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Male bag: “Women are an infantile race, and providing them the same rights as men is a recipe for societal decline and depravity”

We get letters! From angry weirdos! In this case, the strange missive came in the form of a comment that someone calling himself The Depletionist tried to leave here in response to a post of mine. I didn’t let the comment through, but it’s too good — by which I mean too terrible — not to share with you all.

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MGTOW life advice: Revel in your ex’s pain, because “women aren’t even people, not really.”

The number one MGTOW sexual fantasy of all time

By David Futrelle

The Men Going Their Own Way subreddit is such a good place for men to get solid life advice from their peers. Today, our MGTOW of the Day has some advice for a guy who seems to be having a little trouble moving on from a failed relationship.

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