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AntiFeministMedia: “Do you really believe men have ‘oppressed’ women for no reason?”

Shouldn't they all be?

My favorite Redditor these days is an angry little fella named AntiFeministMedia. How much of a douche is he? So much of one that sometimes he actually manages to get downvoted in the Men’s Rights subreddit for his excessive douchebaggery.

You may recall him as the author of the “the female gravy train of victimhood” quote I highlighted the other day. But I’ve been going through his comment history and have unearthed a number of other wonders.

It’s going to take more than one post to truly convey his charms. We’ll start today with some of his comments on women, and their vaginas, and why both need to be kept in check.

Women, you see, just aren’t made for freedom:

what happnes when you give women economic and sexual freedom, is that you get major social problems.

It simply doesnt work, because women are incapable of behaving themselves, men see their society disintegrating, their children suffering, and then decide to ‘put women in their place’.

If women wernt so irresponsible when they got their freedom, men would not have to step in and take it away from them. Seriously, do you really believe men have ‘oppressed’ (read: restrained) women for no reason?

It’s almost as if these ladies aren’t even human:

people are scared of women. Thats the truth about it. Women can be such nasty pieces of work that no one wants to get on their bad side for fear of them becoming hysterical … The female world is an animal world which a lot of men, being human, simply dont understand).

True, they do have vaginas, but that isn’t enough to make up for that whole not-being-human thing:

You may or may not believe this, but I am quite happy alone.

The only thing I’d want you from is a vagina, the rest of the time I’d despise you. You see I dont like who you are. I am a human being, while women are from the animal world. They think like animals, and that is not something I would want to pair with. While women are thinking about survival, Im thinking about god.

And, at least some of the time, about vaginas.

Speaking of which: Since ladies are such herd animals, they clearly shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of anything, including the things that come out of their vaginas. You know, babies:

You seem to think in groups, not as individuals. Thats why I believe women shouldnt be given a choice. Children should automatically be the property of the male (again). If women cannot understand simple situations like those I’ve outlined, or even the fact that men should be consulted first before a child is created … then they are not the best people to be in control of reproduction.

After all, contrary to all that nonsense you might have heard in your high school sex ed classes,  it only takes one person to get pregnant:

It takes two to tango, and one to get pregnant. The one that gets pregnant bears the ultimate responsibilty, particularly since she has full control over reproduction in the modern west. …

It is up to women to screen out bad men, and to choose a man capable of being a good father. That is the responsibilty of women. If a woman opens her legs to any sob, without spending the time and energy to assess wether he would make a good father, and then he runs off, then thats the womans fault. But again, we go back to women not being able to take personal responsibilty.

Exactly. When a man deserts his children, it is obviously the woman, not him, who is being irresponsible.

Given how badly women are doing at this whole reproduction thing, wouldn’t it be great if we could just remove women from the equation entirely?

AntiFeministMedia has some thoughts on this as well, which we will examine in a future post. Stay tuned.

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11 years ago

If these men are so determined to avoid women having children with them, they’re going to love the new male birth control that’s in clinical trials.100% effective & 100% reversible…so far at least. Lasts up to 10 years and only involves an injection into the vas. Predicted to be on the market in about 2 years.

11 years ago

Delurking just to say I’m a furry and I’m glad people are non-judgemental about it.
Hi. It’s nice to meet you. Go can do whatever you feel like doing, and it’s OK with me.

11 years ago

Ugh, YOU can do whatever you feel like doing

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