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Alt-Righters respond to debate with rape jokes, conspiracy theories, intimations of violence


In the real world that you and I live in, the general consensus is that Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate. In the world inhabited by the alt-right and its fellow travelers, Trump crushed the evil Hillary even though she had help from a secret video screen hidden in plain sight on her lectern, possibly installed by George Soros himself.

Here, highlights from the Twitter feeds of some of the better-known alt-right Trump fans (and their fellow travelers).

First, some dispatches from alternate universes:

Some Red Pillers hailed Trump for allegedly being a psychopath:

There were, of course, an assortment of conspiracy theories:

Couldn’t possibly be light reflecting off of the polished wood of the lectern. Must be Hillary using her SECRET DEBATE LIFELINE.

Some tried to gin up new fake controversies, like Hillary’s allegedly TREASONOUS revelation that America’s nuclear response time is … very short!

TREASON! It’s not as if this was already widely known or anything oh wait never mind.

The lovely Matt Forney weighed in:

Dude, in that pic Trump’s teeth are exactly the same shade of brown. Because the picture is dark and the colors are off. In most pics, her teeth look fine (as do Trump’s).

Er, what? Metamucil is a fiber supplement. What relation it has to napping I have no idea.

Also, she doesn’t look tired. Just tired of Trump’s bullshit.

But of course. How could Matt possibly discuss the debate without making at least one rape joke.

Some alt-right Trump superfans were thinking beyond the election itself:

Er, land?

And finally, a thought from the biggest idiot of the bunch:

The debate was RIGGED, I tells ya. Rigged!

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Ah the Four Minute Warning. A secret so precious that it’s only been a staple of popular culture since the invention of nuclear missiles (there’s even a Radiohead song for goodness sake)

Mind you, without being tipped off it would have been very hard for Hilary to have predicted there would be questions about the economy, foreign policy and immigration. Who’d a seen those coming?

I laugh and cough in their general direction. I thought my asthma was gone, why did it decide to come back right after my cold?

I stared for the longest time at the picture of the teenagers on the bench trying to figure out why it was in there. When I figured it out, I was made sad.

This just reminds me of that one part during the debate where Hillary brought up how, when The Apprentice didn’t get an Emmy three years in a row, Trump made the whole “this is rigged” claim. (Translation: “Any time I don’t win [prize], it’s because [name of contest] is rigged.”) He refuses to see the obvious here: he lost the debate, because Hillary did her homework and knew what she was talking about–and he didn’t.
I’m not at all surprised that his supporters have the same attitude as he does. Why blame the candidate who didn’t prepare effectively enough, when it’s so much more convenient to blame everything and everyone else?

rogue angel, he’s so easy to needle! He could easily have turned her crack about The Apprentice around: “with respect, we’re here to talk about more important matters than a TV show. This is reality, not reality TV”. But he can’t help himself. She holds up the hoop, and he jumps right through it, like a performing dog.

Yeah, the “revolution”. Something tells me that revolt is less likely to end with political change in their favor than when the leaders forget to unload and safety their guns when inspecting the business end.


Ya know you ain’t shit when kids sitting in a park scares and enrages you



Or people peacefully praying.

But don’t you see? Those are white kids in a mosque, clearly a sign of an impending Caliphate!

@Arctic Ape
4 minutes is the time it would take the U.S. to instigate all out nuclear war. Why this is considered positive news is frankly beyond me.

@ Arctic Ape

What exactly is supposed to happen in 4 minutes?

The four minute warning is the time that the US would have from detecting an incoming nuclear strike to the missiles actually landing on target.

It’s quite an arbitrary number.

Theoretically the early warning system at Fylingdales in the UK could give as much as 17 minutes warning if the missiles were launched from Russian territory. However Russia has the capacity for submarine launched ICBMs* and these submarines would get as close to their targets as possible. Hypothetically you’d have almost no warning if they sneaked one up the Potomac, but in practice the closest they could get without detection allows for the 4 minutes (there’s also a protocol that neither side will bring their missile submarines closer than 100 miles to each other’s mainland)

Of course the US has what is known as ‘second strike’ capability so can respond even after being hit.

* To be pedantic, if you launch from the target’s continental shelf they’re SRBMs.

I don’t even think the divide in the US is left versus right anymore.

It’s reality-based versus conspiracy-based thinking that defines our debates. I have a coworker who’s super environmentally conscious and left leaning on everything who’s a #neverhillary type and genuinely believes the James O’Keefe videos as substantive.

And that the allegations of corruption because of the Clinton foundation are warranted.

@Alan Robertshaw

Strange. I was scanning Wikipedia the other day, and happened to stumble upon a page on the concept of the four-minute warning….but the article seemed to almost exclusively focus on its usage in reference to and in your country. Silly coincidences.

In other news, I just got a good pair of leather loafers at a thrift shop.

