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Final Debate! Open Thread!

Trump: Still behind
Trump: Still behind

I’m opening this thread a bit early today because holy crap is there a lot to talk about.

In the meantime, I’m going to prepare for the debate by taking a nap.

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imo Be Prepared is the best Disney villain song, but best in a kids movie is Toxic Love, using Tim Curry is cheating.

And now Trump is claiming that the debate was rigged, that Hillary had the questions in advance.


using Tim Curry is cheating

and speaking of… Laverne Cox reprises Frank-n-Furter tonite in Faux Network’s Rocky Horror reboot.

Epic Trump logic:

– Obama has deported too many people.
– Hillary is 4 more years of Obama.
– Hillary will grant amnesty to everyone.

Crystal clear, you fucking moron.

Let’s add “specular versus diffuse reflection” to the unending list of incredibly basic concepts Trump supporters don’t understand.

Be Prepared is good, but I’m lukewarm on The Lion King which might color my impression of it, but it definitely isn’t a bad song. Actually, Disney Villains tend to have the best songs in general. Which is funny because Villain songs tend to be cut first when they need to cut for time. Look up “Why Me?” from Aladdin for a good example of one that was cut. I think the biggest problem with it as a song is that it makes Jafar a little too sympathetic, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To toss it out again, Hellfire works because it doesn’t make Frollo sympathetic, it makes him pitiable.

As far as Toxic Love…well, I won’t lie, I loved the song too. But the movie it was attached to is…not good. I’m perfectly fine watching (or listening to) Tim Curry being Tim Curry, but he’s clearly the best part of that movie by far.


I never thought of Hunchback through that point of view…I really liked the movie, but that just makes it even better for me.

[quote] Why the fuck would someone wishing harm on America go through the extremely tough and long-winded process of getting in as a refugee, when it would be far easier to get in as a tourist? [/quote]

Exactly. Airport security and no fly lists and whatever have done a good job at preventing another 9/11. I live in Detroit right now, and it’s very open to refugees. I’ve probably met a few, I have absolutely no reason to fear them.

Also, foreign terror attacks are more common Europe not because of refugees, but because of geography and other factors. When has a terror suspect ever been a refugee?

@Occasional Reader

I wonder, however, if it exists a octopuss taco.

Yes. There’s a place just across the river from me that sells them.

@Best Disney villain song

Friends On The Other Side. *mic drop* =P

… I have a weakness for jazz despite my usual musical tastes, heh.


I really like Friends On The Other Side. I’d probably put it a #3 in my list. It definitely has the best line of any of the songs

“Won’t you shake a poor sinner’s hand?”

Pretty pissed at Trudeau atm but that picture is still delightful.

Read the annotated transcript of the debate, read this thread, and can now conclusively state that I want some goddamn tacos.

I usually don’t post Schmoyoho’s debate remixes, but HOLY SHIT THIS ONE HAS WEIRD AL IN IT. *flails*

My favorite Disney Villain songs (in no particular order:
-In The Dark Of The Night
-Friends On The Other Side
-Poor Unfortunate Souls

Another classic, Disney villain song: Professional Pirate. But, as mentioned above, Tim Curry is cheating 🙂

Schnookums Von Fancypants, Purveyor of Misandrist Klondike Bars | October 20, 2016 at 11:35 am
To toss it out again, Hellfire works because it doesn’t make Frollo sympathetic, it makes him pitiable.

I’m going to disagree with you there. I think it more cements why he’s such a terrible human being, which also turns him away from being sympathetic, but it’s definitely not making me feel any pity for the douche.

While the end of the song is “Love Me or Else”, like so:

Destroy Esmeralda
And let her taste the fires of hell
Or else let her be mine and mine alone

The rest of the song is him going “I’m so much better than everyone else, and I’m so much more virtuous, and I’m a holy person, and I’m so awesome”, and then: “It’s not my fault!” (and he literally says that in the song), and blaming Esmeralda because she’s giving him boner feelings, and asking for forgiveness for his “sin”, because it’s totes her fault, I swearzies, so God strike her down for being a slutty, slutty temptress (or make her have sex with me, pls).

This burning
Is turning me to sin
It’s not my fault
I’m not to blame
It is the gypsy girl
The witch who sent this flame

Protect me, Maria
Don’t let this siren cast her spell
Don’t let her fire sear my flesh and bone

And that pretty much sums up a majority of victim-blamey, rapey, entitled behavior David normally covers here, so forgive me if I don’t exactly find that kind of behavior “pitiable”.

