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Women’s Suffrage: Still controversial, apparently

The face of evil, apparently.

Quiz: Who said the following?

I think that one of the greatest mistakes that America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote. We should’ve never turned this over to women. … And these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil who agrees with them who’re gonna take us down this pathway of destruction.

And this probably was the reason that they didn’t allow women to vote when men were men. Because men in the good old days understood the nature of the woman. They were not afraid to deal with it. And they understood that, you let them take over, this is what would happen. …

Wherever women are taking over, evil reigns.

Was it:

E. Belfort Bax?

Some dude on The Spearhead?

A regular guest on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News?

Well, yeah, you guessed it: it’s door number three. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a Tea Party activist and founder of the group Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND), said all of the above, and quite a lot of other outrageously misogynistic things, in a talk this March, and which is available on YouTube. Yet Hannity, who serves on the board of Peterson’s group, had him back on his show earlier this month, for an appearance during which Peterson described “liberal Democrat women” as “whores.” Raw Story, which discovered Peterson’s unlisted video on YouTube, offers many more delightful misogyny nuggets from Peterson.

Here’s the video of Peterson’s talk. The stuff about women and voting starts at about 8:30 in. But I suggest you watch the whole thing from the start; it’s a virtual smorgasbord of misogyny, seasoned with a bunch of stuff he simply made up about Sandra Fluke’s famous congressional testimony on birth control.

It would be nice if this sort of stuff was confined to the fringes of the manosphere, but alas, it’s everywhere.

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Thank you for banning him, he’s really terrible, and trying to argue with someone who’s ignoring me is boring anyways.

Also, dare I say, I think Ruby might have an actual point on the Mother’s Day thread.

I love the sound of the banhammer in the evening. It sounds like… hmmmm, what would a banhammer sound like? Maybe a Mjolnir sound effect? Or that Hammer guy getting pwned by Iron Man?

A judge’s gavel? CONTEMPT OF COURT!

@shadow — k, just didn’t want it reading like I thought some people didn’t deserve to eat!

@pillowinhell, yeah I’m just going to ignore Ruby I think, if I was going to dig up cases of abusive fathers I’d have done it for VAWA already anyways. Also, I prefer the judge’s gavel image, because it comes with the “this is a dictatorship, I am in charge” of blogs — sound effect wise, Thor’s hammer is definitely a better sound. Maybe judge’s gavels should make better sound effects?

Ok, it’s 1am, wtf is the yelling outside about? (“perks” of living in the city probably)

Argenti Aertheri: In our neighborhood, the yelling is probably coming from next door – they like to yell. A lot. At volumes high enough to scare our cats. And when I ask them politely to stop, I get yelled at for ‘being in our private business.’ Because nothing says ‘private business’ like yelling at the top of your lungs about… whatever the fuck you’re fighting about, amirite?

KathleenB — my upstairs neighbors either have a child or very stompy small adult, so I tend to just ignore it (there’s no point asking them to make their kid stop having a tantrum after all) — this is randomness outside though. Was just randomness though.

Yelling at each other loud enough to scare the kitties would have me tempted to call the cops though, especially at this hour where that’s a violation of the noise ordinance if nothing else.

Also, sorry I kept dropping the B in KathleenB, that was partly typing fast to try keeping up with the troll, and partly just plain idiocy. My apologizes though.

I should clarify — I’m not that annoying neighbor who calls the cops about everything by any means (prefer not to deal with if avoidable), but if I were regularly listening to loud screaming matches, the “is that domestic violence” question would come up eventually. At which point I’d like to think I’d not just continue listening to them fight.

Oh, no worries about the name. I really only objected to the adding bitch to the end – like I said, I only play a bitch on alternate Sundays, and her name is not Kathleen.

I’d kind of figured that annoy you more, but still, I’ll try to get it right in the future. And you mean RP then? Which sort? (I’m a white wolf fan myself)

Re: The cops… They’re never violent, thank god, and if I’m gonna get dragged into an ongoing court case (gods, this has happened to MrB TWICE – both times the person never showed up. come to think of it, i think the city still owes him a check for showing up last time…), I want it to be for more than yelling. They’re just annoying and rude – we found a zillion cigarette butts in our backyard when the snow melted, but when we complained, they got cleaned up and it had better not happen again.

I’d kind of figured that annoy you more, but still, I’ll try to get it right in the future. And you mean RP then? Which sort? (I’m a white wolf fan myself)

D and D
Seventh Sea
Vampire: Medieval, Vampire: the Masquerade, Hunter: the Reckoning (haven’t played the new White Wolf stuff yet)
A Star Trek RPG I homebrewed out of the d20 system

Werewolf. She’s switching tribes because she’s got enough to be mad about right now, what with the Eye of the Wyrm and the prophesied Destroyer talking in her head wanting to be bffs* and the whole ‘Pack of Destiny’ thing that, per usual, ends in DOOM – with all of that, Wendigo STILL expects her to be all ragey at white people who had nothing to do with either the Wyrmcomers OR what happened to her human tribe on the Trail of Tears.

