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>Suffragette Set


As depressing as the election results were, at least to those of us in the Daily Show demographic, just think how much worse they would have been if women didn’t have the right to vote! You know, like these dudes, and this gal, and this dude wish were still the case.

So celebrate that tiny little silver lining by taking a look at these horrifyingly amusing anti-suffrage cartoons, and just remember, the assholes drawing them lost.

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>The suffragettes were campaigning to get the vote for women ahead of men, had they have gotten their way, all women would have had the vote while most men had no voting rights.When asked about the correctness of female privilage on the titanic in the light of campaignes for female equality Sylvia Pankhurst"Women First" Is the Universal Rule and This Is No Exception".The attitude in modern feminism isnt much different with the drive for mandatory "women first" in education, law, health, victim services, funding etc.

>@Eoghan:Spot on. Funny thing is – today, all that is in the name of "equality"…P.S. All of those pictures are very hate-filled – and inaccurate too.You need to wake up Dave.

>Many of the cartoons reflect the same attitudes circulating today: independent women emasculate men; feminists are ugly; a woman's proper place is in the home and the world will end if she moves out of her sphere. It's encouraging that opposition to women's suffrage is now far out in the fringe; I hope in my lifetime I will see some of these other attitudes relegated to their proper place in the fringe.(Also note that the cartoons portray the idea men doing childcare is ridiculous. Today, that idea is considered misandrist, as obviously men have just as much capability to perform childcare as women.)

>AydanThe ruling class has decided that we are all wage slaves now since we have the technology to do it comfortably, outside of some catastrophic event that destroys our modern system or women revolting against the regime as the women did in the Kibbutz experiment did, full participation in wage slavery is the way its going to be.Whatever attitudes that are out there about "a womans place" are a minority who would never convince the ruling class to maneuver us away from the dual income family economy.Truth be said, there is more anti male sexism in society than there is anti female today and attitudes can be found among feminists that are far more extreme and hateful than a belief in traditionalism, another truth is this, most chose the traditional lifestyle for themselves after 5 – 15 years in the work place. Thats why jobs that take 20 years + of uninterrupted work to get to are male dominated.

>Some of this is actually dead on.The one about men being the missing link and disgracing the animal kindgom, well now doesn't that seem familiar. Was it Maureen Dowd who posited that men were not necessary? How many feminists, with the upswing in women getting college degrees, now claim that women are superior? That women have "special" way of knowing and other such piffle? Also the one about the danger to men's employment. Didn't the feminsts go to Obama and make him grovel to them and ensure that the majority of the surplus money for jobs go to women even in the midst of the mancession? Yes, they did!And the one with the *ahem* "firewomen." The only reason 9 out of 10 of them have jobs is because the feminist horde agitated for lower standards. Seems like some saw the problem of the man hating feminists (sorry for the reduncancy) cabal even back then. Random Brother

>Like I said – very hate-filled cartoons.And people try to tell me that feminism isn't about male-hatred at all…Yeah – pee on my leg, and tell me it's raining while you're at it.@bishopsinister, Eoghan – excellent points bros!

>Hateful towards men. Not women.The word "suffragette" is not in my vocabulary. I did not use that word. I don't use words that are too big for me.I am silly like that.

>I wouldnt class them as hateful David.One of them says "it will double the irresponsible vote" so who ever designed them, (they all look like they have the same source) felt that universal suffrage for men, which was won a few years before that of women was a bad idea too.

>examples of hate"God hates fags""MAN: … an obsolete life form… an ordinary creature who needs to be watched … a contradictory baby-man …""TESTOSTERONE POISONING: … 'Until now it has been though that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from 'testosterone poisoning.'" from A Feminist Dictionary", ed. Kramarae and Treichler, Pandora Press, 1985 "A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hate, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society. Common examples include: white supremacy organizations like the Ku Klux Klan; neo-Nazi organizations like Aryan Nations, skinhead organizations, organizations promoting ethnic conflicts, even ethnic cleansing, and other similar groups. Many hate organizations are also influenced by religious belief.[1]"

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