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Lady, killer; killer, lady.

What do women want? Freud never found a definitive answer to his famous question, but the blogger who calls himself Delusion Damage thinks he’s got it figured out: women want men who can kill people with their bare hands.

DD is a sort of compound MRA-PUA who argues for “Men’s Liberation Through ‘Game,’” as he put it in a Spearhead post some months ago.  Apparently, if dudes learn how to get the hot babes to give them strings-free sexy times, through the magic of “game,” this will help to “reduce the unilateral enslavement of men through marriage.”

And what attracts the ladies more than the ability to kill? Not much, apparently. If you’ve got that magic killing touch, everyone around you will sense your manly power:

You are a man. A man is a survivor, a hunter, a protector of loved ones. The essence of manliness is controlled power. … That is what women love and what other men respect. Women, most of them anyway, are unable to use force and must rely on men where force is required. … If you lack the ability to kill other people with your bare hands, you will be perceived as if something is missing from your manliness. …

If you can kill, the ladies will pick up on this instantly:

[H]aving the ability substantially raises the value she instinctively perceives you to have. Which, as we know, leads to all manner of good things.

I believe he’s referring to blowjobs.

Oh, and other dudes will be impressed, too:

The respect of other men is also greatly influenced by your killing ability. Up until graduation from high school, the male social hierarchy has a great deal to do with “who can beat up whom”, and although the hierarchy among adult men is more dependent on social and professional status signals, men never stop instinctively evaluating you by what they perceive your killing ability to be, and respecting or disrespecting you accordingly.

And this will set you apart from all the wimpy emo hipsters of the world, who couldn’t even fight a girl:

If there is a “defining” degree of killing ability that makes you “manly”, it is defined by comparison with the female of the species. …

In these dismal times, men who fall short of this line are not terribly rare. Many of the emaciated hipsters and cubicle-dwellers of our generation would have trouble against a Juanita from a rougher neighborhood. These men, due to their lack of killing ability, are seen as unmanly by both men and women. 

Meanwhile, your ability to kill will make others sit up and take notice:

The ability to kill makes your feelings relevant. If you lose your temper, someone dies.

This of course implies good things about you – the fact that you aren’t in jail right now means that you are a man in control of his emotions. A man who never loses his temper. Everyone around you subconsciously understands this and respects you for it. It lets people know they can trust you.

Yeah, nothing screams “trustworthy” more than a guy going on and on about how he could kill you with his bare hands.

Also, the ability to kill can help to prevent the ladies from blabbing endlessly about their stupid lady crap to you:

A woman who knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that she will have less than three seconds to live from the second she makes you lose your temper is not going to set out to intentionally poke and prod you past your breaking point.

Aw, yeah, it’s good to be a potential bare-hands killer:

[Y]ou will be afforded a completely unprecedented kind of respect. …

When you are The Man, everyone around takes note. It is a form of celebrity. Women gravitate to you, pulled by the invisible streams of attention, respect and deference which we all subconsciously sense in any social situation.

Given the sort of adoring attention DD must get from the ladies, it’s sort of amazing that he finds time to even keep up a blog at all.

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>_> Do I rly need to make an argument about why NWO hates me the most? xD I dun think he hates me as much as he’s just… obsessed xD He can’t let go… first I had to change how I write.. I didn’t.. and he went back on his whole “IMMA IGNORE YOU UNTIL YOU CHANGE” thing xD Then he swore to ignore me again… then I had to talk to him in the first person, and nope… and I had to stop using smileys… nope… still going right at teh Rodeo cat xD I’m not supposed to talk about gender socialization either… and I still do, and yet, he’s still obsessed w/ me xD

But rly I think it comes down to me being the ultimate nemesis xD According to you, NWO, I have a superior male brain xD But I’m also VILE like a woman! No wonder I give you fits xD I’m like Venom. I have all your powers and more! XD

Plus, there’s the whole trans social worker thing, and I bet you just imagine ALLLLL the awful things I do to destroy straight cis men, some of which could be you! xD Like, taking down all the male female signs on washrooms and replacing them with XD


We’re actually in the process of turning whole men’s shelters into mansions for a single trans person. The men who used those shelters are being sold to the Calgary Stampede. So you’re kinda right and wrong there too xD I’m not trampling thousands of straight cis men for one trans person, I’m just profiting off of their trampling. XD Trans ppl need a lot of space anyways… tentacles and all that… plus there’s our giant male brains, enhanced with all that vile estrogen. XD

And there’s the whole gay agenda thing and brainwashing kids in school xD You THINK you’re safe NWO, but brainwashing techniques were a little more slow-acting back when you were a lad xD It should be taking hold pretty soon. You should prolly have noticed that your eyes lingered a little too long while at Rand Paul’s site before you scrolled past his picture xD

Oh yeah, and I’m a trans person that used to tutor kids xD I wonder what my body count in your eyes is up to now xD

*whistles innocently*

Oh, and on my spare time I burn Star Wars books.

