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Off-topic: Roxanne Shante, meet Azealia Banks

I‘m not feeling the whole “reading blogs by assholes and making a post about it” thing at the moment (because it involves more “reading blogs by assholes” than I care to at present), so let’s kick it old school and new school with (respectively) Roxanne Shante …

and Azealia Banks


28 replies on “Off-topic: Roxanne Shante, meet Azealia Banks”

I honestly do not know how you read all this misogynist crap week after week. Especially in spring, when every day is nicer that the previous one. I appreciate the work you do, all the more since I know that I could not do it, but you absolutely deserve a break. Have fun, and forget this tiny, vocal, hateful minority that you report on.

… Why is the woman in the Mickey Mouse sweater yelling in Peter Parker’s ear?

Good choices, especially that second one. Where’s she been all my life?
Here’s a female rapping and not presented negatively.

Record label on you tube worth checking out, imo.

I will be wandering about tomorrow, I think; enjoying spring in New York. I have started to work on getting good at something I learned the basics of a long time ago (using a drop spindle) and I found a couple of shops that carry roving, so tomorrow I’ll be disagreeing with Lord Byron.

Pecunium: Good luck with the spindle. I’ve never been able to quite grok the process of turning lumps of wool into yarn. That’s why I pay spinners enormous amounts of money for their output (when I can).

Nooo though, that video. The song is fine but the close up mouths shots gross me out. I don’t want to see someone’s tonsils for five minutes. I like the dancing though.

I think that may literally be the first sighting of AVFM propaganda in the wild.

Thanks for the links, indifferent sky. I have been to South Africa and actually went to a church and did a walkabout tour in Gugulethu. It is very cool to see that area again and to hear one of the languages. There are 11 national languages in South Africa.

I encourage you all to check out Big Feedia and make it to a bounce show at least once before you die. I’d post “Excuse” or “Azz Everywhere,” but the videos are totally NSFW.

How you manage to wade through all this MRA shit is beyond me — by all means, take a personal day!

And have a slightly on-topic comic.

… If I can get it to work right…

MRA holiday

Annnnd I didn’t.

Take two[/URL]

KathleenB: I can do it, but my draft is weak, and I’m working silks right now because one of my partners is allergic to wool. Silk is a lot bitchier to get moving well.

So I’m going to look at some yak or alpaca, or camel; mixed with silk, to see if that’s better. She’s sick today, so I’m not going out, unless it’s to get some chicken quarters to make her some soup.

When I have decent yarns, I’ll let you know. If I persist I’ll probably get a wheel, so I can spin more easily when doing something like watch TV. I’ll keep the drop spindles because I do that anywhere, such as house concerts or conventions.

Gads, that was a mess. Silk is a lot harder to get moving well, so I’m hoping an animal fiber blend will do a better job. Right now my biggest problem is keeping stray bits of roving from ending up all over the room/house. Which is why I’m not using wool, though I have 8 oz. of a really nice romney. When I have better control I’ll start working that; it may become my travelling project for a while. I guess I need a couple more spindles (something lighter,to do closer to sockweight yarns).

Oh man, Kyrie, me too (video = mesmerising). Kiwi, a New Zealand radio station, just changed from 100% NZ content to 70% and this is one of the songs they’ve been playing a lot… I’ve watched that video so often since I Googled it.

Pecunium: I’ve had good results (crocheting) with bamboo blends, but I don’t know if the process of turning… bamboo bits, I guess? is the same as it would be for other fibers. Good luck with the silk, that shit is slippery.

Kathleen: I have some bamboo silk roving.

Slicker than whaleshit, and needs much lighter spindles than I have, which is why I’m heading out to get “stickier” roving.

Oh man, I came here to post the SMBC comic. Happy to see it’s already been caught!

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