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Far-right weirdos boycotting Seth Rogen’s Xmas flick because he’s a “cuck,” allegedly

Er, what?

Not that long ago, the internet’s far-right weirdos had a victory of sorts: they managed to inject the made-up word “cuckservative” into mainstream Republican political debate.  A combination of “cuck” — short for cuckold — and “conservative,” the insult was used against, well, pretty much all Republicans who weren’t Donald Trump.

Fresh off this tiny triumph, far-right manospherians are now launching another cuck-based humiliation campaign, this time against the charmingly schlubby comedy star Seth Rogen and his upcoming Christmas comedy. Using the hashtags #CuckRogen and #BoycottTheNightBefore, supporters of this new crusade are filling up Twitter with lovely sentiments like these:

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