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A Nice Guy’s lament: “First, they came for the rapists … .”

You’ve all seen the famous quote attributed to German religious leader Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the communists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Now one embittered “Nice Guy” on Tumblr who goes by the name joetomcollins has written his own version, with feminists as the Nazis, rapists as the communists, and, well, just read it yourself:

When the Feminists came for the Rapists,

I remained silent;

I was not a Rapist.

When they locked up the stalkers,

I remained silent;

I was not a stalker.

When they came for the Players,

I did not speak out;

I was not a Player.

When they came for the men who they got bored of,

I remained silent;

I wasn’t some one they were bored of yet.

When they came for me, the nice guy,

there was no one left to speak out.

So, yeah. Let’s think this through a little bit. When Niemöller made his now famous remarks, he was expressing his own sorrow for not standing up to Hitler when he started arresting Communists. So is joetomcollins suggesting that he – and we – should have stopped “the feminists” from going after rapists and stalkers?

Joetomcollins doesn’t say, but he does have a lot more to say on the evilness of feminists and stuck-up women in general:

[I]f I’m going to be the bad guy no matter what I do… might as well get it the fuck out the way right up front.

I might as well ENJOY being the villain.

The FemeNazi messsage is LOUD AND CLEAR!

I am an average normal guy. I am never going to be good enough.

Especially in NYC where you only personalities you get are native “rats” who have learned to survive to being ruthless, and Type “A” psychopaths who come here to conquer everything.

Dude, if you don’t like the people in New York, then maybe, just maybe, you should move out of New York. It’s a high-pressure place and, well, you don’t seem to respond well to pressure, let’s put it that way.

He continues on with a refrain that I suspect will sound awfully familiar to a lot of you:

Man hasn’t had the ability to choose his woman for at least the last 150 years. The woman chooses the man. ALWAYS.

Now even showing interest is offensive to the FemeNAZI.

We aren’t talking about DOING anything but telling someone you think they are attractive. If a guy YOU liked rejected you, he would be Satan incarnate, but when a woman rejects a guy…



… and we’re supposed to nod sheepishly and apologize for bothering you as we leave with a smile.

When I read shit like this I have to wonder: who exactly are you approaching, and what exactly are you saying to them? I’ve made some awkward passes in my day, but I’ve never gotten this response from anyone.

Could it be that you’re a dick? Your post seems to suggest that you are — an angry, self-obsessed dick almost completely lacking in self-awareness and empathy.

I mean, seriously, comparing your inability to get laid to the fucking Holocaust? Your bad luck with women to the murder of millions? Douche move, my man.

If you embrace your dickhood, as you seem to want to do, and become much more straightforward about your sexual desires, instead of trying to hide behind a nice-guy facade, you might actually get laid more often than you’re getting now. But you’re not likely to get a lot of repeat customers. And for good reason: no woman wants (or deserves) to be saddled with all your bullshit.

So let’s assume, for the purpose of argument, that you’re not a full-blown dick; you’re just a horny young guy on a sexual losing streak lashing out at women for your own failures. Let’s assume you are willing to work on actually reducing your dickishness. (Readers: All I ask is a little temporary suspension of disbelief.)

Reading your account of your romantic failures, and bearing in mind that most straight men don’t get this sort of response from the women they approach, there are several possibilities:

  1. either you are exaggerating the alleged awfulness of the rejections you’ve gotten, or
  2. there is something desperately wrong with your approach — perhaps you’re cornering women in elevators at 4 AM, or otherwise transgressing their boundaries in inappropriate ways — or
  3. the women you are approaching are, you know, bitches.

You really only have two choices here: you can spend the rest of your life wallowing in bitterness at women, or you can reconsider your approach. Find some woman you are friendly with – one you are not obsessed with fucking – and explain to her what’s going on, and ask her where you think you’re going wrong. If it’s your approach, learn to better respect people’s boundaries and read their body language; some women don’t want to be bugged by anyone when they are, you know, on the way to work. If it’s your selection of women, select different women.

