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MGTOWers, a little late to the party, try their hand at a Downfall parody video

How to make a hilarious “Downfall” parody, in two steps.

Step One: Make one like this.

Step Two: Don’t make one like this.

Naturally, the second video here went over like gangbusters on the Men’s Rights subreddit.  One critic declared:

Another had this suggestion:

I dunno. “Your_Fun_Counselor” doesn’t really strike me as being very much fun at all.

429 replies on “MGTOWers, a little late to the party, try their hand at a Downfall parody video”

But katz: He has a Ph.D, and has been self employed since he was 29; these days he has three jobs (very sophisticated ones: one of them is in SEO) and so he is working all the time

You HAVE to take him seriously. He is SMRT!!!!!

@Ugh – when I was working my last salaried job, I put a small part of the savings I had then into actual physical gold sovereigns (bullion, not collector grade). Over the intervening 6 years the value of that gold doubled. That was about 16% appreciation per annum! 🙂
I sold it and put the money towards buying my boat, which became my home for the next 3 years. So, gold has done pretty well for me to date.

I also happen to be acquainted with some Turkish fellas (a dad and two brothers) who run a business in my town. Chatting about theiving banksters, Ponzi-schem debt-money and alternative stores of value, I mentioned silver coinage (specifically the Austrian Maria Theresa Thaler, a common trade currency in the Levant / Mid East / N.Africa for a long time), and one of the brothers replied “Nah, whenever we’ve got a bit spare my dad buys gold”. They seem to be doing pretty well for themselves too.

Still feeling smug about your fiat money, Ugh?

The “lives at home” BS. The “immature” BS. The “loser” BS. The “doley” BS.
For SHAME feminists! If you are all for women’s freedom, you have to be for men’s freedom too! That’s EQUALITY!

Joe, no one here said any of that. Women’s freedom to what? The vast majority of us gotta work if we wanna eat and live indoors.

I’d still like you to explain to me how you MGTOWs plan on living once you go Galt.

@ShadetheDruid – you didn’t read the thread then. Several people have been crowing about how MGTOW is blokes at home with their parents. You = FAIL.

Joe, link to where we supposedly said that. C’mon, a mental giant like you should be able to pull that off with this equipment.

@Cloudiah – here you go, Nancy Drew your heart out:

“In 1963 President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110, authorizing the Department of Treasury to issue additional Silver Certificates for any silver held by the U.S. Government in excess of that not already backing issued certificates.
In March 1964, Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon halted redemption of silver certificates for coined silver dollars; during the following four years, silver certificates were redeemable in uncoined silver “granules.” All redemption in silver ceased on June 24, 1968. In the 1970s, large numbers of the remaining silver dollars in the mint vaults were sold to the collecting public for collector value.”

@Hellkell – No, I sold the boat a couple of years back, to fund my most recent adventure (went to live abroad again, for a winter & spring). Yeah, people that don’t know me look incredulous when I talk about my life… I haven’t even told you any of the cool stuff!! Lol!

Here’s the thing, I’ve always been independently minded – “free range” as I called it, long before MGTOW was a thing, hell since before the internet was a thing (for the general public at least). I just chalked it down to me being weird….

And then I found out there are loads of blokes like me! Here’s another, scroll down past the economic rants and you can see some pics of his latest adventure. I’ve been to some of those places! Four Corners country is pretty damn awesome!:


you misunderstand. mras have weird definitions of things. sort of like how ‘basic human decency’ means ‘misandry,’ ‘phd’ means ‘dipshit,’ and ‘boat’ means ‘huge chip on my shoulder’

Here’s a more believable version of Joe’s life story:

Let me BURST those stereotypes for you:

I left home at the age of 19. Even if I had wanted to move back it would not have been possible, as my parents were killed by Imperial stormtroopers.

I have been continuously employed my whole life, and have never received money from the government. However, there were periods when I was in training; those were unpaid, and I had to live in a swamp.

