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Story time: Men’s Rights activist oppressed by friendly Hooters waitress at the age of five

Nice hooters!

Men’s Rights activists are so desperate to paint themselves as victims that they will seize on almost anything as proof of their oppression at the hands of women. Take the case of one fellow called 808JUMP_SUIT, who recently turned to the Men’s Rights subreddit with this tale of woe. Let’s call it Cutiegate.

Er, why exactly is dad taking a five year old to Hooters? Is he so eager to enjoy their hot wings ogle waitresses half his age that he can’t think of anywhere else to go? Shouldn’t they be a Chuck-e-Cheese or something? Or any place else, really. I mean, seriously, any city large enough to contain a football stadium is large enough to have more than one restaurant in it. Dad just couldn’t think of anywhere else but the House of TIts That Dudes Can Stare at Without Anyone Getting Mad.

But no, in the mind of Mr. 808JUMP_SUIT — whose very name is an insult to the memory of the Roland 808, the greatest drum machine ever made — isn’t looking askance at dad; he’s mad at a waitress who is basically just doing what she’s paid to do — flatter the customers while delivering up plate after plate of hot wings.

Sometimes MRAs don’t even bother to dredge up a personal story to demonstrate the oppression they think they face. They just make up hypothetical scenarios and get mad about them. Consider the case of MRA and aspiring novelist qupOqup, who recently came to the Men’s Rights subredddit with an idea for a book.

The real victims here are those who forced themselves to read this whole muddled mess.

Our aspiring author had some critics. One, a fellow called EzzyLight, thinks it’s just not plausible for feminists to carrry out a revolution.

Most feminists never lifted up anything heavier than chihuahua. So to have a violent Rev they need an army wich they can get only if they take over government.

And most soldiers are men, so any riot made by feminists, and doing something violent will be brutally stopped at the same moment they damage something, that belongs to rich people. …

Feminists are unable to create major government force, because they are unable to find common ground among themselfs even. Just look up on TERFs.

Therefore, all event chain is falling apart.

Yeah, that’s the problem with the story.

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3 months ago

It made me feel very uncomfortable and actually pretty embarrassed and now I realize if that was a dude saying that to a girl my age he’d probably be in jail on a list somewhere

I get a child thinking that being called “cutie” in that situation was somehow inappropriate, since he might have had only a vague idea of anything to do with flirting or anything like that. So if he, as a child (or later on, while still growing up), thought that since the restaurant was somehow “dirty”, she must have been inappropriate, it might probably make sense to think that reversing the genders would make everyone realise how that scenario could be uncomfortable… though I don’t know if there’s a place with sexy male waiters where it’s even semi-okay to take your kids, so the gender-swapped version doesn’t really have a chance of happening.

The key here would be that since he now knows that the server was only doing her job, he should probably also realise that “sexy lady speaking” is not in itself a sexual advance, but that’s probably too much to ask.

@ Alan


The capitalisation makes it sadly unlikely, but I chose to interpret this as Deutsche nationalbibliothek, because it amuses me that security there would only frisk “young uns”.

Alan Robertshaw
3 months ago

@ mass mysteria

Yeah! I only went in to borrow a copy of All Quiet on the Western Front; but the lack of courtesy in that place. I spent a lot of time going “Shhhh!!!”.

And it was too dark to read.

Alan Robertshaw
3 months ago

Speaking of (lack of culture), a bit more blatant self promotion.

Me rambling about art and social justice…

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