFM’s little FemMRA, er, herd to me again? What exactly draws women to hang out with, and make 45 minute-long videos on the behalf of, dudes who not only hate women but who offer new proof of this hatred on a daily basis?


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Joe, has it ever occurred to you that coming onto a site about mocking misogyny, and whining about it not discussing what’s on your agenda, then tossing stupid wannabe insults around, doesn’t actually get you anywhere?

Unless of course “attention” is all you’re after.

Actually I can just scroll up:

Meanwhile, in the real world, this entire blog exists to mock, stifle and silence any discussion of “issues facing men”.

Of the websites you mention, only one actually talks about men’s issues. The rest of them spend the vast majority of their time bashing women. Go tell them to stop doing that and stop complaining that we mock misogyny.

You’re wrong because: you actually, sincerely believe that a blog run by a dedicated feminist along dogmatic lines – with an echo chamber audience of commenters – somehow encompasses legit expression of men’s voices.

How doesn’t it?

Why are my voice, Dave’s voice, aworldanon’s voice, Nathan’s voice, or howard’s voice — just to name a few random male boobzers — less representative than yours, Joey? You wanna tell Pecunium he’s not a real man? That’ll be fun.

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