Which I use to roast Christians.



Srsly though, you know NWO isn’t gonna play along or pick any of us… xD He’ll just say we’re all equally vile (*GASP* COMMUNISM!) and… something something… or VAWA this and Title XMTR that… xD and how it’s all a big game, and blah blah something something xD

So in conclusion:

And a 1 and a 2…


(also cats) 😀





@David Futrelle
“Confidential to MRAL: Your best bet for getting me to approve your comments is to post them from your original account, not with another obvious sockpuppet.”

Hasn’t worked for me Dave.
@Hershele Ostropoler
“I’m fairly sure f-f couples have far less PIV than m-f couples do. On average.”

No wonder Ozy generously allows you to write for her inclusive blog. You’re the smart one of the group with brilliant deductions like that.
“Hey NWO, I think you should definitely pick me as the least favorite.”

Nah, you’re all pretty much brain dead waste cases here. I mean think about it. Here’s what’s giving me advice. Boy’s pretending to be girls, everyone indentifying themselves as some gender, (laughable), The “help” like in your menz blog is dressing boys up in womens clothing, a bunch of S&M promoters, I wanna act like a slut but don’t treat me like one, deniers of facts, rape can be 10 years after the fact, (she didn’t “feel” raped then but she does now), kidnapping a mans children and extorting money is okily dokily, and any disagreement will normally be met with stupidity that ranges from, why do you hate elephants to lizards. Who wouldn’t believe themselves morally and intellectually superior to this crew? I’m feelin pretty damn good about myself.

Now everyone go and write some inane article on your respective blogs so you can all comment on each others blogs about how smart and progressive you are.

rape can be 10 years after the fact, (she didn’t “feel” raped then but she does now)

What, specifically, are you referring to here? o_O

You’re just angry cuz you think I have one of those superior “male” brains and you feel intimidated xD

GUYS he mentions things related to me four times (BDSM, sluthood, identifying as a gender and NSWATM). I think he hates me the most! I know, I know, NWO, you want to be nice and tell everyone they’re hated. But we all know who your real favorite is.

Hershele — okay, you may be more obviously Jewish, but did you grow up behind the Iron Curtain. I’m also a Communist spy and an agent provocateur. Or is it “agente provocatrice”?

Hunh… I identify as a gender (male).

This makes me… I don’t know, something horrible to NWO.

I’m also sort of stereotypically male in a lot of ways. I do yardwork. I was in the Army. I own guns. I have a motorcycle. I like to drive on twisty roads (cars and bikes).

I like to eat meat. I like to look at women.

But I am perverted (no, not in the bedroom, compared to a lot of the posters here I’m broad-minded but vanilla; no matter how many partners I’ve had/have at the moment), because I’m a feminist.

That might make me the worst. I can recruit other men, by pointing out that feminism doesn’t make them give up many pursuits like hunting, fishing, woodworking, being a machinist.

It just asks them to stop treating women as if they weren’t equal to men.

Go figure.

You’re not kinky? Really? Pecunium, you struck me as such a kinky bastard. 😛

Nah, Hershele, “dressing boys up in women’s clothing” is a reference to my posts about why men should be able to wear nail polish and one line in Who Cares About Men? about how men should be able to wear skirts if they want to.

Oh…. and I’m planning to marry a Jew, so I must be planning to convert; thus leaving the christian fold.

And I speak Russian, which is practically spanish, so I’m probably fond of immigrants, who are helping the Rothchilds grand scheme of bringing down western civilisation so they can be even wealthier.

More evidence of NWO’s misandry, really–if he hates men who dress up in skirts, then he hates a lot of men for a very silly reason.

“I’m in favor of men’s rights, as long as they’re the right sort of men” is as misandrist as they come.

@David Futrelle
“NWO, I do generally let your comments through, you know.”

How egalitarian of you Dave. It’s nice to know my comments are generally permitted a day late and a dollar short. Funny how the hatred directed at me personally is oh so acceptable. Nice to know I can respond and defend myself in a timely manner.
@Holly Pervocracy
“I’m in favor of men’s rights, as long as they’re the right sort of men” is as misandrist as they come.”

