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MarkyMark, we hardly knew ye …

Farewell, MarkyMark, farewell!


Are you sitting down? Good. Because I have some shocking news for you all: Our favorite MGTOW-blogger-who-believes-stories-in-The-Onion-are-real, the esteemed MarkyMark is, after five years on the front lines, calling it a day. In a post with the ominous headline Time to Wind Down …, Mr. Mark explains:

There comes a point when one gets over his anger at women, misandry, and so on.  There comes a point where, at least for me, I simply acknowledge that women are what they are, and nothing will change that.  How many times can I poke holes in their hypocrisies, inconsistencies, and double standards?  After a while, it becomes old.

But fear not! MarkyMark has one final mission to complete before he rides off into the sunset: He’s got some book about women that he’s going to literally cut and paste into his blog, bit by bit, a process that he estimates “will take at least 6-12 months, perhaps more.”

In honor of his fine service to the men of the world, I will be going back through his archives in search of good stuff.  Feel free to join me in this holy endeavor, and post your results here.

He also mentions this:

There’s also an archive of my rantings and ravings online, so now’s the time to find it.

I guess we’d better, huh?

174 replies on “MarkyMark, we hardly knew ye …”

whoah. from the ‘womb turd’ search, i noticed that either he can’t think of a latina sounding name beside maria, or he was condemning her as a filthy whore a year before he started stalking her.

Yet, even with Maria’s baggage, she STILL found someone not only willing to bang her; not only willing to date her; but someone willing to MARRY her-ugghh! She was not deserving of a man, yet she got one. She’s probably married Vaughn by now; she’s probably gotten the house she wanted; she’s probably nagging Vaughn to death; she’s more than likely cut off the sex too. In the not too distant future, she’ll divorce Vaughn over another BS reason; she’ll get the house, alimony, CS, etc., while Vaughn gets the mortgage payment, and the privilege of living in poverty. However, I don’t feel sorry for him, as this was a train wreck that Ray Charles could have seen coming-duh! Maria has it all: divorce, a womb turd, a love of money, and a selfish entitlement princess complex. Though she’s Puerto Rican, she’s just like your typical, divorced, bitter, angry, toxic AW skank. Even with all that she has to ‘offer’ a man, there was a chump, Vaughn, enabling her nonsense-incredible!

Jesus fuck, shaenon, you actually went through all of that? All I did was skim the posts, said “Oh, this is bullshit.” and went through my day to preserve my sanity.

It’s pretty entertaining if you assume he’s a fictional character, like Ignatius J. Reilly. If I were writing a novel I could not make up stuff this amazing, especially when he starts going around the office collecting evidence that Maria is gay.

Sharculese, there are enough identical details that it’s almost certainly the same woman. I don’t know if that’s better or worse than MarkyMark venting his bilious spleen all over two women.

@pecunium- i’m talking about goons. and i’m almost certain y’all aren’t talking about goons. i got a forum account, but haven’t used it yet, so if you want to explain it there, that would be cool.


As a woman who has chosen not to procreate, I thought that perhaps I would have much in common with these people. Then I decided that I would rather invest most of my leisure time energy into sewing and making beer; rather than being pissed off at the parents of the world….

I’m CF, and yes, there are super-militant, frothy CF on the internet (seems to be mostly a phenomenon of people who are new to it who can’t believe there are others out there who don’t want kids by choice, and of course, there’s assholes in every bunch). But just as NAWALT, NACFALT.

I had NO IDEA such groups existed. That is weird. I’m a new mother, but am totally supportive of folks who aren’t into kids. Parenthood just not for everyone. And that’s completely cool. In fact, I think that if you’re not into having kids, not having them is just downright responsible. Plus, the world is overpopulated as it is.

But…is there really a need for a group?

Is there a need for mom groups?

A lot of people get a lot of pressure to have kids. The groups can be helpful in realizing that there’s others out there who also don’t want kids and that that’s OK.

But again, mom groups can be helpful. You could say there’s really no need for any groups. BTW, wasn’t being snarky in asking.

Wait, Marky got his funky bunch more bunched because the lady he was stalking who was not interested in him had a relationship? Also she was outside his desired parameters?

“I’m curious if MarkyMark has any friends outside of MRA…”

He says he’s starting exchanging emails with two young women in Russia …

Is there a need for mom groups?

Yes. Just as there is a need for woodworking group, and rock-climbing groups, and re-loading groups, and feminist groups,and cooking groups, and every other type of group.

Being a parent is not something one “just knows how to do”, and the popular belief that women, “instinctively” know how to mother is evil. Being able to reach out for support, information, etc., is important.

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