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Male bag: “Women are an infantile race, and providing them the same rights as men is a recipe for societal decline and depravity”

We get letters! From angry weirdos! In this case, the strange missive came in the form of a comment that someone calling himself The Depletionist tried to leave here in response to a post of mine. I didn’t let the comment through, but it’s too good — by which I mean too terrible — not to share with you all.

The topic at hand: Do women destroy society just by having basic human rights? Mr. Depletionist says yes, because of course he does. Also, he’s afraid we’re all going to turn Chinese. We’ll get to that in a second. But first:

There is no form of civilizational decaying method quite as effective as those which utilize women, and you all know it.

And why is that Mr. Man?

Women are an infantile race, and providing them with the same rights (actually, given our current gynocratic world order, I should say MORE rights) than your typical well-bread western male is a recipe for societal decline and general depravity the world over, no matter where such deracinating schemes unfold (and, through the use of international pressure groups, such as the US military, an institution which is part of the current gynocrat occupied government, there will be no corner of our world safe from this sickness, and it will no doubt be spread through the use of violence).

That was all one sentence.

Evidently, it all comes back to birthrates: We’re not producing enough (white) babies for the country to survive, and it’s all the fault of the ladies.

I’ve seen the numbers, I’ve done the math. I’m quite aware that brains such as your are not good for anything rigorous and analytical, like mathematics of science, but instead, stupidly specialized for infantile spending splurges on horrendous “fuck me” paint that you smear on your face like cream cheese and caviar on a bagel, but I’ve investigated the causes of decline in birthrate in western civilization, I know what the socialist-supported deficit and trade debt amounts to for western males, this being an integral piece of the part to disincentivize work amongst men by enslaving them, if not the debt of shrieking hags that they are bound to by the vice grips of the state , then through the powers of governmental debt, likely wasted on socialistic excess.

That was all one sentence too.

This sinister plot from within will lead to the gradual weakening of our civilization, until we are each and every one of us replaced with Asians.

Er, what?

You dance in the streets like heathens when Biden wins, but his radical left wing agenda will mean the death of our nation, our entire way of life, as we will be sitting ducks for the China-lead takeover, and have you seen that Biden is soft on China, allowing them to trade with us without so much as just a little bit of terrifs, well, he is.

I’m sure you’re quite the expert on “terrifs.”

It’s game over, bitches. I’m leaving america, I’ve got skills that can be quite useful in the rising world, there’s nothing worth living here for anyeway, least of all you ungrateful slags.

Well, you’re not leaving any time soon, alas, as Trump’s criminal mishandling of COVID has led most other countries to close their borders to Americans. But good luck with that. We won’t be sorry to see you go.

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Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner
Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner
1 year ago

@Naglfar: those are also true! And many times the combination of disability, poverty, and race compounds the issue, especially with the total lack of support.

@Some Chick: ok, I understand more where you’re coming from. Yeah, the superiority shit combined with fucking up royally but not giving enough of a shit to fix it really annoys me too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner
1 year ago

That Depletionist guy is over in the comments on your Jordan Owen post, David 😀

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