Don’t you ever get tired of being so incredibly wrong all the time? Your pathetic attempt at, I suppose reverse psycology is childlike. Your statement should read, “I’m in favor of men’s rights, as long as they’re the right sort of men’s rights.” That’s the feminist mantra.

Equality is OK, as long as any percieved inequality women face is addressed by law. The reason I say percieved is because, to use as an example, the wage gap myth. Women don’t work as many hours as men at the same job yet they demand the same pay rate. Those extra hours men put in show initiative, (apparently, girls just wanna have fun while getting the sam pay rate).

Women also demand maternity leave as part of the communist package, where everyone, reguardless of having children pays into a fund. Women of course expect, if they decide to return to work, to have their job waiting for them like the world should be put on hold for them. Since I don’t believe in maternity or paternity leave, any arguement falls short. Everyone loses wealth with this policy, and childcare would be much more affordable since everyone would recieve more wealth without this policy. This is easily verifiable by looking at the number of children people could afford in the past before these erroneous were enacted as law.

Also, since ability or quality of work isn’t taken into account, the wage gap myth is exactly that, a myth. This is a percieved inequality.

“It just asks them to stop treating women as if they weren’t equal to men.”

Men and women aren’t equal, it’s as plain as night and day. Men and women simply don’t have the same/equal abilities. If you mean equality before the law, I’m all in favor of that. Unfortunately, under the present system, men recieve the short end of the stick across the board. Trying to blame patriarchy, when women have lobbied for and enacted every law which artificially creates equal ability, is laughable, but so very feminist.

NWO, you do remember that I put you on moderation not because I disagree with you but because you posted personal attacks that were much nastier than anything anyone here has ever directed at you?

Anyway, I’m taking you off moderation. So comment away. Just refrain from the egregiously nasty personal attacks.

“childcare would be much more affordable since everyone would recieve more wealth without this policy. This is easily verifiable by looking at the number of children people could afford in the past before these erroneous were enacted as law.”

So verify it. In other words, citation needed, because this makes no sense. You do know a lot of maternity/paternity leave isn’t paid, right? That it varies from company to company? That FMLA isn’t paid? Do you know anything?

The rest of your drivel was just that.

Men and women aren’t equal, it’s as plain as night and day. Men and women simply don’t have the same/equal abilities.
In NWO-world, this is true!

For instance, women have the ability to stop themselves from sexually harassing or raping someone, but men do not.

You got it wrong, Holly. Women sexually harass men by being sexy, which makes men want to sexually harass them! Obviously!

And NWO, I’m feeling left out. You didn’t mention me at all in your frothing screed! I find it hard to believe that there weren’t enough nasty personal attacks to go around. I’m going to have to conclude that you like me after all! 😀

I dunno Ozy… he might have mentioned you a lot… but there’s only one person here he keeps trying to avoid XD *waves at NWO* Hiiiiiiiiii! 😀

You know NWO, for a guy who claims everybody else has a victim complex, you seem to be the one here who is most obsessed w/ being the victim, and EVERYBODY HERE IS MEEAAANNN TO MEEEEEE DAVIDD!!! xD

“childcare would be much more affordable since everyone would recieve more wealth without this policy. This is easily verifiable by looking at the number of children people could afford in the past before these erroneous were enacted as law.”

Um, those children started working pretty young. I’ve mentioned here before that all of my father’s brothers left school after Grade 8 to either work full time on the family farm or do other manual labour. Because they had to help support the family. And that was in the mid-20th century! Not too long before that they might have been put to work in factories at age 8 or 9.

In North America we no longer expect children to work 14 hour days to support themselves. We have no problem with child labour in the global South, which is deplorable, but at least we don’t make our own kids toil in match factories when they should be in school. Call me crazy, but I kind of think that’s a good thing! And if it means we have fewer children because we have to support them all ourselves, well, so be it!

Addendum to my entry into the most hated of NWO contest. I have an unusual presentation of PCOS, which means that I have very high testosterone but not high progesterone. My hormonal levels do not match expected “female” levels or expected “male” levels. My testosterone is almost high enough to make expected “male” levels, but I also have an expected “female” level of estrogen. If I sought to, for example, play sports, I would be classified by many orgs as a non-woman and barred, but I would also not be considered a man, due to my estrogen and genitals. Those tests Caster Semenya was subjected to in regards to her sex? I would fail them. I wouldn’t even come close. Not only is my gender non-binary, my very hormones fuck with your worldview, NWO! My very body defies you!

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