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The MRAhorns

Reading “Anthony Zarat’s” recent comments here fantasizing about a future in which men and women consort with virtual reality lovers rather than one another and “drift into separate and rarely interracting species, each of which will prosper more by the absence of the other,” I began to wonder if there was anyone out there with a more jaundiced view of heterosexual relationships than the typical MRA?

And then it occurred to me: the non-married male-female cartoonist duo behind The Lockhorns.

You’ve seen The Lockhorns, haven’t you? It’s a daily single panel cartoon that runs in about 500 newspapers – who even knew there were 500 newspapers left? – and that, according to the strip’s website “gently spoofs the state of marital bliss, poking fun at the foibles of both partners.”

That’s the nice way of putting it. More accurately, the cartoon depicts a sort of existentialist hell on earth. Locked in a loveless marriage, Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn stare at each other with heavy-lidded eyes and almost perpetual frowns; they pick endlessly at each other’s numerous flaws.

Leroy is a bald, overworked schlub who seems to resent every minute of his pathetic existence; only rarely does a smile grace his face, generally when he’s either ogling a pretty girl or contemplating drowning his sorrows in booze. Loretta is a drab, shrewish housefrau whose only real pleasure seems to be trying on new dresses. They unite only in their shared hatred of all that is new and confusing, like the underwear-baring clothing styles of the youth of today.

Happily, they have no cartoon children.

In any case, after reading through a bunch of recent Lockhorns cartoons I had a little brainstorm. While neither The Lockhorns nor MRA misogyny tastes good in itself, the combination of the two could very well be magically delicious.

So I’d like to introduce to you the latest in interactive cartooning: The MRAhorns. I’ve posted a batch of recent Lockhorns cartoons below, sans captions. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to write up some appropriately MRAish captions for them. Bonus points if you’re able to use the exact words of a prominent MRAer, or even one of this blog’s dedicated trolls. Whoever comes up with the best caption wins one internet.

Have at it!

MRAhorns #1
MRAhorns #2
MRAhorns #3
MRAhorns #4


109 replies on “The MRAhorns”

Rutee, I wasn’t trying to suggest that there’s anything wrong with needing help, especially with depression and other forms of illness. And I’m certainly not suggesting that every 20 year old be financially independent.

I was attempting to point out the hypocrisy of MRAL, who is supported by his mother, calling women lazy and arrogant.

Well, AntZ, you’ll simply have to live to be 105 and cash in big-time. Pluck the fruits of the money-tree with your palsied, trembling hands. That’s the way to fool us all.

(That’ll show us.)

I get the sense sometimes that these guys will only be happy and loving toward women if they got to choose any woman they wanted for sex, with the remaining women of the world required to wear chastity belts and gags till it’s their at the MRA cock carousel. Any non-sexy time would have to be spent with other MRAs, engaged in paramilitary activities, preferably alpha hunting.

I bet this is the actual content of like 99% of NWO’s fantasies.

“If they get to”, even. Dammit.

I have jumping cursor issues from a faulty version of my mousepad driver, so my words keep getting eaten.

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