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>Bangkok Girl: Looking Behind the Fantasy of the Nubile, Pliable Non-Western Woman



It’s a commonplace fantasy amongst a certain kind of American man: to abandon a world filled with “picky,” “demanding,” “angry” women, infected with feminism and a sense of entitlement, to find paradise in the arms of a nubile, pliable, and above all grateful woman from an exotic place like Thailand, the Philippines, or Eastern Europe.

Not surprisingly, many Men’s Rights websites and forums are filled with angry rants about American (or more broadly, Western) women. “Western men have now had plenty of evidence over recent years of what western wimmin have become as a result of feminist  indoctrination and media propaganda,” writes Ledburian, a regular on the message boards. “I reckon it would be a good idea for all western wimmin to be forced to carry tattoos on their foreheads warning all men that they can be a serious threat to male wealth and well being.”

Meanwhile, the “fun bachelor” behind, a site whose URL conveniently encapsulates its message, assures his anxious readers that paradise is within reach of any Western man with a passport: “Date Foreign Women Only, and be treated like a king.”

The reality, of course, is far more sordid and depressing than the fantasy: The reason that some Eastern women are more agreeable to Western men has less to do with culture than it does with economics. Women in the west have more options, and so are less willing to put up with crap from Western men; women in countries where many if not most people are living in abject poverty may decide that putting up with disagreeable Western men is slightly less of a bad bargain than working a poverty-wage job and living in a shithole.

Recently, I watched a sad, powerful short documentary called Bangkok Girl (also known as Falang: Behind Bangkok’s Smile), a portrait of a bar girl in a city overrun with sex tourists from all over the developed world. The whole thing is worth watching — it’s available for instant watching on Netflix and on YouTube — but one scene stood out in particular for me: a street inverview with a drunken British expat who puts his arms around Pla, the girl at the center of the documentary, and declares to the camera that she’s his “girlfriend.” (She’s not.)

It’s immediately and abundantly clear that she wants nothing to do with the creepy lout — but he’s a regular at the bar and she’ll lose her job if she rebuffs him.  He’s either completely oblivious to her obvious discomfort, or he simply doesn’t give a shit. This is what “paradise” really looks like, to anyone really paying attention. Watch the scene here.

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Oh man… I missed this post it’s right up my alley, but oh well… God Nick is here being a moron. And foreignwomenonly is cluless. And people wonder why we reduce the feminism slogan to “women are people”…

“They also don’t like drunks groping them”

Most people don’t, in every part of the world.

Seeing that American ‘sex tourist’ aka ‘rapist for money’ getting his comeuppance was satisfying…

The drunken “feminazi victim” probably thought that since she was chubby that her “long time fee” was going to be a bargain.

RE: Miaminice

You really, REALLY have no conception of scale between one individual being beat up and Nazi genocide. Fuck off and read a history book.

And funny, most people dislike getting groped by drunks.

LOLLLL @ the video.


I think Miaminice was being sarcastic, which is why they used scare quotes around feminazi victim and long time fee. They also said “They also don’t like drunks groping them” when posting the video, so I don’t think their sympathies lie with the groper. If, however, i’m wrong, I prostrate myself at your feet and ask that you forgive this humble sinner.

I also was left at first with the impression that this was an MRA, because of the throw-away “it’s an Asian thing” comment. I was confused because of comments Miaminice made elsewhere which made me doubt that this was said in earnest rather than sarcastically.

Women are people too. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about that. They have a right to exist and live however they choose, yet too often their circumstances of birth or economic status make those choices for them. They have to do what they can to survive, but never get to really LIVE. That should make you lot very sad indeed. Would you rather be with a person who is truly free and happy to be with you, or someone who feigns submission because she has no other option? If you prefer the latter, there’s something wrong with you. Just like men are human with needs and ambition and thoughts and feelings, every woman on the planet is also. Try imagining women as you would a male colleague– as a fellow human worthy of respect. Just do that experiment for awhile and I guarantee you’ll be more successful .

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