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Some incels are hailing the Oxford High School shooter as the new Elliot Rodger

I haven’t seen the incels this excited by a shooter in a long time.

On Tuesday afternoon, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley reportedly emerged from a bathroom at his high school with a gun in his hand — and opened fire on his fellow students, moving “methodically” down the hall shooting his panicked classmates at short range, police said. Three died that day; one other died of his injuries in the hospital; seven were injured, some severely.

The incels watching the story unfold in the media hailed the alleged shooter as a new incel “saint,” agreeing that despite his relatively small “body count” Crumbley had chosen his targets well.

“Despite only firing 15 shots from a handgun, he managed to chose some good victims,” wrote someone called Bleach on the Black Pill Club forums.

A football chad, and 2 good looking femoids. OH and ontop of that he injured 8, he made almost every bullet count.

There was some dispute over whether or not the female victims were quite hot enough to be Staceys, but the Black Pill Club commenters agreed that they (and the young men who were also shot and killed) were despicable people who “have good deserved their end,” in the somewhat garbled English of someone called pariah anti hipocrisy. “Hail to the new hERo!!!!”

The capitalized “ER” is a reference to Elliot Rodger, the infamous incel martyr who killed six in Isla Vista California in 2014. This is indeed high praise, coming from an incel.

“This is unbelievably based,” wrote a commenter called GloriousFight on the forum. “He literally shot the three most hated archetypes in inceldom lol.”

In an attempt to conjure up a palatable excuse for the killings at the Oxford, Michigan school, incel commenters baselessly accused the victims of being bullies or worse, girls who have had sex.

“What are the victims past?” wrote the self-described Povertycel on the Black Pill club forums.

We must know so we can shit on them and his efforts won’t be in vain. Slut shame the dead two young whores.

Most of the commenters on had no trouble bestowing he Chad title on Tate Myre, who looked like a preternaturally handsome jock straight from central casting.

Meanwhile the commenters praised the alleged mass killer to the skies.

“New youngcel saint,” wrote an enthusiastic Subrha26 on the Black Pill Club, who managed to confuse the name of his new hero with that of the alleged killer’s father. “The youngER the bettER. All hail St James Crumble.”

“He comes off as a nice, innocent kind [sic],” wrote a commenter whose chosen nickname was Ethnic Natsoc II.

It’s too bad that society forced him into doing this. Normies have to take a good look at his videos and understand that most people who go ER never really wanted to do it but had no other option left.

Not everyone was celebrating the new incel “saint.”

“[W]ake me up when there is a shooting with a death toll over 10,” wrote one terminally blase incel on

I guess there’s just no pleasing some people.

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33 replies on “Some incels are hailing the Oxford High School shooter as the new Elliot Rodger”

This is horrible even by the misogyny of incels.
I hope the shooter disavows them and they cry like when Joaquin phenix disavowed incels who liked joker.

Now we get the “false flag” fantasy from the bullshit bubble, we have to hear *ucker Carlson mock the grief of the families and friends of the victims (“crisis actors”, y’know), watch the NRA (No Responsibility A’tall) justify, deflect and deny…. And all the other noise from the government by insult monsters.
These people are like 5-year-olds making up scary stories at a sleepover… except their B.S. would be too outlandish for the 5-year-olds
I am tired… f***ing tired

@ gerry sherry:

And Joaquin Phoenix went from incel demi-god to beta simp in the span of one disavowal….

“This is unbelievably based,”

I may regret this, but someone tell me again what “based” is supposed to mean in incel-speak?

Slut shame the victims? The way they slut shamed the 10 year old girl murdered by the Toronto van terrorist? Can we flush these guys already? They’re terrorists in the making or at the very least terrorist sympathizers. Why are they not being taken more seriouslu?

@Crip Dyke

Based isn’t really incel speak. its youth speak. it’s like the opposite of cringe. or like “I”m so unique and my opinions are so quirky. I’m not like other girls/boys. I’m special with my edgy opinion.”

@Ninja Socialist:

The way they slut shamed the 10 year old girl murdered by the Toronto van terrorist?

I think you may be mixing up a couple rampages; it’s easy to do, as profuse as they’ve become. The Toronto van terrorist killed predominantly older Asians; you may be thinking of the Plymouth, UK shooter (and the child victim his fans slut-shamed was three.)

“He comes off as a nice, innocent kind [sic],” wrote a commenter whose chosen nickname was Ethnic Natsoc II.

I see the Alt-Right is recruiting again.

@Full Metal Ox

re: shooter knowing the drill

Reminds me of the nuclear attack drills at my grade school in the early 60’s…. The school was 1/2 mile from a nuclear bomber base. Getting under my little half-desk was the very definition of “hopeless.”

I didn’t even hear that this happened over in the UK. US school shootings becoming so regular they don’t even make top news stories anymore 🙁

Reminds me of the nuclear attack drills at my grade school in the early 60’s…. The school was 1/2 mile from a nuclear bomber base. Getting under my little half-desk was the very definition of “hopeless.”

To misquote a comedian whose name I can’t remember: “Ah yes, this wooden desk will surely protect me when the bombs come. And afterwards I can go out on the playground and MELT.”

@ Full Metal Ox

the Plymouth, UK shooter (and the child victim his fans slut-shamed was three.)

Wait a second… that shooter was an incel!? Just great… I was on a hike at the time but all I heard about it was “That happened, but was no ‘terrorist’ (aka islamic terrorist) attack”. That’s it. Even googled it now and it brings up one measely in depth article by a major german news paper/site (a heavily left-wing one). Had it been a “real” terrorist attack there’d been a bunch of articles…

Why is it that whenever the motive of a murder spree is hate against women, it’s barely mentioned and/or forgotten after a short time?* There’s apparently something ingrained in people that makes them go “Oh! Guess he must have a good reason then.” And it makes me furious.

