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Women oppress men by “playing” at having a career

Silly woman! You probably don't even know how to work that computer.

Well, here’s a new twist. We all know, from reading the endless tirades on the subject scattered all over the manosphere, that women are evil, selfish and ungrateful creatures whose primary goal in life is to leech off of men and make them miserable.

In a recent post titled Playing Career Woman, manosphere blogger Dalrock takes on some of the most evil and selfish ladies of the whole lot of them: upper middle class ladies who insist on going to college and getting jobs, then later leave the workforce to raise their children.

You might think that these ladies would deserve some props from traditional-minded manosphere dudes for supporting themselves instead of leeching off of men during their twenties, then settling into a more traditional housewifely role once they have children.

Oh, but you don’t realize just how evil and disruptive and oppressive their phony careers are to the men of the world. After all, these aren’t women who need to work to support themselves. No, according to Dalrock, these are “women who use their education and career as a way to check off the box to prove their feminist credentials before settling down into an entirely traditional role.”

According to Escoffier, a commenter on Dalrock’s site whom he quotes with approval, in the good old pre-feminist days:

Women who pursued careers (apart from traditional female roles such as teaching … ) were considered at best sort of harmlessly odd … but we know that family life is superior and more important.

Then came feminism:

Now it’s “You MUST do this for own sake, not to do it is to not realize your potential.” …

The way the [upper middle class] has “solved” this problem is to send girls to college, let them launch their careers–whether in soggy girly stuff like PR or crunchy stuff like business and law–and then they marry late (~30), have kids a few years later and drop out of working at least until the kids are grown.

This answers a couple of needs, not least the need for two incomes to accumulate assets so that the couple can eventually buy into a UMC school district.

Oh, but these women aren’t really earning money because they need it to, you know, pay bills and shit:

[T]he real importance of this solution is to her psyche. Getting the education and career are a way of telegraphing “I am a complete person, not some drone like June Cleaver. I am just as smart and capable as any man. In my altruistic concern for my children, I choose not to use my talent in the marketplace but to devote myself to them.” In other words, she needs that education and early career to mark her as better than a mere housewife, even though she will eventually choose to become a housewife.

According to Dalrock, such women are far more evil than the feminist women who get jobs and stick with them. (Emphasis added.)

Men and women who work hard to support themselves understand that they are in it for the duration.  There is a determined realism to them. … These aren’t the women we are talking about.  The women Escoffier described see having a career as a badge of status to be collected on their way to their ultimate goal of stay at home housewife.  They aren’t really career women, they are playing career woman much the way that Marie Antoinette played peasant and Zoolander’s character played coal miner.

In the comments, someone calling himself Carnivore explains just how unfair this all is to the poor innocent working men of the world:

When men get a degree or go through a vocational program and then land a job, they’ve normally got 40+ years to contribute to increasing the wealth of society. Women “playing” career damage society:

1. They displace men for positions in college or vocational school.

2. Upon landing a job, they displace other men for the job position.

3. The increase in the labor pool drives down wages (supply & demand).

4. While in the labor pool, women are less effective and less productive than men.

5. Because they are in the labor pool and cannot compete with men, women support labor laws to enforce “equality” which burden businesses and can cause men to get fired due to some infringement or just to meet quotas.

6. When they leave the labor pool after becoming bored, there is now a hole than can be difficult to fill because the men who would normally fill it have been displaced for all the reasons above.

Carnivore places part of the blame on the feminism-infected parents who taught these women the wrong things:

Women do NOT know what they want. They have to be guided. Most parents have so bought into feminism that they don’t see any other way. It’s a riot – or sad – talking to parents when they go into all the detail about choosing a college, going on campus visits, making sure she gets into the best school, etc., etc. You would think these parents would spend their time and energy on prepping their daughters for the most important life decision – choosing a man for marriage, how to make a husband happy and how to raise healthy children.

The commenter called Ray takes it one step further:

i was in the workplaces during feminism 1.0, and it had nothing to do with fairness, equity, egalitarianism, or any other positive attribute

in fact, it was a slaughter, resulting in the vast disenfranchisement and destruction of millions of american men — there were dozens of ways men could be hassled, RIFd, and forced from employment, and they were (all to chants of Equality and Empowerment)

this resulted in the massive unemployment of the very men needed to create, invent, and revitalize the culture. and to be fathers to sons . …

no female should be employed, or educated, if it means a qualified male must be excluded

Women, stop leeching off men by paying your own way!


NOTE: This post contains SARCASM.