(Not trying to be mean, I’m just very persistent on this point. :P)

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer | October 20, 2016 at 11:37 pm
My favorite Disney Villain songs (in no particular order:
-In The Dark Of The Night

Hold up.

This wouldn’t happen to be that song, would it? Because that’s not Disney, that’s Fox Studios. It’s a common misconception that Anastasia is a Disney movie, but it’s not.


EDIT: Almost forgot to add the best genderswap song ever.

@PI: Shit…I stand corrected!

Also 1000% agree with you on Hellfire…I like because it shows how horrible he is…also it’s kind of catchy

> Dalillama
Really ? Nice ! I wonder if they also do them in France. We have our own Octopi-based diches (like tielles), but i would not mind try others.

bad hombre, nasty woman

I just googled too see if there are jokes about “Dora the Deplorer”. Apparently not.

I never really liked the singing, dancing Disney villains. Frollo was at least somewhat serious in his job. Also scary as hell, but I think there isn’t much point in having evil villains otherwise.

Based on reviews and Youtube snippets, Anastasia seems both more awesome and more cringey than the Disney movies of same era. Damnit I want to see it but not.

My favorite villain’s song is “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.” (I take a dim view of teenaged marriage, especially with the possible subtext that the prince is homosexual and being “cured” by this naive marital draftee who has zero experience with court politics or aptitude for psychic self-defense.)

Arctic Ape | October 21, 2016 at 5:42 am
Based on reviews and Youtube snippets, Anastasia seems both more awesome and more cringey than the Disney movies of same era. Damnit I want to see it but not.

I’d say it’s worth a watch at least once. I remember it being really good, one of my favorites in fact, but I haven’t seen it in years so I don’t know if it’s held up at all. Christopher Lloyd plays Rasputin, if that does anything for ya.

Also, one of the main songs, Once Upon a December is really beautiful in its native Russian.

@Vis, I know, I’m pretty irritable with him right now, too, for all sorts of things. The honeymoon is overrrrr. But still, I don’t think he could possibly look more Canadian in that picture without being drizzled in maple syrup.

(sorry again)

@SFHC: Hah, was just coming here to post the Weird Al songified video. That’s about the only way I was able to watch any of this debate.

Croquembouche of patriarchy- OMG! You’ve got the anthropomorphic croquembouche pic as your avatar!!



Oh, I didn’t think you were being mean at all. I do agree with what you’re saying. I would like to add that I was more thinking of the definition of pitiable in the sense of “contemptibly poor or small.” Frollo is pathetic and that is actually what makes him so scary. He’s not a Sea Witch or an Evil Faerie or anything like that. He’s just a man with zero self awareness and too much power available to him, and that allows him nearly unfettered ability to hurt the people around him. So my pity is more of a contemptuous “What a waste” and my compassion would be towards his victims. Does that make any sense, or am I just digging myself in deeper?

@Paradoxical Intention: Ugh… I have strong opinions about that movie. Once the rant got up to four paragraphs though, I decided to delete it and spare everybody.

I re-watched the ballroom scene though: the flaws that made me motion-sick in the theater aren’t as bad as I remember on the small screen. I forgot how horrible the lip-synch was, though.

I have love-hate for Trudeau.

Love: MMIW inquiry is actually happening and myriad other incremental improvements for First Nations are on*, Paris accord happened — instead of lobbing handgrenades, the Canadian delegation helped –, carbon pricing is seemingly actually going to happen, and many very dumb little things Harper did are cancelled (e.g. muzzling scientists).

Hate: pipelines are still on, that LNG project he got snookered on, selling weapons to Saudi so it can better blow up Yemen, the all too predictable flip on voting changes, and not reversing the idiot decision to centralize IT for the whole government in a single department (hint to anyone listening: outsourcing IT to people off site is a way to pay a bit more for far worse service, so in the end it costs you double because you pay IT to be unresponsive, then you pay your employees to be unproductive).

* including increased funding, which helped get my SO a position, so this isn’t purely altruistic.

I think I have it.
The man to Trump’s immediate right as he bloviates from the podium appears to be wearing the pendant cross of a Knight of the Order of Saint Hubertus.

They were last in the news as the hosts of Antonin Scalia on what turned out to be his last hunting trip.

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