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The Punch and Punch Show: Men’s Rights Redditors fantasize about how much easier life would be if they were gay

God made Punch and Judy, Not Punch and Punch

So the other day some of the fellas on the Men’s Rights subreddit were having a strange little conversation. One  Men’s Rights Redditor posted a clip from Bill Burr, in which the comedian complained that when his girlfriend hit him, he couldn’t hit her back without getting himself into a lot of trouble.

Instead of pointing his fellows to, I don’t know, resources for male victims of domestic abuse, the OP joked “This Is Why I Wish That I Was Sexually Attracted to Men.”

Yep, that’s right. He wants to date other men so, if the need arises, he can punch them.

Naturally, this being Reddit, other straight dudes jumped in with their own fantasies about how much easier life would be if they were gay. After all, jacKofKats pointed out, dating a guy would mean you could play video games with the very same person you have sex with, something obviously impossible in heterosexual relationships.

Oneiorosgrip agreed with the original poster that life would be much simpler and easier if guys could hit their mates:

Dolanduckeroo expressed envy towards his gay friends, who apparently lead lives of ease and endless zipless fucks, all the while being appreciated for who they truly are.

A few actual gay men wandered into the discussion, hoping to inject a bit of realism, pointing out (among other things) that gay men actually face something called “homophobia” — look it up if you haven’t heard of it — pretty much every day of their lives. Naturally, they got fewer upvotes than the “wish I were gay” fantasizers.

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7 years ago

Ack, just realized I used “guys” when I meant “y’all”, and I’ve been trying to not do that anymore. Sorry about that.

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