1,774 replies on “Women oppress men by “playing” at having a career”

Given how unbelievably narcissistic Brandon is, I want to clear something up: I don’t think anyone here is trying to convince Brandon to marry. I, for one, think Brandon will do some poor woman a big favor by NOT getting married. And he’ll do great service to mankind in general if he doesn’t reproduce. Not to mention the poor kids. Just wanted to make it clear.

Amused: Now now, you can’t go applying logic, and contextualising what Brandon said.

He never said men chose those things, he said they were asked to do them. That makes it different. No one would ever expect a woman to stay at home with the kids and give up her career (after all he said women who are stay at home mothers choose to do it. Never any outside pressure on them).

You have to go by the words he uses, not what they logically mean.

This is probably another area where Brandon supports a double standard for men and women. He thinks that the work men do is a valuable sacrifice, but any work that women do is not a sacrifice. He supports any double standard where men get the long end of the stick. Brandon, do you think stay at home dads make sacrifices for their families?

Brandon, it’s nice you try to make my prediction right to boost my ego, but no need really.
Clearer? ^_^

Also, you can’t make argument based on what might happen in the future, or you go on the same loony category as MRAs who threaten us with robots invasion or MGTOW doing a global revolution in five or ten years.

“If that doesn’t happen, then that just means fewer and fewer people in that age range are getting married overall.”
Yes, that could just prove that, and not everything you say about what people that are not Brandon want.

Women are asking men to die for them. Men have the most workplace deaths (family). Police officers that die in the line of duty are mostly men (society). Most soldiers are men (warfare). Men basically go out of their way to make sure a woman never has to pick up a weapon…unless she wants to.

No. Soldiers, policeman are asked to risk their lives, but not by “Women”. They chose these jobs because they like guns, they like killing, they like the authority, they need the pay, they want to protect their country or city, they want the social status, their father/grand-father was a soldier/policeman and plenty or other possible reasons (obviously, it’s a ‘and/or’ list, I’m not saying every soldier is in it for the lulz of killing ^_^’) None of these reasons however is “women ask men to die”.

And have you seen any movie or tv show recently? 3/4 of the time, the woman is depicted as trying to push the husband/son not to got to war, to quit the police to be a lawyer or whatever as long as it is a safer occupation. And most the rest of the time you see the wife (or husband of a female soldier,…) being anxious and miserable because the husband keeps leaving them.

Here is an anecdotal data: my brother is training to be a fireman. Dangerous, isn’t it? When he took his decision, he was in his “eww, girls” teenage phase, so no girlfriend to incite him to die for her. He likes risk in general actually, which is a thing our mother always tried to temper. He likes fire too, but mainly it’s the idea to get paid for a job involving a lot of physical effort that made him chose. He also like people being thankful for his work.
So again, anecdotal data. But things are a little bit more complex than “Helen of Troy wants pretty exotic clothes”.

I think men hesitate for many reasons:

1) lack of sexual variety
2) not wanting children
3) prefer to be single
4) see’s little benefit to marriage
5) doesn’t want to be the “provider”/”breadwinner”
6) doesn’t want a family
7) doesn’t want to answer to another person (e.g no “asking the wife first”) 8) wants to live alone
9) wants to spend money on himself
10) wants to travel and see the world instead of having a family

Plenty of possibilities. All of whom can apply to women as well. Your point is that people gets married less/value less marriage. Prove it’s mainly men who do that.

Most times when I get into marriage debates, I ask the person defending marriage to try and sell it to me like it was a product or service. It pretty much boils down to “you will have to change all these parts of your life…yet it only has 2 features the single model doesn’t have”.

You realize we’re not doing that, right? We’re not trying to convince you marriage is good for you or good in general? You do realize you’re the only one in this debate?

But please do share in “how women sacrifice in marriage”. Note: If you actually want to be a stay at home mother…you can’t use that as an example of you “sacrificing” since that is what you wanted to do.

Thats’ true for the wife AND the husband. If the husband WANTS to be the main breadwinner, it’s not a sacrifice. And many stay-at-home mother do it because their child need it, not for the fun. Also, except for pregnancy and breast feeding, everything a woman can do and want to do in a marriage you can too.

Hmm, anyone else remember the conversation about women in the military where Brandon had his ass handed to him by Pecunium? It provides some interesting context.

Brandon does not want women to be allowed to go into combat. At the same time, Brandon wants to be able to blame women for not going into combat, and use that as a beatstick with which to berate them about how they force men to die for them.

The funny part is speculating why, exactly, he doesn’t think that other people will notice the logical issue involved in holding both of these positions and form the conclusion that he is full of shit. Does he think everyone here has a really poor memory? Is he literally unable to realise how contradictory and illogical his positions are? Either way, the hypocrisy is hilarious.

