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Man Boobz Contest: Find the Whiniest, Most Entitled Response to Anita Sarkeesian

From "Damsel in Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games."
From “Damsel in Distress: Part 1 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games.”

So Anita Sarkeesian, who apparently didn’t run off with all her Kickstarter money to found a Misandist Gynarchy in the wilds of Canada, has  released the first video in her Tropes vs Women in Video Games project. (I’ve embedded it below.)

Naturally, this is causing great consternation in certain corners of the Internet (*cough* Reddit *cough cough* everywhere else that misogynistic nerds congregate *cough*). In the Man Boobz forum, Katz has started a contest to see who can find “the whiniest, brattiest, most entitled response” to Sarkeesian’s video on the Internet. So far Katz and Myoo have found a couple classic comments from irate Sarkeeianaphobes:

[H]ow does one go about stating that genders and gender roles are social constructs? I mean is evolution nothing to her? Does the patriarchy make male peacocks dress provocatively?

Yes. Yes it does.


I’m gradually losing respect for the opposite sex. I’ve unfollowed people on tumblr who talk about how great she is, because it actually causes bile to rise in to my throat.

Yeah, that’s a totally reasonable response to a woman making a video about video games.

So anyway, I’m thinking we should bring the contest over here.

See what you can find! Consider it a sort of scavenger hunt.

Here’s my contribution, from the Men’s Rights subreddit, complaining that Damsels in Distress are the truly privileged ones:


Amazingly, this acutally got called out on r/mr as being pretty damn stupid.

Also, I have another question, to add to the stack of other questions I’ve been asking lately: Just why do you think so many guys get so angry when girls and women invade what they consider a male sphere, like gaming? (Also, why do they consider gaming to belong to boys and men?)

Oh, and here’s the video that’s causing all this hubbub:

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