*We have an amazing ST, and every time the Destroyer calls us friends, a collective shudder goes around the table. But he really wants to be friends if we dance the Spiral, and we have decided, as a pack, that if we can’t do the Safety Dance or the Time Warp (we’ll settle for the charleston, but we won’t be happy about it), we’re just not that into it.

And MrB runs Mutants & Masterminds. I’d love to get back into Deadlands and WitchCraft, but there’s only so much RP a human can do in a week.

KathleenB — as long as they’re just annoying and rude, it really probably isn’t worth dealing with the police over. You got snow though, that I’m kind of jealous of, sort of…I don’t exactly miss nor’easters.

VoIP — I’ve never actually played D&D, though some of my friends have and insist I’m chaotic good (ish). Also, oWoD, screw nWoD, there are no Malkavians! I’ve got most of a plot written up for Masquerade though, if I can manage to finagle grad student schedules into actually playing. You’ve homebrewed a system though? That’s impressive, I’m still doing the “omgs first time STing” freak out myself.

d20 White Wolf is due at GenCon next year (I think – one of our fellow players did some art for the Werewolf book, and he was told GenCon, but it’s gotta be next year, I don’t think they’re even out of playtests yet).

And 5th ed D&D should be playtesting soon – we’re on the list and kinda looking forward to it.

That entire Werewolf plot just makes me laugh (well, except the Trail of Tears part) — have fun bringing about the end of the world though. And of course white people have everything to do with the Wyrm, hello cities, you aren’t natural!

I have *got* to finagle people into actually playing and not just going “that sounds good” >.<

Then again, the Tremere pretending to be a Malkavian who thinks he's a Tremere…yeah this is going to be fun (I'm letting him play that because he was asking for things like True Brujah and now I can hold a blood hunt over his idiocy at least)

Well, the prophecy is vague and incomplete. Someone within the pack is supposed to betray us (and I think I know who…), and maybe we’ll save everything, but we’ll definitely die. And honestly, our pack totem is Bacchus, and… well, let’s just say his patronage comes with a slight impulse control problem, and Selene might welcome heroic death over getting her ass handed to her by the Caern Alpha for not being able to bite back the ‘In Soviet Russia’ jokes. (he’s Russian, and she’s already on his shit list) Or, you know, her general smartass-ness, because that shit will get her in trouble one day.

And really, anyone who tries to tell a student of history that pre-Columbian America was some sort of pastoral wonderland full of rainbows and glitter and happy people singing around campfires is SO gonna get called for that – and that’s pretty much what Wendigo told her, that everything was fine and shiny and happy until the pale eyes came along. She managed not to argue with the spirit of frozen cannibalism, but just barely.

Bacchus! Four years of Latin did teach me a little 🙂 Just a *little* impulse control problem, just a little one… Your plot sounds very interesting, good luck!

From a werewolf view though, wouldn’t pre-Columbian America kind of be paradise though? I realize the humans had plenty of issues, but not the sort of war machines that Columbus brought. I only sort of know the Garou system, but I thought they basically considered technology and machines bad, but that war is a part of life? I which case I can see the argument that America was lovely until Columbus showed up.

“Or, you know, her general smartass-ness, because that shit will get her in trouble one day.” — my best friend intends to play a Malkavian woman in 1860s London who’s derangement is an obsession with Queen and Country, he’s going to end up in the same boat far quicker than he realizes I think. To the point I’ve created a Salubri dues ex machina for myself to play if I need god powers, except your 5th gen city monitor isn’t getting involved unless it’s important.

You know…I’m not sure even my Salubri could take down a werewolf though, she’s far more built for RUN AWAY! *heal* and the like.

Yeah for the ban! I don’t like trolls who don’t even tries to defend their ideas and are unfunny.

I really need to find some people to game with. Some more, anyway. My friends are interested, but they don’t seem all that motivated to set anything up. Speaking of, has anybody tried Pathfinder? It intrigues me.

Speaking of, has anybody tried Pathfinder? It intrigues me

My sister and I have. We like it, but I mostly play fighters so it has things in it that appeal to me.

“2. If you believe, trust and give women control, they will eventually destory you men,”

I like this particular case of terrible spelling. If given control, women will destory men – by taking over Hollywood and not allowing any movies about men to be made?