Brandon does not want women to be allowed to go into combat. At the same time, Brandon wants to be able to blame women for not going into combat, and use that as a beatstick with which to berate them about how they force men to die for them.

If you let women in combat, they will fight. They you won’t be able to blame them! I don’t see anything wrong with that if you accept: “women are to be blame for everything”

By the way, I fully support Brandon’s decision not to marry. Selfish, arrogant, utterly narcisstic people shouldn’t get married. They probably shouldn’t be in relationships at all, but unlike Brandon I don’t think I have the right to tell other people what to do, so if he wants to date then he can. I just feel very sorry for whoever has to put up with him.

Brandon doesn’t care that he’s caught out in his lies, he just says whatever is convenient at the time, like earlier when he said “A better line would be …”
He wants power and control over people, like his story about demanding respect from his son’s mum.
He is only “polite” to his boss, because they have power over him.
He reckons rules don’t apply to Brandon.
He thinks everyone is a lying arsehole, just like him.

But never mind all that – My friend gave me a white cuddly bunny 🙂 It’s called Steve

Don’t have a camera 🙁 He is albino and lop-eared. He was given to me because the other rabbit beat him up, so he has ugly wounds on his ears. Holes all the way through. The vet gave me some antibiotics for him – banana flavoured, he loved it!


But please do share in “how women sacrifice in marriage”. Note: If you actually want to be a stay at home mother…you can’t use that as an example of you “sacrificing” since that is what you wanted to do.

I know plenty of stay-at-home mothers who didn’t want to be the one to stay at home, but were forced to by circumstance – usually the fact that their husbands earned more.

My wife deeply didn’t want to be the stay-at-home parent, but we couldn’t afford full-time childcare so we had to compromise – but when my salary was frozen and hers wasn’t, once she overtook me I had a fairly inescapable moral obligation to take over. (Which worked out brilliantly, as it turned out – not least because the fact that we’re both demonstrably prepared to make major sacrifices has strengthened our marriage no end).

Brandon, if you see breadwinning as such a terrible sacrifice and burden, maybe you should consider being a stay-at-home parent!

i want to see that

brandon the stay at-home dad: why are you still crying? if you want me to respect your needs, you have to earn it.

baby: waaaaah

brandon: i already gave you booze and porn! now calm down, youre upsetting the strippers!

Brandon: But please do share in “how women sacrifice in marriage”. Note: If you actually want to be a stay at home mother…you can’t use that as an example of you “sacrificing” since that is what you wanted to do.

So, if a man WANTS to be a policeman, you cannot use that as an example of “sacrificing”, ditto firefighter, military, etc.

Goose, gander, sauce.

Here’s a sacrifice for you Brandon: my mother dropped out of college after 2 years to work full time to put my father through to his DOCTORATE because his family didn’t like his marriage to her (imagine Romeo and Juliet dynamics in a wheat farming town of 700, in context of German vs. Welsh immigrants). My mother’s parents helped them out both by providing work during summer and money for house downpayments, etc. She did EVERYTHING (including manly jobs like making sure autos got serviced, income taxes, etc.–her degree she never finished was in economics, and she worked accounting jobs to put him through to degree). After 25 plus years of marriage, he runs off with graduate student and dumps her and gets his fate state retirement.

So, while she fulfilled the social contract of her generation, he didn’t — and damned, if he’d waited a few years she might have been able to get part of his retirement because again she paid for his doctorate degree-he didn’t, his family didn’t.

Oh he’s such a cutie! It’s too bad about his ears, poor thing. Good thing he has a good home now 🙂

Whew! The link worked.

Steve has really soft fur, but I find him sort of ugly. His troubles may not have ended yet – the torn edge of one ear looks slightly off colour. If it’s worse in the morning I’ll take him back to the vet, she might have to lop it off, and make him a lop-sided lop-ear. He’s sleeping inside tonight. Poor Vlad the cat is utterly disgusted 🙂

Steve is sitting on my chest. I just told him there’s people in the computer who care about him and he turned around to have a look! Thanks for your kind words, Sorka, Viscaria and Dracula.

Aw, poor Steve! (He is kinda cute-ugly isn’t he? :D) Hope his ears manage to fix themselves up — maybe the vet can give you something topical for the off-color bit to really whack on those stupid pathogens?

I think he’s cute! Poor guy. I’m sure he’s happy to be in a safe spot now.

Steve is a good name for a rabbit. For some reason. Give him a nice scritch for me.

Thanks Bagelsan and Bee. The name Steve really suits him. As soon as my neighbour suggested it, I can’t think of him as anything else.

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