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Slightly new incel theory: Women drive short men to pedophilia because they won’t sleep with short men

So a regular commenter on somehow ran across a study that found “pedophilic and … hebephilic sexual offenders [to be] significantly shorter than” men who aren’t sexually attracted to underage girls.

The incel’s takeaway from all this: It’s women’s fault that pedophiles exist in the first place because they won’t have sex with short men (allegedly).

“This research concluded that pedophiles are much shorter than non-pedophiles,” wrote Draco in an thread.

My theory is that short pedophiles have been rejected by women and mocked by society so much that they only feel comfortable approaching children.

I don’t think that’s how it works, but whatever.

I’m not defending pedophiles or trying to justifying them because pedophilia is horrendous, but i’m just saying that the trauma of the children abused by pedophiles is (once again) on the hands of foids: their hypergamy made those (short) men go crazy and turned them into sick monsters.

Say what?

They should feel responsible for every child abused because they could have avoided it by having sex with that short man stopping him from becoming a degenerate monster.

It’s always women’s fault, somehow. Indeed, this is like the third incel theory I’ve run across that blames male pedophilia on women.

Naturally, many if not most of the incels in the thread seemed to agree with Draco’s “theory.”

“Makes sense,” wrote one.

As a manlet you are a laughing stock to everyone, especially women. Children are the only ones who will look up to you (literally) and treat you like a man.

“[B]lood is upon the foids,” wrote another.

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Gerry Sherry
Gerry Sherry
7 months ago

Hey no need to bring the founder of objectivism, illegal Russian immigrant and notable home-wrecker into inception diatribes. His writings bear no resemblance to either her early or later works.
Sorry but Rand is horrible and fascinating person but has little to with this mans screeed.

7 months ago

@Gerry Sherry

Well, both Rand and WATO are crappy writers, so there’s that.

…crappy in very different ways, but still crappy.

Alan Robertshaw
7 months ago


the modern world’s tendency to disabuse itself of manly pheromones

Well, if you will all insist on eating meat 😉

Results of repeated measures analysis of variance showed that the odor of donors when on the nonmeat diet was judged as significantly more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense. This suggests that red meat consumption has a negative impact on perceived body odor hedonicity.

Full paper here…

Big Titty Demon
Big Titty Demon
7 months ago


Haha! I don’t think he’ll read it, these types never like to “do the research” or “read the transcript” in fact. Article, I meant article.

Strawberry Wizard
Strawberry Wizard
7 months ago

Not having read the study in question I can’t be sure of this but if pedophiles do tend to be shorter than average it might be that they just choose to rape people shorter than them as part of the whole taking advantage over those weaker than them and it just so happens that those shorter people are children.

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