Wait I thought the feminist overlords had already done that?

Now that he’s banned and I’m not trying to keep up with the influx of stupidity, I think I’m going to actually watch those videos. (What can I say, I’m bored.)

Those videos!

The first one I’m curious the details of the case, it is a *bit* weird for a teacher sleeping with a student to only get a 45 day sentence, but she’ll be a registered sex offender for a decade and never teach again. So it’s really hilarious when the video flashes WARNING and yells “pussy pass” at the 1:30 mark.

The second one is Fox News and just….wow! “within the last decade or two you’ve really seen a difference where women are converging with men in the types of violence they’re committing” — except the rest of the clip is about one case. (And yes, that quote is triple checked, Fox has really gotten that bad about it’s experts apparently)

Whoops, make that the second and third video — the only interesting part of the first one is that men may be victims of domestic violence at the same rates as women. Which, um, doesn’t prove that women are more violent than men >.<

And I love how they say that 600 men are killed by their wives each year and "we all know the statistics on female domestic violence victims" *head desk* Since I don't off the top of my head, let me google!

Each day …..4 women die as a result of abuse.
31,260 women were murdered by an intimate form 1976-1996 – Violence by Intimates; Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends, U.S. Department of Justice, March 1998

That works out to 1,460 and 1,563 respectively. Which is ~2.5x as many as the 600 men given in the clip.

If 1-9 (and where is the stuff we are supposed to read after number 10?), were true, there would be problems.

10 doesn’t follow, but yes, there would be problems.

However, 1-9 aren’t true, so 10 is just stupid.

AL HORORS: Dude… get a fucking grip. It’s not that you are opposed to VAWA that makes me (a man) certain that you hate women.

It’s that you hate women which makes you opposed to VAWA (and to them having the rights to which they are entitled).

It must suck to have the object of your loathing treated as a human being, as people considered to be fully-fledged people, able to do what they want. People whose trials and tribulations are considered.

It must really suck that the law recognises that people like you would be glad to abuse them, and harm them, and that you have; still, a lot of social power which makes that easier, and that things like VAWA make it harder for you.

Good. Suffer. Wallow in your delusional self-pity. Complain like a whiny titty-baby that women have screwed you over, and that manginas, and White Knights, and brainwashed idiots (such as myself, I am sure) won’t stand up to the horrors of women being people and insist (along with you, and the rest of your ignorant, and benighted ilk) that women need to be stripped of humanity and reduced to (at best) the status of legal children.

Pray that the revolution you are so eager to have come to pass never happens.

Because if your lot get violent, you will get hurt. Rise up in arms and people like me, or Merkava; and I know not whom else, will resist you; with arms, and skill, and the furies of hell unleashed.

Laugh at my language think it hyperbolic if that comforts you, but remember. Because I am deadly serious. Unlike you I don’t hate women, and I’ll be damned if I let people who do take over.

Yeah, he got banned quickly, and wasn’t any fun anyways. I still kind of want to clap for this bit of your rant though:

“Because if your lot get violent, you will get hurt. Rise up in arms and people like me, or Merkava; and I know not whom else, will resist you; with arms, and skill, and the furies of hell unleashed.”

I don’t think it remotely hyperbolic, but then again, I tend to surprise people with just how strongly I’ll defend myself, I don’t look capable of it.

He got up everyones nose Pecunium. I like how these guys think that women will just sit and cry when they come to fuck our shit up. I may not be a trained soldier like yourself, but I aint gonna be sitting around crying when its. My daughters future at stake either.

KathleenB: VoIP: Don’t forget the laundresses. They were usually among the first to be ransomed after a battle. Because, seriously, I know what fighting gear smells like in an era of washing machines and febreeze. Gym doors have been propped open in the middle of February in Michigan at a major fighting event to disperse the fumes. You could not pay me enough to get me to touch that shit after some sweaty dude had been wearing it for a week or two.

Having been one of those “sweaty dudes”, being indoors makes a huge difference. Having spent time in the field, humping through the Missouri woods for days, in August, we didn’t notice the stench until we were back in barracks.

At which point we wanted to know who had fouled the place up… and realised it wasn’t the barracks, it was us.

The subject of women and armies (setting aside the question of women and fighting) is complicated, and really variable. Some armies (Henry at Agincourt, Nelson in the Peninsula) had very few camp followers. Some had huge numbers. Campaign length had a lot to do with it, though not always in the directions one might suppose.

Pecunium: Yeah, I don’t want to think of how horribly an arming doublet would have stunk after a journey to the Holy Land – my references to laundresses was from the Crusades. Freezing in a gym is preferable to the duffle bags and armor of a hundred or so heavy fighters and fencers.

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