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Jezebel channels The Spearhead with an odious piece on Amber Cole

Jezebel has apparently decided to gin up some page views by running a bizarre, victim-blaming, slut-shaming, skeevily prurient screed on Amber Cole, the 14-year old African American girl who was videotaped giving oral sex to some boys; the video got posted online and, despite the fact that it was, you know, child porn, went viral. The story itself is appalling; so is the screed, written by a guy pretending (for rhetorical effect) that he’s Cole’s father. It reads like something you’d find on The Spearhead.

The piece starts off melodramatically:

I am Amber Cole’s father. I am angry, confused and completely at a loss. I love my daughter. I want to guide her without suppressing her. That is not always easy.  Children need protection from their worst inclinations. That is not always easy. I am trying to convince her that the world will still love her if she keeps her clothes on.

Just to remind everyone again: the author is not actually Cole’s father. (And Amber Cole is apparently not her real name.)

The screed quickly descends into an attack on the girl’s mother that reads like something you’d read in the comments section of The Spearhead or In Mala Fide:

She would listen to her mother, if her mother was not busy. Doing something, anything that is not parenting.  I want her mother to spend less time being “empowered” and more time being aware and engaged with our daughter.

And it only goes downhill from there. We get a section essentially blaming girls at large for the incident, because they allegedly ignore the “nice guys” who would never make such a tape. We get a section blaming the “mother’s boyfriend, Karrine Steffans or Kim Kardashian” for teaching the girl to be “proficient at such a difficult act. … I want to know why my 14 year-old knows so much about oral sex.”

And then we get a ridiculous race-baiting rant about white feminists and the Slutwalks:

White feminists can teach their own little girls to find empowerment through their crotches – my brown little girl cannot afford to be that carefree and cavalier with her life choices. Slutlife is the hard, lonely vocation of rich, educated, privileged white women who will fuck The World, contract social diseases and still, somehow find a husband. No black woman ever got far being a slut. I want to know what kind of women “slutwalk,” while young impressionable girls of all kinds look on with wonder and admiration.

After placing blame for the whole thing on just about every girl and woman in the world, the author comes to the father:

I am Amber Cole’s father. Don’t ask where I was that afternoon, because you already know. I was at work, just like you. I do not live with her, cannot always talk to her, cannot always be there. Not the way I want, and there are few laws to help me. To protect me and my rights.

Because that’s the real issue here: Father’s Rights.

And then the big reveal:

I am Jimi Izrael. I am not really Amber Cole’s father.  But she is my daughter.

You do not think so. But she is your daughter too.

Go read the whole thing. It’s appalling. Then read Jeff Fecke’s takedown of it on Alas, a Blog.

Ironically, Jezebel ran an excellent piece on the subject about a week ago.

WTF, Jezebel? Are page views really that important?

EDITED: I reworked a bit about the (real)  father that I originally formulated badly.

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10 years ago

“As men, you are to be our protectors.”

Stands out to me too… as bullshit.

As a man, the only thing I ought to need to protect anyone from (man, woman, child or dog) is me.

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