I have worked at a number of different jobs – sometimes two or three at once, such as when I was simultaneously a droid repair technician and a farmhand — EXACTLY the kind of jobs taken by poor people at the bottom of the heap, (such as illegal aliens from other planets, and of course droids themselves, who aren’t even paid).

Eventually I became a full-fledged Jedi Knight, helping to keep peace throughout the galaxy while destroying the Empire. It paid well, but I lost a hand.

I have had one serious girlfriend, and she was beautiful. Unfortunately, later I found out she was my sister.


This sounds like a very interesting subject to explore. Please tell us more about JFK’s assassination and the mystery of the withdrawn Silver Certificates. (Weirdest Nancy Drew ever!)

it’s weird, almost like a different person who didnt agree with jfk on every single little thing became president after he got shot. no, that can’t possibly be it, it has to be a giant unprovable conspiracy that only an angry british racist can see through.

I think someone who is a better writer than I should write a bunch of new Nancy Drew mysteries where she is an angry, bitter, racist British conspiracy theorist who thinks the NSA is tracking her blog comments.

Or maybe not.

My bad, Sharculese. I forget how translate MRA to English sometimes.

Where’s that quote, Joe?

Joe: If I was going to invest in metals, it would be copper because it’s value is rising faster than gold’s.

1,800USD in 2003 would be about 7,500USD today. If you’d sold at the 2010 peak you’d have made a profit of about 8,400 on that 1,800USD investment, since it was selling at about 11,200USD.

Of course you could have taken a gamble and gone for nickel, which saw a 6,100 percent rise from 2003, to 2006. So a minimum cash buyer purchase of 9,000USD, would have paid out 55,000USD.

Still feeling good about your gold?

@hellkell – I’m already going my own way. I don’t know, or care, if this meets Rand’s definition of “Going Galt”.

I’m happy enough – I’m doing useful stuff I enjoy, that people pay me good rates for. I pay my self-employed NI (National Insurance) stamps* which are not onerous, nor do they fund wars, prisons and banksters.

I earn just enough for me to live and have fun. I do some volunteer stuff at a place that thousands of people a year get a lot of satisfaction out of, and I’ve got my own creative stuff on the go.

As to feeding myself, other than y’know buying stuff from shops. :p

I’ve started growing some of my own food – my new potatoes grew pretty well and were hella tasty this summer, the tomatoes are coming on and there’ll be so many grapes this year, I’ll probably make wine.
There’s good foraging round here too – last year’s cob nut haul was very tasty roasted and was good to share with friends.. There’s apples and walnuts (already!!) to be had…Good times!
I need to call up the EA and find out if the local crayfish population are the endangered, native species we’re not allowed to take, or the invasive Uhmerikan ones we’re encouraged to haul up and eat!

(*NI goes towards the NHS = good thing. And my laughably tiny state pension! I’ll probably die before I get to draw it! Hahaha! Fuck it!)

@cloudiah – who gives a flying fuck what I believe about JFK / silver certs etc. DYOR and make up your own mind. Excercise your curiosity. Take a jump down the rabbit hole.

Also, funny star wars thing is funny. 😀

Gee Joe… you said there was some connection. Why won’t you share it with us? We could look, but it’s a big internet, and a bigger world. We might not find it.

In any case, we can’t know if it’s what you believe, so we can’t credit you with being right. Which means we have to keep thinking you are pulling it out of your ass.

If you have a Ph.D I better understand how Tom Martin was accepted into a British graduate program.

@pecunium – I bought my little bit of gold in ’01 or ’02 as I recall, I know I sold it summer ’07.

Pretty sure I couldn’t physically hold / store / secure enough copper to make it worth my while. Even if I’d had a clue about copper back then, which I didn’t. I’d barely started reading up on gold / silver etc. at that time.

Also, I’ve always been small beans even at my relative “wealthiest” (Ahahahhhahaaa!!), and try not to put more than 10% of what little I’ve got into any given asset (unless I live in it) – so I couldn’t have made the minimum $9k investment.

