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A #TrumpBookReport thread: Post your favorites, write your own, it’ll be great, believe me!

It was the best of times. The best, believe me! We don't win any more.
It was the best of times. The best, believe me! Tremendous. We don’t win any more. We don’t win.

It may have stopped trending, and a giant DDoS attack may be slowing Twitter and much of the rest of the internet to a crawl for a lot of you at the moment, but this #TrumpBookReport hashtag is still a thing of beauty.

The premise is pretty simple: Trump’s answers to specific questions about policy questions tend to sound a lot like the bullshit answers you might expect from a high-school student who didn’t do the reading. So the question arises: What if Trump actually were a high school student who didn’t do the reading?

This is what you’d get:

So, post your favorites, if you can get through to Twitter. Make up new ones, even if you can’t get through. Ignore the DDoS attack and the Trump fans trying to subvert this lovely hashtag.

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5 years ago

I realize I’m very much late to this thread but:

“I’ll tell you what. That Letter was Scarlet. It was so Scarlet people wondered if it was painted in blood. It was absolutely a bloody scarlet Letter. #TrumpBookReport”

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
5 years ago

@JSun: Oh you’d best not be trying to steal my necromantic thunder!

That Rebecca? Such a nasty girl…and not a great beauty either, believe me. Definitely not my first choice!

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