>How to find women disgusting: A Do-It-Yourself guide.


He was cured, all right.

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are endlessly fascinating. For men who want to have nothing to do with women, they sure spend an awful lot of time thinking about women, talking about women, obsessing about women.

And oftentimes, it seems, the women they obsess about the most are naked women. Which brings us to one of the central conundrums of the MGTOW “movement,” or “community,” or whatever it is: How does one square one’s desire to have nothing to do with women with one’s desire to put one’s penis in them?

Not surprisingly, this is a topic that sometimes pops up, as it were, on MGTOW forums. Recently I ran across one such discussion archived on Don’t Marry.  A late-twenties guy calling himself grasser asked the assembled MGTOWers how he might go about reducing his sexual desire for those sneaky, sexy, evil women:

Here’s the problem: I despise American women, but some of them look hot anyway. I pretty much stay the hell away from them as much as possible. Still, I’m a guy with normal drives and impulses, and sometimes I just gotta have it. It’s very annoying, and distracts me from other important work. I don’t like to watch porn either. Fuckin waste of time. I’ve been going to the gym everyday to lift weights, do cardio, I eat 3 square meals a day. How do you reduce desire for the female sex – besides going gay, of course.

No one suggested he look into that last option — MRAs and MGTOWs tend to be pretty thoroughly heterosexual. But they did have a number of specific ideas. One jokingly suggested that marriage would kill his sex drive pronto; another suggested that just talking to a woman for any length of time would do it: “After half an hour of her heroic autobiography, poor wally will be as limp as overcooked pasta.” Another suggested he let time take its toll, as the sex drive declines with age. And of course there was the age-old standby, furious masturbation. And if you couldn’t stand celibacy any longer: hookers.

Many of the suggestions were a little more, well, original:

I was told that eating Tofu will help cut down your sex drive. Buddhist monks in Japan are known to eat Tofu to “cool” their desire.

Train in kung fu, chi kung, yoga to control emotions and libido.

And for those with less interest in Eastern ways:

If you are white make latent racism your ally. (Not a moral solution but a practical one.) When you see a hottie imagine how many black dudes she sucked off. Try to picture them frosting her face.

But the most popular suggestion had a touch of Clockwork Orange about it: Using a sort of MGTOW version of the Ludovico Technique, train yourself to think of women and their sexy sex organs as repulsive. As one put it:

Remember that they stink. The “natural feminine scent” that they have nowadays is every bit as sexy as a skunk.

Another chimed in:

These words have gotten me through it:

“It’s just a stinky hole.”

Another quoted from a strange “Pep Talk For Brilliant Sex Restrainers” on the website

Realize her body is full of the various cruds that makes up the human body (this is a favorite of the Asian sages). Excrement is sitting in her, all sorts of fatty deposits, weird impurities and drugs, gristle and bone, etc. She has bacteria in her mouth, and when she wakes up it stinks. Even if she seems pretty, there is even more putrid bacteria in her lower orifices. She farts and defecates just like any animal. Try to visualize her skeleton beneath the skin, muscle, fat and fascia. See, she’s not really a turn-on after all.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m off to wash my brain with mind-bleach.

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>Regarding that lottery case, I'm not seeing where he was ordered by a court to pay her anything. It appears he chose not to fight her in court and decided himself to pay her. The ex-wife very well could have lost that case if he'd followed through in court. An ex-wife in the U.S. just lost an attempt to get additional money from celebrity Michael Douglas when he made big profits from the Wall Sreet sequel.

>@ Christine You are right, the entire text was changed by Dailymail during the last 12 hours or so.Only the headline is the same as before, it says:£56m lottery winner ordered to pay £2m to ex-wife even though she left him for another man… TEN YEARS agoFirst lottery winner successfully sued by an ex-partnerMr Page is thought to be the first lottery-winning husband in the UK to be successfully sued for a slice of his winnings.These sentences are new:A relative yesterday confirmed that the couple failed to include a legally-binding ‘clean break’ clause at the time of their divorce.The out-of-court settlement is understood to include a gagging order preventing either party from talking about it.It is ridiculous, that (in some feminist countries only) you can show up as an ex-wife decades after divorce demanding money, claiming he has more money now than I do…

>They (well, the insane ones) wandered over from some Men's Rights/MGTOW blogs/forums, and they just won't stop posting. I don't delete them because, you know, free speech, and also they sort of conveniently illustrate some of the points I'm trying to make about the Men's Rightsers.

>LOL, David left out the important detail that he went out of his way to troll sites like The Spearhead and leave links to his blog because he WANTED attention from MRAs.

>Yes, when I started this blog I left a handful of comments at MRA sites. Cold here, however, arrived as part of a "cluebatting team" rounded up on an MGTOW site, including some people who did nothing but post nonsensical spam just to pester me. I didn't have anything to do with that.

>Cold said… LOL, David left out the important detail that he went out of his way to troll sites like The Spearhead and leave links to his blog because he WANTED attention from MRAs. David is also trolling frequently the Niceguy-forum with a fake-ID. There would be no problem for him to introduce himself and to write polite feminist-minded comments to the sector of 'opposing views'. The Niceguy-Forum is robust and not into editing and banning.He prefers however to search for some angry MRAs reading their complaints in the RANT sector, copy/paste them in his own blog after taking them out of context and mixing them up with his own words…After doing this he feels insulted for being called a 'disgusting mangina' by one of our members…

>If by "trolling" the spearhead, you mean leaving a small number of polite comments, yes, I trolled it. Maybe 3 comments, maybe 5? Something in that general vicinity. (How many dozens — hundreds? — of comments have you posted here?) If by "trolling" the niceguy forum you mean reading it, I guess I trolled that too. I've never even looked in the "rant" section there, but I guess I should. Unless I've forgotten something, I posted one obnoxious comment from that site on my blog which, trust me, wasn't any better in context than out of context, and no, it wasn't from the "rants" section; I encourage anyone who wants to register there and look at the comment to do so. (See my post "The Stepford Solution.") And, no, I didn't "mix it up with my own words." I posted a screen capture.So in other words, you're pretty much full of shit again. Either you're lying deliberately, or you don't care enough about the truth to bother to check anything before writing it, or you're delusional. In the future, I;m simply going to delete comments like this rather than check your facts for you.

>What really shocks me about everything argued by MRAs or whatever other names they're giving themselves now is that they specifically direct their hate toward Ameriskanks, Americunts, and American women…but then can't figure out why American women leave them.Any man/woman who "hates" the opposite gender in their own country really does need to expatriate, date foreign women, actually "go ghost", or go gay.I don't understand the bizarre parallel between "hating these bitches" and being angry that those bitches don't want to sex them. It's troubling that these men STAY. Let me speak for all American women and say that we COMPLETELY agree that you need to NOT date (or try to date/sleep with) women here. Or reproduce. Ever.You would think they'd realize that if OTHER American men have no problem with American women….that the problem is with them personally. I guess that would be a bit too introspective.Lol…can't imagine why the American ladies would want to shun these guys and not date them! After all…what woman DOESN'T want to be with a man full of seething hatred and psychopathic obsession at the same time!!

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