Something’s been bothering me since watching the final debate last night. Anyone have any theories on why Trump squints constantly? His continuous resting face is a frown and a squint. I don’t get it. Think he needs glasses and is too vain to wear them?

unlikely but possible. I wear glasses and my resting face is still squinty like that too. I think it’s just a natural resting face for him.

Rogue Angel,

It must really chap his hide that Rupaul- a black, gay, Hillary supporting drag queen- got an Emmy in that same category Donald kept losing. Insert Nelson Muntz “haha!” gif here.


I had to hear two coworkers talking up James O’Keefe videos this morning. I pointed out that he doctors his videos but of course they refused to believe it. Ugh.

@ troubelle

In the days of land based missiles we got 4 minutes (hence the popularity of that image in the public consciousness here) and the US got longer because of the distance; but submarine based systems levelled the playing field as it were.

Congrats on the shoes btw.

The four-minute thing was literally a plot point in a bunch of YA books I read back in the ’90s. Hillary’s magical time machine strikes again.


Ah, that makes sense.

It was part of some kit that I needed to get for Halloween, which also included some formal pants. I also picked up a tacky blazer, the top of what seemed to be a Japanese schoolgirl uniform (except it actually fit me), and a cozy argyle sweater.

re: Trumpf, the alt-right, all the little Trumplings…. I’m reminded of an insult we used to use in grade school…

“Nya Nu Nya Nu Nya Nyahhhh, nu uhh, THAT’S YOUUUUUUU”

@ Robertshaw

Mind you, without being tipped off it would have been very hard for Hilary to have predicted there would be questions about the economy, foreign policy and immigration. Who’d a seen those coming?

Hey, now… if The Donald didn’t see them coming, no one could have… unless they had people knowledgeable in those fields prepping them before hand…. And that’s called CONSPIRACY!!! … no, wait, that’s called PREPARATION!!!!


Try linking them to The Boy who Cried Wolf as a “supporting citation”. Sure it doesn’t actually convince them but it made me feel smugly superior for a little bit.

Trump has really built a base out of the more conspiratorial fraction. Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson at least flirted with 9/11 trutherism, Trump friend and advisor Roger Stone thinks the moon landings were faked. FFS Alex Jones is prominent campaign ally! and that’s leaving out all the explicitly political CTs he and supporters have spewed.

@ WWTH: hmm. Didn’t know that, but…go, RuPaul. (I’ve heard a little bit and seen a few episodes of his Drag Race show, so I kinda-sorta know who he is.)

@ Moggie: people aren’t calling him “Trumpelthinskin” for nothing. It’d be comical, if he weren’t trying to put himself in the White House.

Well according to Huff post, Hillary currently has a 7.2% lead on Donald, wins 99% of their simulations and since there is only a few weeks left, there is very little chance of things going Donald’s way. The polls are getting more and more accurate and immobile as the election day approaches.

“I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win,”

The first thing I notice is the word “if” not “when”, showing a lack of confidence, and the second thing is that an unrestrained Donald could be in the works in the final days of the election as he basically just implied that he won’t accept the basic tenants of how an election works. The third debate gave me the closest thing to a meltdown with Trump degenerating to toddler level speak and projection. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks?

Not only were the debate topics rather obvious, but Fox News announced what they would be earlier this week.

I’m pretty sure Trump (or a lackey) was given a list of the topics ahead of time, then he just sat around watching TV instead of prepping.

He doesn’t love America. If he did, he wouldn’t be trying to influence his supporters to get themselves killed by bringing guns and intimidation to the voting booths, and starting riots and assassination attempts when he loses.

Everyone who disagrees with me on any point is discredited! Discredited I say! You’ll never work in this town again!

Alt-Righters respond to debate with their usual idiocy

Yes, alt-righters, Daddy won bigly last night.

And yes, we know that if he doesn’t win bigly in the general election, you’ll kill everyone who’s not an alt-righter so that you can crown Daddy king.

Or maybe you’ll just moan and complain and whine a whole, whole, whole lot until the rest of us are sooooooo sick of hearing you that we crown Daddy king just to shut you up.

Third possibility: We’ll just keep laughing at the pathos that is the alt-right. Plus, a girl will be president.

@ TirAsleen

He doesn’t love America.

“… love America” is a dogwhistle which translates as “try to force the society to conform to my expectations.” The trumpery we’re seeing now follows a long line back through the pro-Vietnam War politics, through the KKK in the early 20th and late 19th centuries, through “Manifest Destiny”, to the tarring and feathering of anti-rebellion Americans before the Revolution…. and beyond.

If @HillaryClinton starts WWIII with Russia, will you support Putin in toppling her evil regime and taking back USA?

Maybe it’s because I grew up during the Cold War, when “The Day After” was a thing, when good ol’ Uncle Ronnie got elected by branding the “bear in the woods” as the Evil Empire, but… for people blathering about treason here, there, and everywhere, it certainly seems ironic that they propose teaming with a foreign government to stage a coup against their own country.

