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Dubstep Cat says sorry about the lack of posts

Expect a new post tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Dubstep Cat.

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Estonians moving to have PUA RooshV removed from their country. From his forum;

“Last thing to say is that there is a semi-organized movement to get me deported from Estonia. I am being tracked on Reddit and Couchsurfing threads and there is even a website that has put up my picture and provided the numbers to the police forces in both Tartu and Tallinn, urging visitors to call (many did), like I was some sort of serial killer fugitive. I was also written about on Stormfront, the main forum for neo-Nazis and white supremicists.

I’ve confirmed that most of my Estonian haters (more like stalkers) are men and not feminists. They did everything they can to prevent me from banging Estonia, sending their emails and warnings. The climax was when the police pulled me out of a club one night, a story I will share in future. They forced me to adopt a lower profile, but in the end I successfully completed my research and stayed longer than I had planned. This data sheet is dedicated to all of them, a victory over censorship, xenophobes, and racists. I (and we) won’t be stopped.”

They must’ve gotten word from Iceland. Roosh explaining why he will no longer ever be able enter Iceland again;

WGHOW, the peregrinations of Roosh are probably a topic better reserved for the Manboobz forums, at least until David F. devotes a new thread to him. The PUA world is bizarre, but especially Roosh’s proclivity to write up his unsafe sexual practices and encounters in a series of “Bang $COUNTRY_ID” books. (The question is, where would he be best deported to. Bouvet Øya sounds good to me.)

One of my best friends is feline and also an AMAZING DJ. She completely puts this poser to shame.

Crumbelieveable is right–cats can’t help dubstep. That shit drives me up a wall.

But at least kitty here is trying to work a turntable, unlike a lot of djs today.

Hey David, I was just getting a kick out of watching your Youtube videos featuring Small Bunny and Dog. Any chance you’ll make more of these?

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