*Except when a specific woman is violated and brutally murdered. But that’s – and sorry for writing that – sexy violence and doesn’t count.

Reminds me of the nuclear attack drills at my grade school in the early 60’s…. The school was 1/2 mile from a nuclear bomber base. Getting under my little half-desk was the very definition of “hopeless.”

True. One should hide in a refrigerator to be sure.

I always understood that the “hide under your desk” thing was actually for the people 100 miles (or whatever) away from where the bomb dropped, to protect them from the flying glass as the windows shattered.

I have a 1980 copy of the British booklet ‘Protect and Survive’ -“this booklet tells you how to make your home and your family as safe as possible under nuclear attack”.

I have always found the most depressing instructions in the booklet to be these, for after the radio tells you it is safe to go outside: “Visits outside the house may at first be limited to a few minutes for essential duties. These should be done by people over thirty where possible. “

I mean, after the UK has been NUCLEAR BOMBED, it is going to be important to make sure the breeders (under 30) are protected, isn’t it? I find that unutterably cynical.

This is going to sound heartless but like maybe if we start publicly executing incels (after they kill people of course) they will stop thinking it’s so cool to do this. Especially once they see their heroes crying for their mamas as they get their heads loped off and put on a spike. I’m talking going real old school for executions.


It’s not just a matter of “protecting the breeders.” From what I’ve heard, it’s more that cancer-causing (as opposed to immediately-lethal) levels of radiation take twenty or more years to give you cancer, so the older you are when exposed, the better your chances of dying of something else before the long-term radiation effects get you. Meanwhile, if you’re under twenty, you’re still growing and your cells are therefore dividing and replicating pretty fast, so you’re at very high risk of getting cancer from the exposure, and sooner.

Protect the breeders, who might still want kids but risk being sterilized. And protect their kids who might survive their parent’s prenatal exposure but have an unfortunate load of mutations. It’s not *entirely* about cynical post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

Of course the overwhelming likelihood is that none of those people would die of radiation exposure but rather die of starvation or cold. If you wanted to survive the nuclear apocalypse you were far better off in Africa.

Is there any evidence to convince future anthropologists that gun-worship wasn’t a major and state-sanctioned religion among 20th-21st century Americans? I’m absolutely serious.

The way incels get so excited by this, I think they’re actually turned on by guns. Which can’t refuse them, so why don’t they get some really sexy guns to fuck? Ammosexuals.

@Mrs. Obed Marsh: Involuntary manslaughter is too good for them — make it aiding and abetting in felony mass murder. Accomplices. Lock! Them! Up!

@Elaine: So… whether they want it to or not, “based” does end up meaning cringe. Or basic. Or cheugy. Trying way too hard.

@Weird Eddie: I know someone who lived in a house you could see Cheyenne Mountain from back then. They didn’t even bother with duck and cover drills in school there. Everyone over the age of 3 knew they were gonna be instantly vaporized. And hoped it would be before the math test and not after.

@moon custafer and @numerobis, yes perhaps I am too cynical, reading apocalyptic sci fi for over 50 years can do that to a gal.
Something eye opening and yet instantly forgettable happened here in Australia last year, when the government doubled the unemployment benefit and then made sure all homeless people had access to housing, to deal with covid. Immediately, people on welfare had just enough to live on, and they ploughed that money straight back into the economy- buying food, shoes, heating, etc. Many homeless people had some respite from violence and hunger. And then there came the point when that assistance was switched off. Homeless people went back to the streets, poor people went back to inadequate food and anxiety about bills and having to decide which of their prescriptions they could afford this week. It was so clear that the level of poverty and of homelessness here in Australia is one that has been discussed and decided upon by the government; they have chosen how much of each is acceptable and imposed it. This is a terrible thing to see a government doing.

Remarkably, in the instant case they did throw in a terrorism charge, even though the defendant is white.

The parents, meanwhile, are apparently big-time Trump supporters …

What kind of freaking insane parents hear that their kid desperately wants a gun for some vaguely disquieting reasons and then actually buy it for him?

@Full Metal Ox

Re: slut shaming victims. I was thinking Ninja might be thinking of the 8 year old who was killed in the Manchester bombing attack (the Ariana Grande concert)? IIRC incels said that she was “going to grow up to become a Stacey slut.”

As Lawyers, Guns, and Money pointed out about the parents, after they were finally found quite some time after the shooting:

Shannon Smith, an attorney for the couple, said the couple were prepared to turn themselves in, and were unaware of the 4 p.m. arraignment.

“They knew we were planning on bringing Mr. and Mrs. Crumbley in,” said Mariell Lehman, a lawyer representing the couple. “They were never fleeing prosecution.”

Right, that’s why they turned off their cellphones, drew $4K from an ATM, and were found hiding in a warehouse 50 miles from their house and a few hundred feet from the Canadian border.

(Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be a way to have nested quotes anymore?)

@Jenora: Sure, because when I plan on being law-abiding, I too empty my bank account and hide near an international border. All the time.

What kind of ATM lets you withdraw $4K?

@GSS ex-noob:
That last bit was snark from the blogger, of course. Who also noted that if you are trying to flee from the law, parking your vehicle out in the open right in front of your hiding spot is generally a bad idea.

As for what kind of ATM lets you pull out $4K… I have no idea. Doing credit card advances, perhaps? Or multiple cards. A bank account for each of them and a few credit cards, those together could start adding up closer to $4K.

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