And I still feel pretty good, thanks. A win is a win. And those sovs were a winner for me. 😀
Nice try at pissing on my chips though. Who’s bitter? Looks like you. :p

@princessbonbon – True, but I have done loads of really fucking cool stuff!

@Sharuculese – Fuck off you racist bigot!!

@whoeveritwasIforget – You were wondering how I have time to argue with you lot and work too.

In 1994 I threw away my TV and freed up an extra 2 or 3hours a day (I had a bit of a TV addiction). There’s a helluva a lot you can get done in that time. Add that up over the last 18 years…. 😀

I’d actually be out right now, not blah de blahing here, but I got a dose of the squittery shits – maybe noruvirus I think, so I’m stuck in. Bah.

Oh well, it’s been amusing.

Joe… you asked if we were happy with our, “fiat” money, because you had made out with gold.

But let me see, you made enough profit on the gold to buy, outright, a property large enough to live on, off an investment of less than 9,000 USD?

damn… that was some place.

As to keeping the copper, it’s a market, you don’t have to take possession, the market will do it for you.

I’m not bitter. I have, so it seems, more independence than you do (I’m semi-retired), and I’m not a crank, whining about how the economy is screwed and the brown scary people are going to destroy civilisation.

Because that’s what you came here to do… piss on our chips, and tell us how stupid we are not to think like you.

But you, with your vast knowledge, and stellar education; your job in teaching, can’t be arsed to share with us the basis of your conclusions. You tell us to figure it out for ourselves, all the while averring we are stupid sheeple who can’t see the plain facts before us.

That, not where you think we think you live, is why we think you are stupid. Your actions are at odds with your stated aims.

Just have another drink and pass out already Sharculese.

Oh, and Princesstrrrryharrrrd:


Oh, jesus, as in “pass out and shut up”. That is all.

I just remembered – hostile audience ready to assume all the evils.

@pecunium – my remarks about gold were specifically adressed at Ugh who kept going on and on and on about how terrible gold is as an asset. That is all.

Apparently you took it all personally or something.

Also, if you hold paper that say the market holds metal in your name? You have exactly nothing. A whole bunch of folks got shafted this way just recently when some fund collapsed (I can’t find the link, it was on Zero Hedge I read it). Their investment was supposed to be “firewalled”, but yeah, didn’t happen.
Even physical gold stored in safe deposit box in a bank is subject to seizure.

If you don’t HOLD it, you don’t (really) OWN it.

And yes, my homes have been modest, but they were mine, and they brought me a lot of pleasure in the having and the living in. Living within your means. It’s one of the keys to being happy, IMO. It’s a big part of GYOW.

Why are we still talking to this guy when we know he’s a worthless slacker because he’s not at work?

be nice katz the illeg7l imm4grants probably stole all his jobs

@hellkell – speaking of living, I gotta crack on, it’s late here and I was doing a bunch of hammering on a job today, so I need to lie on my bed of nails to loosen up my back before I sleep.
‘Night all.

Also, if you hold paper that say the market holds metal in your name? You have exactly nothing.

And if you hold gold you have a lump of metal. Gold is a fairly useless metal, it’s high value is because of people that hoard and trade gold.

Joe… you addressed your remarks to the world: that’s the nature of public comment. It’s not as if you have refrained from comment on anything not specifically addressed to you.

As to your worries about ownership… if the London Metals Exchange goes tits up, your lack of physical possession is going to be the least of your worries.

If you are speculating in metals (and you were) then speculate. Don’t risk assets you can’t afford to lose, and go all in.

As to the price, I was mistaken. I was seeing not the minimum order, but the benchmark quantity.

It was 9,000USD the ton, so one pound was 4.50 (When buying one ton of cathode grade; lesser quantities would cost more) You could have bought all you wanted. One cubic meter, btw, is all the space you’d need for 10 tons (US, 2,000 lbs), so I think a 9,000USD investment wouldn’t have been too hard to keep under the bed), it being but one tenth of a cubic meter.

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