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Off-topic: Kittens + Bowls = Adorable!

Sorry, folks. Distracted by other stuff. New post tomorrow. In the meantime, kittens and bowls. And a version of Oh-bla-di, Oh-bla-da that somehow manages to be even more annoying than the original:

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I have NO CLUE wtf is is going on in that video, but so much cute! And omg, so many scottish folds!

I’m resenting American TV right now, for running things like “Jersey Shore” and “Real Housewives” when we could be watching kittens in bowls.

I think there’s at least as much of a market for The Kitten Channel as there is for, say, golf.

Our MRA’s have a friend in Clive from Oxford, apparently.

“Women of child bearing age are the problem! i.e. from 15 to about 45-50. It’s why they can only work in the public sector and menial/trivial jobs like services and cleaning. Who in their right mind would hire a woman??? The REALITY is work for women is privilege not a right …”

And yes, I know people have explained blockquote tags umpteen times, but I’m dumb :p

Hey, I happen to like that song. Anyone know who does the version in the video?

The kitty half time show is the best part of the Puppy Bowl. Them kittens in bowls is just adorables too.

Carmine looks like “from this bowl I shall rule the world!”

I love it that your sister got him a bigger bowl – she’s a true cat person 🙂

kristinmh: Our oldest (now sadly passed) cat would sit in shoeboxes that were clearly too small for her until they broke, then glare at us – because it was totally out fault that they broke.

My cat went missing 2 weeks ago. =( I’m suddenly bombarded with cat videos…

I don’t know what it is with cats. They seem to be magnetically drawn to things they shouldn’t sleep in.

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