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>Discussion of the day: The Feminist Chair-drag of Doom


Here’s an enlightening little discussion going on currently on the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) forum. Under the misleadingly jaunty title “Funny Feminist antics at work” Junior MGTOW Member lovekraft describes a horrific new feminist abomination against men: chair dragging! CHAIR DRAGGING!!

Here I am at work, concentrating, when suddenly we hear the loud scraping noise of metal chair legs being dragged across the workfloor. For about a minute this goes on.

The dragger is an old Feminist who likely wouldn’t have thought how irritating this noise was and how easy it would be to just ask a man to carry it for her.

But being the feminist, this thought never crossed her mind and instead everyone had to be irritated.

spidey weighs in with this observation:

That’s what seperates men from women. We can show consideration for others and we like to do things efficiently

dontmarry, a keen student of human nature, offers some possible explanations for her behavior:

Over here where I work, office chairs can be easily carried by the weakest human being. The bigger ones have wheels beneath, so you push them over a carpeted floor.

Unless it was some kind of exceptionally heavy and unusual chair, all I can say is that she’s a cunt deliberately trying to annoy everyone else in the office. That time of the month? Her man didn’t call? Someone she desired didn’t add her on Facebook?

But it is garvan — his name perhaps a misspelled tribute to the legendary Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute? — who offers the most carefully reasoned explanation for the chair-drag:

She knew exactly how annoying it was, and did it for the attention.

When a woman’s looks no longer get attention, she’ll annoy the fuck out of everyone to get it.

Don’t believe me? … Look to the Wal-Mart whales that make a public display of their lack of child rearing skills by having their child cry as they yell and belittle their kid in front of every other customer to see. Look to every “strong” feminist woman who’s every action is to annoy the “patriarchy” by growing underarm hair, and yelling about how oppression is everywhere.

An old lonely woman with only cats as friends will scrape that chair across that floor because of her attention starved natured, and when everyone looks up with a grimace due to her actions, inside a little part of her will be validated. She feels like she almost exists in this world once more.

Let the lonely cunts suffer in their own prison. Had they went through the efforts of learning how to be a decent person when they were younger, they’d actually have friends and people who’d want to spend time with them. Instead they had to be a worthless annoying cunt.

The reality is this: No one wants to be friends with a bitter person who blames their problems on others ...

Hold that thought, dude. That last bit might be truer than you realize.

Somehow I’m thinking the women of the world aren’t missing much as a result of these particular men “going their own way.”

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11 years ago

>So, on the feminist side we have:"The majority of rapes are committed by men. Most rapists are 'normal' men who are well-adjusted by gender norms; most women are raped by men who they'd trusted enough to be their friend or lover. Therefore, all men are potential rapists: you simply can't know whether a given man would rape you until he rapes you."And on the MRA side we have:"This old, ugly bitch dragged a chair across the floor for 60 seconds and irritated me. She must have been doing it on purpose! All feminists are man-hating bitches because she couldn't read my mind!!!"Seriously, "about a minute"? Get a fucking thicker skin, you, you… pansy. I've had men talk loudly on the bus about what bitches their wives/girlfriends were for upwards of 15 minutes, even when I had my CD player turned up to full volume. Not a single one of them thought about how it might make other people feel uncomfortable, or unsafe. But, you know, because I expect them to talk about that kind of thing in a private place – or at least quietly, since I'm generally not interested in your conversations no matter what – I must just be a man-hating whore.I've also had guys act worse if I ask them to please stop, it's annoying. It's why I didn't ask the guys on the bus to stop: you learn real fucking quick that guys just don't fucking respect you, and they will go out of their way to screw with you. I've had women do this to me all of twice.But of course, it's not that you're all crazy, thin-skinned, delusional little cockles: it must be my fault. Because I disagree with you. Funny how I'm expected to assume the best of you while you assume the worst of everyone who doesn't immediately bend over and spread, and then get offended if someone calls you on it.FYI, I don't pick chairs up unless I absolutely have to. Unless you bring them to shoulder height, they are awkward to manage, and even then, they are more likely to hit someone.It's hilarious that MRAs keep saying that everyone else thinks that "feminism = good, men = bad" when it's actually them thinking "men = good, women = bad, dissenter = bitchslutwhore"

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