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I refuse to see dead people

We gave them the vote and they STILL won't shut up about it!

Apparently, all that time I spent studying history in college and grad school was a complete waste of time. Because once people die, nothing about their lives or the events that happened during their lives matters. At least according to merlin34 in Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit, who recently set forth this cogent argument as to  “Why feminists should SHUT THE $^%# UP about women’s suffrage in US/UK.

The 19th Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified in 1920, before that year’s election. At the time, the voting age was 21. Any woman who was denied the right to vote would have had to have been born before Election Day of 1898. Today, she would be 113+ years old. That means dead.

In the UK, it was in 1928 that women were granted equal voting rights to men, again at the age of 21 (although women over 30 were given the vote 10 years earlier). Any woman denied the right to vote based on sex in the UK would be over 105 years old now. There’s still probably some around, but not a lot, and not for much longer, and they weren’t denied the right to vote for long.

What does this have to do with anything? It means that feminists using the “women weren’t allowed to vote, wah” or “black men got the vote before women of any color” canards should SHUT UP, because the list of those actually denied the right to vote based on sex is rapidly diminishing. In another ten years, none will remain.

Naturally, the comments are also a delight. OThompson says:

You can also tell them that Suffragettes were often domestic terrorists.

AntiFeministMedia adds:

It isnt just feminists though is it, its any woman you get into an argument with.

If its not ‘women wernt allowed to vote’, its ‘rapists get off scott-free’. They ignore the context. When did universal sufferage for men go ahead in the UK? 1918?

Most women are ignorant of most of these issues, but they are happy to just parrot all this stuff because that makes them victims, and so they get privileges they arent really entitled to.

They dont care wether what they are saying is out of date, or that most men didnt recieve the vote untill very recently either, they only care that the female gravy train of victimhood keeps rolling on.

Is the Female Gravy Train of Victimhood anything like Soul Train? Because that would be awesome.

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10 years ago

Female Gravy Train of Victimhood…New T-shirt!

10 years ago

I liked Heat. I have to say that the escape from the bank is probably the best example of “fire and movement” in an urban setting I can think of.

There are some portions of FMJ, and Saving Private Ryan which are pretty good, but those are force on force, and with generally equal firepower (FMJ does a superb job of showing what good defense can cost an attacker). The dichotomy of force, and the ways in which concerted action will disrupt a group of individuals who happen to be armed and shooting at you is really well done.

And the lesson is hard to spot, if you don’t know what you are looking at. The Northridge Bank Robbery was a case of a couple of guys thinking what Heat shows is that “machine guns” beat pistols, IMO, and the things is, they don’t. What beats pistols is teamwork, training, and a plan.

But I digress (and I really ought to get a copy of the original Solaris, as well as one of “Rublyev”).

For an interesting, more modern (ca 1992) Russian Film I’d commend, “Adam’s Rib” which is about three generations of Russian women (related, child, mother, grandmother) dealing with modern Russia, and the problems of both it, and being female in it).

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