Somewhere in the dark and increasingly disheveled depths of my brain is a theory about people that whine about restrictions on grotesque behaviour and want ‘daddy Trump’. While being convinced Clinton will release everyone else to do whatever they want.

It’s only ever a zero sum game to them. The goal isn’t even ‘improve America by following my ideals’, its ‘make everone else suffer, hahaha!’ And they assume their opponents want the same. Are the same.

Why are they simultaneously so entitled and so terrified?

Everyone who disagrees with me on any point is discredited! Discredited I say! You’ll never work in this town again!

Way too many people believe that now.

I had a student today claim that she would make a better president than either of the candidates. She thinks Hillary is a total, awful liar who lies about everything, all the time, just for fun,

So, “Canadian Lucifer” (just the kind of name my mommy would have been sooooo proud of…) twits a picture of Hillary flashing heat… and in the background are two ‘tween-looking couples, white girls with (insert racial epithet of choice) boys… this is called “White Genocide”!!! That kinda “race-mixing” always seems to be a concept in play when the alt-regurgitate talks about race. As Bruce Hornsby sang,

“And they’ve got their old white hoods and the same old orders
To keep the dark sons away (away) from their daughters”

White hegemony is critically endangered, even tho white men control 99% of everything… endangered because just a few short years ago, it was 100%. Full disclosure, my son and both of my grandbabies are multi-racial, but friends, I just don’t feel that fragile.

Got me my sticker! A 1st time voter showed up, and everybody cheered. The lady that checked my info or whatevs was pretty dead inside by 5:00. And if I never see the word ‘exception’ again, it’ll be too soon. Now, if we can just skip time ahead to January, that’d be swell


I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win

Oh, ffs. He somehow keeps getting worse! 1st, a dodgy yes. Then, ‘we’ll hafta see’. Next, it’s a suspense thriller. And now, as close to an outright ‘no’ as is possible without using the word ‘no’. Ugh…

Does this mean Trump is going to stop with the pussy-grabbing? Only I just had these wicked spikes installed and I’ve been positively itching to use them.


Bit of a derailment, but I made a pretty little cat-thing and I’d like to change my abstract artwork avatar to it, and I don’t have the faintest idea how.

(Yes, I have read the welcome package. The scented candles made me sneeze and the towels were scratchy. Whoever’s in charge of this place has to have a mammoth-like hide, I swear.)

Basically; Technology isn’t my strong-suit, so if someone could explain it to me in really tiny words, while acknowledging that my first language is not English, I’d be really grateful? Uhm, please?

So, what happens if a losing candidate doesn’t concede? In Trump’s case, he’ll look exactly the same as he does now: a big old Whiny McWhinerface.

Who would actually be surprised if he didn’t? I wouldn’t be.


Tangential, but for some reason my mind likes to parse “ffs” not as “for fuck’s sakes”, but as “fuck fuck shit”. It’s a bit more urgent in tone, I suppose.

Who the hell is this “Ricky” turd they’re all so hellbent on “freeing” (to go on spouting racist garbage, no doubt)?

And yeah, Cerno, tweet out the Gateway Pissant. Someone so laughable that his nickname is Stupidest Man on the Internet. That’ll REALLY scare the nasty wimminzes!

At this point, with this muffuga, either is appropriate…

@Michelle S (and anyone else with a similar quandary)
Wassup! It should be noted that not everyone here is excited about President Clinton. It’s not good to generalize. I am excited tho, so maybe I can help you understand. Ahem:

She’s a she. She’s experienced in both executive and legislative functions. She’s qualified for the office. She supports the right to abortion. She recognizes institutional racism. She accepts the right to bear arms as a limited one. She trusts the science on global warming. She’s been pushing LGBT+ rights forward behind the scenes for years. She cares about foreign policy. She plans to increase the number of refugees allowed in this country, raise taxes on the wealthy, expand Obamacare, and lower the cost of college. And she’s a she

Not an exhaustive list, but it should hopefully get the point across 🙂

@Frigid virgin
All you need to do is make yourself a Gravatar (‘Globally Recognized AVATAR‘ if you were curious). Click “Sign In” and then “Create An Account” at the bottom of the next page. Put the email you use here in that 1st box, any username in the 2nd box, and choose a password for the last box

They’ll send you an email. Click the link in that email. That’ll take you back to the Gravatar site, so you can sign in. Fill in the boxes, and you’re in! That’ll take you to your account page. Click “Add A New Image” at the bottom, and go from there

If anything’s still not clear, let me know


I stared for the longest time at the picture of the teenagers on the bench trying to figure out why it was in there. When I figured it out, I was made sad.

Yeah, I know 🙁 . You think that nothing from these guys could surprise/disgust any more, and then you look at that picture and realise what they see in it, and … you are made sad, exactly.

@Handsome “Punkle Stan” Jack
That trailer landed in my inbox this morning – it’s indeed very very pretty. No idea about anything else yet, but it looks amazing 🙂

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