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>”Women are …” Part One


What a fucking douchebag.

Here are some of the things I have, er, “learned” about women from reading Men’s Rights/Men Going Their Own Way blogs and message boards.

This is part one in what will be, I suspect, a very lengthy series.

Women are: The missing link

All in all I am thoroughly convinced that women have all contempt for human life and are the missing link between apes and humans. This is a gender war, a GENDER WAR! and small innocent babies that are murdered and children that get abused are caught in the crossfires, and these females are utterly fucking useless and a waste of fucking breathing space. They have shown their true colors and we don’t need them anymore.

Women are: Nuclear waste

I have come to the conclusion that it’s not enough to avoid romantic relations with women. A man should take extra precautions to avoid even the most casual contact. Regard them as nuclear waste or a highly contagious disease. 

Women are: In violation of the Geneva Convention

Women have no idea what they want, they need to be told and controlled. If you are too nice or become apathetic, you are fucking doomed. Either way, if you get married, you are doomed. Women are cunts, and they are absolute masters of mental torture and abuse. If we simply hired bitches to interrogate and torture all captured terrorists, the war on terror would be over in less than a year.

Women are: Unlovable humans

Men are lovable humans, unlike women. Men are the greatest ever treasure of gold, whom women worthless could never compare to or ever hold a candle to. … the male sex is ever superior to the weaker female one. Men in India are mistreated vis-à-vis females, to get the bitches feel dignified. This is against nature. … Men are taken advantage of by bitches (the woman race). … Woe betide women. I hate them too much, girls too.

NOTE: These comments do not reflect the opinions of all MRAs. But these sorts of things are posted constantly on MRA/MGTOW blogs and message boards, and are rarely challenged. Some, like the first comment here, may even receive multiple upvotes from other readers,

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11 years ago

>I love how the person who posted the bit about women being the missing link knows absolutely nothing about biology. Women can't be the "missing link" you see… Because humans didn't evolve from apes. They have a common ancestor, but we didn't come from chimps. There are two lines of evolution, one for humans, one for apes, they are not one and the same.Also, it's obvious humans are of the same species as men because men and women can produce viable, fertile offspring. If women were "the missing link" we wouldn't be of the same species and won't be able to have babies that could later reproduce.Also, sure. I'll totally give you the "we don't need women anymore bit." Lets say that's true. Okay. Poof. No more women. Now lets see how long the huMAN population survives…Yeah. Biology. It's a wonderful thing.I just want to make one thing clear. I'm a feminist and I'm not here to hold anyone down. -Lexie Di

10 years ago

I certainly understand the male frustration with trying to communicate with people whose point of view can be very, very
different from your own. The game is flawed, but you seem to do better
when you do not return the sarcasm and “hate” that you get from women
and do not “hate” back. There is nothing you can say that will sound
right if you ever get in that position. You try to be yourself and not try to trick or fool anyone and I think that is a good life to lead,
even if there are no women involved.

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