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Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest: A Rorschach test for misogynists

Looks like another evil lying bitch, doc.

Some highlights, by which I mean lowlights, of a recent discussion on The Spearhead of IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest on sexual assault charges. The Spearheaders, naturally, have some unique and interesting perspectives on the case:

Black women (like the accuser) are all a bunch of liars. Run away!

Reality May 18, 2011 at 11:04

I knew it was going to be a black woman- I suspected from the second I heard about this. Crystal Magnum anyone? Don’t want to make this a racial issue- but how can you avoid it? You take 5 ounces of Female/Feminist hate and deception, add 8 ounces of the stereotypical black thing of always sniffing around for a lawsuit, stir .. and you have more than enough reason to avoid black women even more vigorously than women in general.

The case is somehow all about how badly “beta” men are discriminated against by evil women:

Commander Shepard May 18, 2011 at 11:53

Typically false rape allegations are made when a woman realizes she’s slept with a beta but doesn’t want her rep taking a hit and wants to avoid feeling like crap (betas are icky) my gut tells me either this is a totally fabricated set up (politically motivated) or Strauss-Kahn is getting a lesson in how betas have to apologize everyday for their existence.

She’s accusing him because she’s got AIDS and therefore (?) wants to make a quick buck, ethics be damned:

Avenger May 18, 2011 at 18:55

Since she has AIDS she knows that an infection could take her out at any time and she has a teenage daughter. A person like this will certainly not think like a normal person and may very well do something for a lump sum of cash since she has nothing to lose and may have some resentment towards men and doesn’t care what happens to this one guy. She also may be thinking that if she dies at least her daughter will have the money. This is not someone I would trust. …

I predict that Strauss will be released on bail tomorrow. He’ll pay the female’s lawyer some money and then the whole thing will just fade away.

He’s probably innocent, but he’s a white-hating Commie Jew bastard, so ha ha:

goldenfetus May 18, 2011 at 09:57

Libertarian here. I doubt this guy is guilty. Seems unlikely, yet possible. But as observed, this guy is a White-hating elite Marxist Jew. So while I agree that political disagreement is not sufficient grounds for wishing false-rape accusation/conviction on him, I submit that his hostility toward my people coupled with his general evil is enough to justify the enjoyment of his suffering. We can’t forget that his politics are what makes this possible in the first place, or ignore the ‘reap what you sow’ component here.

As a white guy, I’d like to say that goldenfetus does not in fact speak for “my people.”

And before anyone steps in to complain that I’ve picked the “outliers” in the discussions, the fanatics whose opinions aren’t shared by the MRA masses, I will note that (as is generally the case with Spearhead comments I quote) all of the comments here have gotten numerous upvotes from Spearhead readers, and only a handful of downvotes, if any. In other words, they represent something close to the Spearhead conventional wisdom. (And by “wisdom” here I mean “offensive idiocy.”)

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Johnny Pez
11 years ago

Thanks Ami. She’s a sweetie.

She’s sitting on my lap right now, making it hard to type.

Brett K
11 years ago

Thanks Ami 🙂 I’m doing ok these days (half a decade later), but victim-blaming and rape apology still piss me off to no end.

And Johnny Pez, your dog is indeed adorable. What breed (or mix) is she, if you don’t mind my asking?

Johnny Pez
11 years ago

She’s a basenji.

11 years ago

Johnny Pez, I knew you were one of those BRAT people. The finest bloggers/basenji owners are. Good for you. That was a beautiful story about your dog friends.

11 years ago

Johnny Pez: Is he capable? Certainly. Is he willing? No. Look at the style of writing, there is no thought in it. It’s a stream of semi-coherent ideas. In itself that’s not a problem. I do a lot of my blog comments that way (it’s how I lose the closing paren, and sometimes drop a phrase. I need to work on that more).

But when you look at the body of his work, in a thread, or across them, the ideas in the stream don’t change. They also use stock phrases.

That means he’s not thinking critically, but more religiously. It’s not about the facts, but about the beliefs. He believes he is being oppressed. He believes the system is rigged to favor women. He believes it’s unfair to men.

And he holds it firmly, too firmly.

I believe the system favors men. I think there are ways my life is a lot easier for being white, and male. I am not married to the idea that all things favor men. I am neither married to the idea that life is a zero-sum game, and any benefit to men (or women) comes at the expense of the other.

So I can judge the facts a bit better than he can, because I still have questions, and all he has is answers.

Captain Bathrobe
11 years ago

That means he’s not thinking critically, but more religiously. It’s not about the facts, but about the beliefs. He believes he is being oppressed. He believes the system is rigged to favor women. He believes it’s unfair to men.

I’m inclined to agree with your assessment. Look at the way he trots out his litany of scapegoats: Title IX, VAWA, primary aggressor laws, etc. It doesn’t matter how many times we point out that None of These Things Mean What He Thinks They Mean. It’s as if he’s reciting Bible verses. I’ve had the same experience debating religious fundamentalists. Logic and facts are as nothing to their Articles of Faith. I’d be willing to bet that he listens to a lot of right-wing talk radio as well.

Johnny Pez
11 years ago

Cap’n B, you make a lot of sense. Slavey does sound like a religious fanatic. In fact, he may well be one; some of those Black Helicopter types are.

Bee, thanks. And now that the sun is out for the first time in ages, I think it’s time to go walk some dogs. Be back later.

11 years ago

Pecunium, thanks for the above article. I’d wondered for a while what the percentages were for heterosexual males raping homosexual males, and that confirmed my thoughts. Heterosexual males have more power than homosexual males and sexual assault is an exertion of power. So it makes sense that homosexual males would suffer more rapes than heterosexual males, and that there would be more heterosexual male rapists than homosexual ones.

10 years ago

Oh NWO: Again with the lack of understanding.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of innocense[sic]

This woman has already levied a false rape allegation,

Objection: Assumes facts not in evidence.

What seems to be true is she has problems of credibility. Given the way people like you react (she isn’t a paragon of virture, therefore she lied about the rape) that increases the difficulty in getting a jury which isn’t going to be prejudiced against the prosecution case (which is hard enough in a rape case, as it is).

Since the prosecution has to decide the value for dollar, and the DA has to be re-elected, the odds of an acquittal in a high-profile case (where the accused has great wodges of money) and the aftemath thereof (think the Duke case, or the OJ case), and the facts don’t matter as much. The publicity does. Since you are an apologist for rape (because you won’t entertain the idea of it. If someone didn’t point a gun, or pull a knife, and leave her battered and bruised then you say it’s all “buyer’s remorse”) you, of course are going to say it was all made up.

But the truth… we’ll probably never know, because the facts will never be aired and DSK and the rape apologists will get the airplay, and she will be accused (with no presumption of innocence) of lying, and fabricating and being out to get him.

But go ahead, keep bearing that false witness (because you don’t know, even though you pretend to). That’s the Christian thing to do.

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