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Sunday Challenge: Shadow of a Doubt meets Aksak Maboul

Let’s celebrate this lazy Sunday with a famously creepy scene from Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but after watching this scene I think I’ll have to. So NO SPOILERS PLEASE. All I know, and all I want to know, is that Mr. Misogynist here may possibly be a serial killer.

Meanwhile, I can’t stop listening to this song, which most normal human beings are likely to find exceedingly annoying.

I think if I put this on a loop and listened to it for two days straight I would either achieve enlightenment or lose it completely.

So here’s my challenge to you: Watch the Hitchcock clip again, while simultaneously playing the second clip. (I’ve set it up so you can do that automatically at YouTube Doubler here.)  Joseph Cotten just got about five times creepier, didn’t he?

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9 years ago

Yeah. I dislike that song intensely. The most flattering presentations of it are creepy in a different way (that she’s making excuses to let her do something [i.e. have him spend the night] that she couldn’t otherwise do).

My dojo performed it one year, and the dude got tossed into a wall about the chorus of the third verse.

9 years ago

I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile, and just choosing this arbitrary occasion to give my thanks for it. There’s no real reason for choosing this particular blog other than I’m watching “The Girl” right now. (vaguely Hitchcock related)

I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading the MRM blogosphere and it’s always a relief to read here when I’m done…thank you for providing a sane and witty voice amid all the hate. It’s inspiring, and likely takes a lot of courage. Ditto to your commenters in general – I sometimes start to feel as though my fear of the MRM is too sensitive and then read erudite and sane comments here, and feel comforted, even inspired.

I’m honestly too freaked out by most MRAs to even debate them. I probably won’t comment again, but wanted to let you know that we lurkers are out there, and we appreciate the hell out of what you guys do. When I am able to donate I will do so. Thanks to all of you.

9 years ago

So, women are horrid for being financially supported by their husbands and they’re horrid for having a career that makes them financially independent.

9 years ago

There have been a few long car rides and visits with friends which included Metallica’s black album on loop.

To this day, listening to most songs by Metallica affects me like pot: makes me drowsy and irritable.

9 years ago

Watched that Hitcock flick. Remembered the ring part from childhood, but other than that disappointing film.

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