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“Put that shallow tramp back in her place.” Or, Reddit discovers another woman to hate.

More proof that Reddit will believe pretty much any story, so long as it makes a woman – sorry, “female” – look bad. Even if there is some tiny kernel of truth in this story from AskReddit , there is zero chance that it went down exactly (or even vaguely) as described by Mr. Kickass. Redditors are terrible writers of fiction, especially when their fictions masquerade as fact.

Oh, and there are plenty more comments castigating this probably-imaginary woman.

104 replies on ““Put that shallow tramp back in her place.” Or, Reddit discovers another woman to hate.”

I am not sure why mras think saying they are all just sexual frustrated teens is suppose to matter or why they purposefully lie about how old most of their member are. Is that like the new coverup method for overly misogynist members or something? I keep hearing mras claim that x poster is just an angry teens whenever david finds a questionable post.

I think it’s an attempt to get “we were all young and stupid once” sympathy, that at 15 it isn’t terribly surprising to have pop culture views of women as the sex class spouted back to you, so we should take pity on the poor kids, they’ll grow out of it. Problem is most of them seem old enough they should’ve grown out of it at least a decade ago. (Or more like 3 or 4 decades ago if John/Pell is as old as he said.)

It’s so funny when people offer to help others, and when the helpee says “no thanks, I’ve got this,” the helper gets all indignant. This happens with all genders, of course, but since men are rescuers in our society it’s man helping woman a lot of the time. And when she says no, he’s all, “What!? You’ve got this? I was going to be all nice and self-sacrificing for you but you don’t care, do you, you ungrateful bitch!” Soooo… you don’t actually care if the person gets out of the jam she’s in, you just want to feel like the hero? And by not needing your help, she’s wrecking that for you? Self-sacrificing indeed!

Once I was carrying a heavy bag, and a man of my size stopped and said “Hello, you seem to have trouble carrying this, would you like some help?”
So I kicked him in the nuts, spitted on him, called him a dwarf then yelled. When the police arrived 10s later, I pretended he tried to sexually assault me, so I would get a lift home.

Don’t blink. Don’t wink. Don’t arch a quizzical eye brow. Don’t furrow your forehead. Don’t nod sagely. Don’t twitch. And don’t blink. All women are evil and out to get you. Good luck.

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