And stop posting tirades on the internet about how women are a bunch of evil Nazis out to oppress you and your poor lonely penis. You know how, when you jump into cold water, your genitals shrink in horror from the cold? Something similar happens to the vaginas of most women when they read shit like you just wrote.

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Hershele Ostropoler
11 years ago

It seems to me that hugh-ristik’s trilemma that AlekNovy cited has a simple solution, related to the first horn. In particular, feminists don’t assign the task of initiating to men disproportionately.

To start from the bottom:
* Women have differing and [possibly] mutually exclusive preferences. True, individuals of all genders want different things, and the fact that one individual wants X says nothing either way about a second, separate individual’s propensity to want not-X.
* Men are not mind readers. Again, this is not a gendered thing, mind-reading is simply not an ability humans have, although most humans (again, not gendered) can dedue things about a person’s state of mind from what that person says and how they behave.
* Men are expected to initiate. Well, someone has to intiate. The expectation that, in situations involving exactly one man, initiation must fall to him, is not one created by feminists or feminism; if anything, feminists who have opinoins on the subject are far more likely to decry the expectation than to enforce it.

11 years ago


“Guess I was lied to. The people who claimed they reviewed every single video were never questioned, and this was by feminists. They were accused of being idiots, they were accused of being assholes for daring to review the videos, they were called names.

But no one until now has posted evidence to the opposite. I assumed that since a 100 feminists never posted evidence to the contrary to the video-claims (just ad-hominems) that the video claims must be true.”

Yeah, you were lied to. You know why they were probably accused of being idiots? Because it’s abundantly clear from looking at the actual video what Watson was talking about. You know why no one posted evidence to the contrary? Because the video itself should have been evidence enough. You know why you think those attacks were ad hominems? Because you never looked at the actual video to determine what it said.

Only looking at secondary sources when judging a primary source that is readily available is not doing research. It’s being profoundly lazy. Don’t blame others when they criticize you for not looking at the very thing you are trying to counter. Yeesh.

11 years ago

“Guess I was lied to. The people who claimed they reviewed every single video were never questioned, and this was by feminists. They were accused of being idiots, they were accused of being assholes for daring to review the videos, they were called names.

But no one until now has posted evidence to the opposite. I assumed that since a 100 feminists never posted evidence to the contrary to the video-claims (just ad-hominems) that the video claims must be true.”
It’s feminism’s fault that you had a strong opinion on a video you’d never even seen, that you could easily have seen, and never bothered taking the 10 minutes to see?

Steven Dutch
Steven Dutch
6 years ago

This fits just about anywhere in MGTOW commentary. I’ve done some cool stuff, been to some interesting places, clumb a few mountains, been on military deployments. Cue the Marlboro music. And guess what? Women don’t care about any of that. You can have some interesting conversations but they only care about what kind of person you are.

Prepare to be shocked and offended. This will sound very cynical. NOBODY cares about that stuff. It might help you get a job IF it’s germane to the job requirements.

Think of Alec Baldwin’s famous rant in Glengarry Glen Ross, and then recall it’s an act, even in the movie. “Nice guy? F— you!” Sounds horrible but he’s trying to get them focused on doing the job rather than thinking it’s okay to do mediocre work while having warm fuzzies. NOBODY cares that you’re a nice person, if that’s all you are. Nobody cares that you get all weepy at those Sarah McLaughlin commercials if you don’t bother to go to the pound and get an animal. Nobody cares if you believe in hard work if you don’t work hard. And nobody cares if you’re a “nice guy” unless you really are a nice guy. And are you a 49er? You know, thinks you’re a 9 but really a 4? In fact, if you don’t actually do nice things for people, you’re not really a “nice person.” Forget holding the door and dinner at a nice restaurant. Will you take her to the emergency room at 2 AM if she gets sick?

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