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Irony alert: MRA who cannot master simple punctuation attacks black women as “ignorant.”

Do you like your Men’s Rights activism plain, or with a side order of racist bullshit? Regular readers of Man Boobz will remember Christian J, the man behind the blog What Men Are Saying About Women, a self-described “Male Renaissance Agitator” and inventor of the MRA two-dot ellipses. (Heck, I wrote about him just the other day.)

Well, now he’s really outdone himself with a foul racist tirade directed at what he calls ”one of my favourite loathe subjects and that is ‘Black Women’.”

Christian’s excuse for this tirade is a video he found of a white woman complaining about a black woman who was rude to her at a restaurant. According to him, the video addresses the following “issues.”

1. Black women generally suck..

2. Black Women are so full of themselves..

3. Black Women have major issues cause they can’t get no man..

4. Black Women are “strong” in their own mind, make that “stupid” and “Ignorant”. as well..

5. Black Women lack the basic social graces and also basic sanitary habits..

To this he adds:

Black females have wallowed in and adopted the feminist’s hate doctrine as statistics have already demonstrated, single mothers stands at 70% and similar divorce stats. also demonstrates that they are incapable of keeping in a relationship, whatever excuse they justify in their own minds. They are to be avoided at all costs as any black man/dude/bro will testify..

Having read all this, I expected the video to be some sort of White Power rant. It’s nothing of the sort. While the videomaker, a sort of wannabe Pamela Anderson, makes a few problematic and arguably racist comments here and there, she doesn’t actually make any of the sweeping racist generalizations about black women that Christian attributes to her. Nope. That’s all him.

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10 years ago

omigod is dkm trying to play tough guy? that is fucking precious.

10 years ago

dkm i will take your intellectual bona fides more seriously when you discover a topic you can discuss without waxing florid like a lovestruck teenager. which is to say never.

10 years ago

dkm discovers thee are other strains of libertarianism besides incoherent white male rage, cannot handle this fact, blames everyone else. exactly no one is surprised.

10 years ago

Meller: Since you don’t really read the responses you get (at least not more than seeing the words, content and context being something you refuse to pay any attention to), let me sum up the substance of your comments.

They have none, you are full of shit, which you pretend is meaningful in some way.

If even a small percentage, So… it’s not true, only a few people do it, but we can treat all the rest as if they are evil in that way. It’s not racist, it’s true.

Again, you are full of shit.

But you don’t like it that people who share your opinions are racist. You don’t want people to say mean things about you. YOU have the power to prevent it.

Stop being a racist.

I realise this is sort of like telling you to stop hating women. You like being a racist. You like hating women. You just dislike that people point out you are a racist who hates women.

Sucks to be you.

Again, the power to prevent people from pillorying you is in you hands.

Stop being a racist who hates women.

10 years ago

Meller: One could argue the Irish didn’t change, but the English (and the Americans descended from them) were finally, like a puppy who shits on the rug, forced to see they were wrong.

Sort of like racists today need to grow up and see they were wrong.

The last point which I shall make here is that NOWHERE have I said that Africans were “inferior”, not on manboobz, and not anywhere else.

Bullshit. You have been careful to make it deniable… you are just talking about, “how ‘those people’ behave”, but you say they are not as well-mannered as “us”, you say the stereotypes are true (even if only a few of, “those people” are actually like that), and then you pretend that because you didn’t use words like, “welfare cheat” or “n*****”, you didn’t say they were inferior.

Once again you lack the courage of your convictions. You think people who aren’t white are beneath you. You have repeatedly said that if white people don’t get to run the world it will go to shit.

But you don’t want us to think you look down on these people who aren’t as, “evolved” as you, and your fellow white men (because you don’t think women; except the rare mutant is ever smarter than a 12 year old boy).

You Are A Racist.

So go with being a misogynist, of the sort who hates women, as well as looks down on them as sub-human.

10 years ago


Zhinxi, there are quite a few “white supremacists” who are both more consistant and more knowledgable libertarians than you have shown yourself to be. For all of your venom directed against what I have said on manboobz, you can’t cite ONE case where I have argued for, or pushed for coercion in any form, whether with “houses of entertainment”, police and courts–no, Pecunium, they are not, and could not be, “hired bully boys”, they are all well-paid, prestigeous, multidisciplinary experts in conflict resolution.

Certified by whom? In what disciplines? Overseen by whom?

Who shall make anyone accept their decisions?

When you say, “handed over”, that means the thing handed over is property. You have said (more than once) that women would be, “handed over”. You also say that women might be, “allowed” to get an education.

Those are both terms that have, at their core, coercion. One who is not constrained (that is, compelled, that is coerced) is not in need of being, “allowed” to do anything.

You live in a fantasy land of Jargon and dreams, fueled by J. Neil Smith novels and dreams of being in charge of your life, responsible to none but those you choose to be, and free of all those women, and people of color who remind you that you aren’t a king, nor a Tarnsman.

10 years ago

Oh no and woe, Lord Meller would put his libertarian…

Where? Oh god, where? Where are you putting your libertarian!

Meller, you do know that everything on this site is archived, and we can go back, and everything I said and you said is still there? I can see you obviously attempting to rewrite history with the claim I never gave you anything but “No a few suggestions of recently publsihed works on her part citing her “libertarian feminuttery”, a kind of merger between standard feminism and libertarian thought doesn’t count as a discussion of anything, least of all when they are offered, not for purposes of knowledge-sharing, but simply to score debating points against me!”

Errr… Yeah. Okay there, Meller.

For the last time, I’m for polycentric law, but your version of such is incoherent, I agree with the basic thesis of Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, but argue that a Libertarian conception of equality is deeper and richer and MORE egalitarian than such, and I have nothing against gold. I’m against a gold standard, just as I am against the Fed. Gold is fine money, other than the many ethics involved in its mining. And you must damn well be aware of Hayekians and Friedmanites out there. Not exactly gold-bugs. If you haven’t MET any, well, that doesn’t surprise me, you seem pretty isolated.

But you know, come on up here sometime, I’ll invite a big bunch of libertarians, left right and center, serve cake, and give you free reign to explain about the Houses of Male Entertainment, that you have to think about giving women the right to contract, that you’re PROBABLY not in favor of enslaving women outright, and what a crazy feminutter I am for criticizing the arranged marriages in Meller-land, and of course – HOW NONE OF THIS INVOLVES ANY FORCE AT ALL. and you see how it goes over.

All I claim, Meller, is that I’m involved with libertarianism. I’m nothing special, but I do know people and organize things and talk to people. I’m definitely on the far- lefty side of the spectrum, but I don’t cause shrieking and hyperventilating. Except, of course, from you, Head Libertarian.

And you can’t claim that, or you would. All you have is your dolls, and people on white supremacist and MRA sites. But as I’ve claimed, you’re isolated there. Your connection with libertarianism outside of that is filtered through there. And you aren’t particularly educated and coherent on any subject, from defense services on the free market to basic Austrian ec.

10 years ago

Meller is losing it as far as trolls go. He’s getting to be a veritable EN, with drive-bys of boilerplate.

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