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Science Corner: Why some self-obsessed douchebags hate the ladies so much

I'd do me. Why won't those bitches?

Well, this explains a few things:

Narcissistic Heterosexual Men Target Their Hostility Primarily at Heterosexual Women, the Objects of Their Desires, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (July 29, 2010) — Heterosexual women bear the brunt of narcissistic heterosexual men’s hostility, while heterosexual men, gay men and lesbian women provoke a softer reaction, according to psychologist Dr. Scott Keiller from Kent State University at Tuscarawas. This is likely to be due to women’s unparalleled potential for gratifying, or frustrating, men’s narcissism, the author concludes. They are crucial players and even gatekeepers in men’s quests for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power and status.

More here. The actual study here (subscribers only).

Yes, like a lot of psych studies, it was based on a relatively small sample of college students (104 undergraduate men, to be exact). But after this post yesterday – and, you know, the entire content of this blog — it’s hard not to think that Keiller is on to something.

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Wow… Meller says wiping women out is legitimate” topic for discussion,” and inevitable if women don’t shape up and do as he tells them, and I’m paranoid when I say he’s a misogynist scumbag.

Now, if I thought it was likely that some large group of men was going to try pulling that off… then it might be a legit claim.

But Meller… You’re a knob. A silly man, living in a sad (and somewhat pathetic) prison of your own making. You want the mythical women of the past, who doted on men, and didn’t have any personal desires save making the Lord and Master of the House (that sacred castle) happy.

Never was, and never will be. You, with the odd fantasies of how, in 60-180 years men will rise up and put those bitches who won’t make sandwiches and do the dishes and wash the floors and make the beds, and fuck like bunnies whenever told it’s time for sex, will just have to accept that.

And, so long as you keep spouting off about how you love women (but only those who are willing to be your compliant slaves; and happily), you are going to be reminded of what you said; and of what you keep saying (see above, where you repeat that you “don’t want it to happen, but that if women don’t, “come to their senses” and do what you tell them, well it’s game over).

Wow, DKM, that’s a new low. I write a very reasonable post about how powerless people use underhanded means to meet their needs, because that’s all they can do, and your response is “Are you on the rag?”

What are you, 12?

Anyway, as Pecunium alluded to upthread, I am most emphatically not menstruating because I’m 14 weeks pregnant, asshole. Not that it makes a difference or is any of your business.

Also, I’d love to know what your answer is to my question. Do you really want a partner who’ll lie to you, cheat you, deceive you, and manipulate you? Have you really thought this thing through?

Kristin: He doesn’t want a partner who will do those things.

He wants a partner who is happy being subordinate, and supplicative, and servile.

He wants a happy slave. Not superficially, but actually. Someone who has her entire sense of well-being dependent on his goodwill, and moods.

And if everyman can’t have that… kill the bitches.


Think ‘real-life Stepford Wives’, which he believes was the reality of the way women used to be, and not that these “real women” of the past actually acted upon those thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, aspirations, etc., that were separate from those of their husbands and would use guile and manipulation in an attempt to obtain their separate wants and needs. No, back when women truly LOVED men, they willfully and cheerfully denied and eradicated their own personhood, because how selfish and unloving would they be otherwise.

Yeah, I kind of figured telling DKM “people tend to do x in x situation” wouldn’t make sense to him, as he doesn’t really think women are people. I think I have greater respect for the autonomy and independence of my dogs than he does for female humans.

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