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>The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys


I’m walkin’ here!

Pierce Harlan of the False Rape Society has broken past the limits of mere logic, arguing that the fact that a small number of guys at a couple of events have put on women’s clothing to raise money for women’s causes means that rape culture doesn’t exist. That seems to be the main message of a post of his today with the baffling title “Boys in bras, boys in heels, boys in pink — all to raise money for women’s causes: Is this the ‘rape culture’ we hear so much about?”

Harlan, posting as “Archivist,” complains about several recent campus events, in which college guys have literally put on heels (to raise money and awareness about sexual assault) and bras (to raise money for breast cancer research). Harlan isn’t thrilled about the causes themselves: he has sneeringly derided sexual assault awareness as “a supposedly good cause” and, while acknowledging that breast cancer research is theoretically a good thing, he’s evidently tired of hearing about it.

But he seems even more hot and bothered about the cross-dressing by guys he calls “chivalrous clowns,” describing the bra-wearing as “creepy” and deriding the guys “prancing around in high heels.” Apparently, as Harlan sees it, these fellows are just doing it to impress the chicks:

young men will do pretty much anything to help, to curry favor with, and to be admired by young women.

It is heinous to suggest that attitudes of sexual aggression and dominance over women are normalized, rationalized, and excused by the alleged beneficiaries of “patriarchy” in our culture. In point of fact, the foolish young buffoons in heels and bras are far more representative of young masculinity in our culture than is the young rapist. 

There’s not a lot of logic in this, er, argument, but in an earlier posting Harlan elaborates on the distaste he feels towards the “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event, which was held at the University of Montana (clearly a hotbed of radical feminism). 

It would be downright shocking if this or similar events ever prevented a single sexual assault from occurring because: (1) prancing around in high heels and similar useless stunts has nothing to do with preventing sexual assault; and (2) the vast majority of young men who strutted their stuff and who participate in such events are highly unlikely to ever rape a woman.  …

If we want to curb sexual assault, we need to teach our young people the truth, but the truth doesn’t jibe with the current rape meta-narrative that holds only one gender responsible for stopping it. …

Young people generally do not understand that women experience much greater after-the-fact regret than men do. Sometimes feelings of regret are translated into feelings of “being used,” and sometimes feelings of “being used” are misinterpreted or purposefully misconstrued as “rape.”

Asking the police, a judge, or a jury to sort out what happened in an alcohol-fueled tryst based on a “he said/she said” account puts an impossible burden on our law enforcement and judicial apparatuses. …

There is no “rape culture”; there is no “rape continuum.”  Rape is committed by social deviants, not the nice boy next door. It is almost a certainty that none of the charming young buffoons who strutted around in women’s heels yesterday will ever rape a woman. …

The sad, politically incorrect fact of the matter is that young women have far more power to stop rape than innocent young men by not putting themselves in situations where rape is more likely to occur. 

There’s a lot of bullshit condensed into these short paragraphs. There’s victim-blaming, of course: do we regularly attack murder victims for “putting themselves in situations where murder is likely to occur?” There’s his weird complaint that actually investigating and prosecuting date rape puts an “impossible burden” on police and the judicial system: should we simply stop enforcing laws against all crimes that are hard to investigate or prosecute? And there’s his unwillingness to accept the simple fact that rapists all too often do look exactly like the “nice boy next door.” As for his complaint that these events target the wrong people, see here for an argument as to why it makes sense to raise awareness specifically amongst those men who are NOT likely to rape women. 

In the past a few MRAs have asked me why I put the False Rape Society blog in my “boob roll” — and formerly in my “enemies list.” This is why. Spreading blatant misinformation and blaming victims: these are not exactly good ways to actually reduce the number of men falsely accused of rape.

And here’s another thought for the MRAs reading this, Harlan included: if you are truly as concerned about testicular or prostate cancer — or any other male malady — as you so often and so loudly claim to be, take a few moments away from your constant complaining about feminism and/or women, and actually hold a fund raiser yourselves. In a comment on his latest post, Harlan writes: “My problem is this: how about an event to raise funds for male suicide, etc. once in a while?” You know how events like these happen? PEOPLE ORGANIZE THEM. There is nothing stopping MRAs from organizing such an event on their own. How about it, guys? 

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11 years ago

>I don't have an abortion position other than that in whatever window women are allowed to abort, men should be allowed to abort their paternity.Safe haven laws may be written gender neutral, but if the father took the baby from the hospital against the mother's will and dropped it off at one to avoid paternal responsibility he would face criminal charges.The fact remains that women, and only women, have a set of legal options available so that an unwanted pregnancy never has to result in unwanted parental responsibility, even if you rule out abortion entirely. As I warned you before, any attempt to argue around this obvious fact is going to stink of misandry.

11 years ago

>@Cold "if the father took the baby from the hospital against the mother's will and dropped it off at one to avoid paternal responsibility he would face criminal charges." If he is being charged, it would be with kidnapping for taking the child when he was not permitted to do so. Women are not exempt from kidnapping charges either simply because they use safe haven laws either. He can never be charged for abandonment for doing this if he follows the safe haven laws that would also exempt a woman from abandonment charges.

11 years ago

>P.S. Cold, this is what I was referring to as your abortion position " in whatever window women are allowed to abort, men should be allowed to abort their paternity." And you still have not justified it, you have merely changed the subject to discussions about after birth rights.

11 years ago

>The justification comes in the form of a basic appeal to the concept of legal equality. If you want to hold the position that only women should have the legal options to never become responsible for a child as a result of an unwanted pregnancy unless they explicitly choose to take it, then you can do so but that makes you a female supremacist by definition. Perhaps you are ok with that label.

11 years ago

>Name calling does not an argument make cold. Demonstrate "legal inequality" exists here, please. Shit, at least try to make an argument to that effect.

11 years ago

>As I said, if you take the position I described then you are, by definition, a female supremacist. That's not name-calling; it's a statement of fact.If you can't see the legal inequality after having it explained over and over again as I have done then you're never going to see it, either because you can't bring yourself to admit that it exists or because you lack the logical processing capabilities to understand it. Again, that's not name calling, just stating the facts.

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