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Man Boobz Contest: Find the Whiniest, Most Entitled Response to Anita Sarkeesian

From "Damsel in Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games."
From “Damsel in Distress: Part 1 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games.”

So Anita Sarkeesian, who apparently didn’t run off with all her Kickstarter money to found a Misandist Gynarchy in the wilds of Canada, has  released the first video in her Tropes vs Women in Video Games project. (I’ve embedded it below.)

Naturally, this is causing great consternation in certain corners of the Internet (*cough* Reddit *cough cough* everywhere else that misogynistic nerds congregate *cough*). In the Man Boobz forum, Katz has started a contest to see who can find “the whiniest, brattiest, most entitled response” to Sarkeesian’s video on the Internet. So far Katz and Myoo have found a couple classic comments from irate Sarkeeianaphobes:

[H]ow does one go about stating that genders and gender roles are social constructs? I mean is evolution nothing to her? Does the patriarchy make male peacocks dress provocatively?

Yes. Yes it does.


I’m gradually losing respect for the opposite sex. I’ve unfollowed people on tumblr who talk about how great she is, because it actually causes bile to rise in to my throat.

Yeah, that’s a totally reasonable response to a woman making a video about video games.

So anyway, I’m thinking we should bring the contest over here.

See what you can find! Consider it a sort of scavenger hunt.

Here’s my contribution, from the Men’s Rights subreddit, complaining that Damsels in Distress are the truly privileged ones:


Amazingly, this acutally got called out on r/mr as being pretty damn stupid.

Also, I have another question, to add to the stack of other questions I’ve been asking lately: Just why do you think so many guys get so angry when girls and women invade what they consider a male sphere, like gaming? (Also, why do they consider gaming to belong to boys and men?)

Oh, and here’s the video that’s causing all this hubbub:

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“Ask your doctor about Pell today!” Is redundant, just ask Dr. Pell something, anything!

Also, better than “ask your doctor about sleeping pills, get seroquel” — zombie mode engaged, I’m actually more functional on 4 hours of sleep >.<

Oh, and in regards to David’s original question:

I think it’s because misogynists fear having to interact with women like human beings. If there are no women in your field, you can be all GRRRR BITCHEZZZZZZZ MAMMOTH etc. But if there is a woman in the break room, with pictures of her S.O. in her cubicle, cracking jokes about that show you both like and helping you work on your code (and maybe better than you at coding!) you have to change your worldview to accommodate the fact that women are, you know, people. And that would just make the misogynists of the world have all the sads. And sads are not a properly MANLY emotion. Therefore: RAGE

Probably too late to mention that the group that White scholars came to call the Aryans in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries (now called Indo-Europeans) didn’t have anything at all to do with the Nazis, who just co-opted them in part because the party believed that the Aryans came from Atlantis and spread to northern India from Germany after Atlantis fell below the waves.

Other Nazi scholars believed variously that the Earth was hollow; that we lived on the inside of the hollow Earth lit by a sun that was glowy on one side and dark on the other (besides everyone knows that the movement of the sun across the sky is just an illusion); or that the Moon was made of ice and the last Moon crashed into the Earth and caused Noah’s Flood.

So it pays to take their ideas with a grain of salt. /sarcasm

Some Iranian and Indian nationalists still call themselves Aryan, but they don’t mean it like the Nazis did, with blond hair and blue eyes, but rather more from the etymological descent of the word from a Sanskrit word meaning roughly “noble.”

Not to mention the awful things they associated the noble and ancient symbol of the swastika with (hell, I think that’s even the German term for it).

We were talking about swastikas the other day (uhm, in the context of ‘Reclamation of by some dickhead hippies: and why it is NOT FUCKING ON*’), they were a really common symbol in a lot of cultures before nazi-times, even the USA – a few teams were called ‘The [place] Swastikas’, f’rex – it was also a traditional Latvian symbol, which makes some antique fabrics really awkward.

(*seriously. There are approximately a bajillion ‘peace’ or ‘fertility’ symbols you can use daddy’s trust money to have tattooed on you and pretend to be all like, spiritual and shit, you do NOT NEED this one.)

I think they both had common roots in this romantic idea that there was a land that has been lost to history that was so popular in the late 19th Century.

I think I will read up on the whole idea at some point, when I have some free time.

Were y’all talking about swastikas here on the Boobz?

The swastika is still used and has positive connotations in Asia, but it’s usually resting along one edge. The Nazi swastika appears to be fairly unique in that it’s canted up on one corner.

The Nazis were very scattershot in their efforts to find proof that they were the Master Race; also their reaction to mainstream science was quite literally “Too Jewish.”

Sorry Falconer, I meant ‘we’ as in ‘BoyFantastic, me and our weekend lodger’.

their reaction to mainstream science was quite literally “Too Jewish.”

Is this like MRAs and the CDC being ‘too feminist’, or did I just Godwin all over the place?

Is this like MRAs and the CDC being ‘too feminist’, or did I just Godwin all over the place?

Pretty much, I think. I haven’t made a formal study of it, and I have no papers to cite, but this is what I have gleaned from casual reading:

They set up a parallel allegedly-Christian church with all of the identifiably Hebrew influence stripped out (most notably they jettisoned amen and hallelujah), and for all I know they practiced a sort of muscular Christianity, when they were Christian at all. A lot of the upper reaches were into reviving a version of Nordic worship that backed them up.

As far as science goes, I’ll give you three guesses why they didn’t like General Relativity, and the first two don’t count. The leadership in general seemed like a bunch of woomeisters.

Now I should shut up and get off here, nobody wants to read a thread that’s all me.

Nat: People are getting swastika tattoos without being in prison? Holy shit.

I saw some dude with a very homemade looking one at a bar in rural TX. I was with Mr. HK, who is not white, and we got the fuck out of there. My mind was blown that anyone would think that was appropriate ink.

Here’s a nominee, but for the sake of all that you hold dear, don’t watch more than the first 40 seconds in which he says that he won’t watch Anita Sarkeesian’s video because he can’t downvote it.

I mean, really, to go on for another 12+ minutes in a video of your torso clad in a stained Infidel t-shirt and titled Sark 1.0 to get hits off the controversy has to make this a contender for whiniest and most entitled.

@Hellkell – Yeah. I’ve seen it on quite a few hippie kids trying to ‘reclaim*’ it, including one (white) guy who had dreadlocks down his back, trousers obviously picked up on a gap yah, no shirt and two inch thick black swastikas on his chest wandering around a festival I was at last year. They gives me teh raeg.


Yeah we get it anyone who doesn’t agree with her is entitled, MRA blah blah. Way to shut down debate

Telling the truth about the MRA is shutting down debate?

Wait there was a debate with these assholes when ?

Last i checked all MRA were a bunch of woman hating douche bags who believe woman giving them a BJ is a human right

Hi Lex! Welcome to the site. Have a welcome package.

In general, we ask people to not comment on old threads like this one. The conversation has moved on, and profreedan is unlikely to have waited two years for a response to their post.

I agree with you entirely: there is no such thing as the tooth fairy, the Land of Lemuria, or a non-misogynist MRA.

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