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Bill O’Reilly ogles the single woman voter

So the lovely and talented Bill O’Reilly of Fox news has had a bug in his butt about single women voters for a while now — at least since he ran across a Gallup poll a couple months back showing that single women as a group overwhemlingly support Obama.

So last night he sent a “reporter” out to investigate these strange creatures. Or at least those representatives of the single female demographic that happened to be wearing skimpy and/or silly Halloween costumes.

Amanda Marcotte offers a few thoughts about the segment in a post on Slate.

Here’s an equally “fair and balanced” look at the world of single male voters.

53 replies on “Bill O’Reilly ogles the single woman voter”

And conservative humor always seems mean to me-because it is the powerful beating up the powerless which is pretty mean. I have never been a fan of humiliation comedy and almost all of theirs is that way.

There’s a genius comic made by Swedish cartoonist Pontus Lundkvist called “if the Moderates could make cartoons” (the Moderates, despite the name, being the most right-wing party here). The thing is, almost all cartoonists are socialists, so there really isn’t much in the way of right-wing cartoons out there. So this is Lundkvist’s take on what right-wing cartoons WOULD look like if they existed.

For instance, the last of the pics feature a woman saying to a man “Hello! I’m your new boss!” And that’s the joke.

I’ve seen actual cartoons done by conservatives, they’re pretty close to that.

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