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There’s an app for that! By “that” I mean “penis.” And by “app” I mean a doohickey to attach a Fleshlight to your iPad.

Maru the cat wants none of this.

Ladies, your time is up! The sexy robogals are here! Prepare for the end of feminism and the eventual elimination of all women, with the possible exception of some of the really hot ones, so long as they don’t have too many opinions of their own.

Now that I’ve got your attention I should point out that the sexy Robogals aren’t quite here yet. The not-quite-Robogals currently available, as we’ve seen, are a lot more scary than sexy.

But one dude has a much simpler and less horrifying solution: he’s invented a doohickey that will allow horny penis-having people to attach a Fleshlight to their iPads, so they can pretend to be having some sort of sexual relations with images of actual sexy ladies (or sexy anything else, for that matter) on their iPads.

Read more at The Register, which also has a photo of the doohickey at work. (Dude fucking it not pictured.) I really didn’t feel like having that picture here, hence the gif of Maru the cat with his head in a bag.

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@ Shadow

Exactly. NWO does sometimes call out specific people (and Meller does so all the time), but what he doesn’t do is attack people and then expect the commentariat to be his buddies, until the next time he feels like attacking someone, after which everyone is supposed to be buddies again. I think it’s that pattern that people finally got sick of in MRALs case.


I find it disturbing because, assuming he’s sincere, then this is actually how he thinks normal interactions (especially with women) are supposed to be

Also, NWO doesn’t keyboard-mash and swear when people disagree with him.

But mostly the difference is that NWO is funny but MRAL is just sad.

@ Shadow

Yep. And then you include how he seems to think BSDM works (I guess you just physically overpower someone and then flog them regardless of whether or not they like that kind of thing?), and how he thinks sex works in general, and I end up feeling like I need a shower.

But yeah, the fact that he clearly thinks that being abusive to women if they do perfectly normal things like express sexual preferences is reasonable, appropriate, and not at all out of the ordinary is a bit disturbing.

As well as men, but to be fair, even male subs are generally better treated than dommes in the scene

I’m honestly not sure about that. On the one hand you have commoditized sexuality that’s deeply alienating and all the cultural baggage that comes with being a woman if you’re a dom (I prefer not to use the term domme myself), but a lot of the sub male stuff has the same curse as some of the gay stuff- you get stripped of some of the male privileged without getting much back. Plus you’re seen as undesirable, your viewpoints are taken less seriously than a dom (in general) even in environments where they shouldn’t- about the only thing you have is that the porn is designed with you in mind, and it’s often actively so degrading to you in a non-sexy way, that some of the popularity of of F/f lesbian-for-pay BDSM porn with the sub male set comes into perspective.

The sub male is still a man when he puts his pants back on, but being a dom women is one of the few environments where my word is taken thirty times more seriously than the same words from a guy. It’s like being a man for a day. Only I’m also kinda expected to be a hell bitch eunuch, so I’ll happily trade dom privilege in for being allowed to find my partners sexy.

But your mileage may vary, scenes vary from region to region.

I’ve never been particularly part of the BDSM scene here, I agree with the harmful attitudes statement.

MRALS statements bothers me for another reason, it comes across as though he believes men can’t be hurt or forced to do things they don’t want to because BIGGER and MALE! And that is some really self destructive thinking.

That part is a classical case of magical thinking. The nasty ladies can’t ever hurt me, because I’m bigger and stronger! Which is comforting to me since I know they’re all out to get me!

I don’t really get the point. Arent Ipads a tad small for this sort of thing? Fake vaginas already exist, cant you just, i dunno, have sex with one while watching porn on your ipad? I would think it inconvenient to attach it to the Ipad itself. Unless… do the tits on the Ipad bounce when you thrust or something? Is that the point? Shit I dunno. Guys, that money is better spent on a real live prostitute Im sure.

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