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Why the Jews want to make everyone a lonely incel, according to incel philosopher RetardedChinlet

Got the blues? Blame the Jews.

At least that’s the argument of one conspiracy-minded incel, who thinks the (((people who run the world))) want the rest of us alone and lonely — and ready to buy lots of consumer goods to take the edge off our misery.

“It’s actually pretty obvious why (((they))) want to create as many incels as possible,” writes someone called RetardedChinlet in a recent post.

Imagine of the sheer amount of joy and satisfaction that a happy relationship with sex, affection and companionship provides. What is the problem for k*kes here? Normal, healthy relationships are free of charge and outside (((their))) direct control.

“Free of charge?” There are a lot of ways that things are more expensive for singles than people in couples — rent per person, for one thing — but eventually most “healthy” relationships end up producing kids, and kids end up costing a lot more than it costs to raise, say, a couple of cats.

If (((they))) were to destroy the culture of monogamous relationships, (((they))) would be left with sad and depressed people that would need to find the their joy from products and entertainment (((they))) provide.

And monogamous couples don’t spend money on products or entertainment?

This is a goal (((they))) have wonderfully been able to attain via mainstream media, Tinder, Instagram and so forth.

Er, how exactly?

I sure as shit eat unhealthy food, watch (((their))) films, play (((their))) games and browse (((their))) websites to cope with my loneliness and frustration.

Aw, don’t sell yourself short, my man. You also write terrible antisemitic rants on, which doesn’t cost you a cent.

I’m the perfect fucking consoomer for (((them))) and this is possible entirely thanks to the fact that I am unable to find a female to spend my life with, a problem which (((they))) are behind. Lonely people are the best consoomers.

Ok, dude, but how exactly are (((they))) able to undermine your love life? I’m guessing it’s your less-than-charming personality — on full display in this crude, bigoted rant — that’s scaring off the ladies, not the Jews.

But if the Jews were actually trying to destroy your love life, I can’t say I would blame them. No woman deserves to have to put up with your bullshit.

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38 replies on “Why the Jews want to make everyone a lonely incel, according to incel philosopher RetardedChinlet”

Capitalism never ran across something that it didn’t want to monetize, but ironically monogamous relationships have the potential to be just as stifling and able to deprive people of companionship as being an “incel”. You’d be surprised how much the anarchists have written on the subject- if you want an introduction, Emma Goldman’s “Marriage and Love” is a good start.

Companionship and having teh sex are not always the same thing, jerkface with appropriate screen name (since only terrible people still use the R word, and everything else signals he’s a garbage person).

Okay, but dating – including monogamous dating – involves quite a lot of movie watching. Isn’t this pretty well known?

Wait. Is Tinder not a way to find a relationship ? Does it not come in contradiction with what he said just before ?

want the rest of us alone and lonely

It is totally possible to be alone without being lonely. It does, however, involve not being a general asswipe.

I’m the perfect fucking consoomer for (((them))) and this is possible entirely thanks to the fact that I am unable to find a female to spend my life with

If being alone is the problem, how would “a female” help with that? Does he imagine that you are never alone during a relationship/marriage? I know someone who got married (twice) without first being able to be comfortable alone with their own thoughts. It isn’t going well.

@Anonymous You don’t have to go to the Anarchists. 90% of Boomer Humor TM is about how marriage is being trapped in a loveless relationship with someone you hate.

@occasional reader:

Wait. Is Tinder not a way to find a relationship ? Does it not come in contradiction with what he said just before ?

Perhaps, perhaps not. Keep in mind that for any dating service, every time wedding bells ring that means two customers immediately become ex-customers, so their incentive will be to keep customers’ hopes up but try to make sure each gets at most a string of flings that never develop into anything more lasting.

Notably a few other categories of business have the same inherent conflict of interest. Consultancies, for instance, and therapists. If the customer’s problems are actually solved, they stop being a customer.

I don’t see any easy way to remove such conflicts of interest in these fields short of doing away with the profit motive entirely, i.e. socialism.

> Surplus to Requirements
I hear you.
But if two persons left the application after a happy date (wedding or not), is it not a good advertising for the application ? Something like “See, our appli is working well, those two become an item”. They may lose two customers but earn (win ?) more than two if the appli seems efficient.
After, i am no good at selling anything so i can not tell if this is a good commercial tactic or not.

@ surplus

That seems a little harsh on therapists. Some of my finds are therapists; and I find them to be hard working dedicated professionals who just want the best for their clients. I am of course interested to hear what people’s experiences of therapy might be though.

But as to your general point. Until recently* word of mouth was the biggest factor in people choosing legal services providers. So it is in my best interest to do a good job. A happy satisfied client is doing my marketing for me.

[spoiler title=”* More on that”] That has now changed. The most common way people now choose lawyers is by googling their problem. If they come across an article or video they find helpful; they will then instruct the person who made it. Hence me churning stuff out all the time. But I quite like it when people find my material helpful enough that they don’t need me; that in itself spreads my reputation. Although often times they will still come to me for specific assistance in their own matter.

I am very open about that though, as I say here (first video) [/spoiler]

As for socialism; I’m all for state help; but….

[spoiler title=”Bit more on that”] To give one example. We still have some, limited, legal aid here for certain matters. But legal aid franchises are state controlled, and there tends to be just one provider in each geographical location. Now a lot of, if not most, legal aid practitioners are very hard working dedicated people. But the fact is, the clients have no choice in the matter but to instruct them. The lawyers get paid regardless of the result and normal market forces don’t apply. No-one can take their custom elsewhere if they’re not satisfied.

Now legal aid has been replaced in most legal areas by things like contingency fee agreements (i.e. ‘no win, no fee’). So people can shop around, and as you only get paid if you win; that’s a pretty big incentive to do a good job.

Although the downside of that is lawyers end up acting as gatekeepers, so there’s access to justice issues. But if a lawyer won’t take your case then it’s probably not a case you should be running anyway. [/spoiler]

OK, aside from equating loneliness with incels, I’m pretty sure seething the resentment and violence encouraged by the incel community doesn’t really translate to being the perfect consumer.

Also, I fear the answer, but what is a ‘chinlet’? I know they use manlet for short people, and I’m hoping he’s just insecure about his chin. But given he’s an incel, I fear racism is the more likely meaning.

There are all sorts of hobbies besides sex that bring people great joy with minimal to no commercial outlay. I like writing. One cheap notebook and one cheap pen and I’m happy.
Another friend is happy with drawing paper and a set pencils. Books. Walks along the beach or in the forest (OK, that’s only cheap and easy if you live in the country.) Free online courses. Cat snuggles. I know there are people who can’t have a pet because they really afford cat food, but they’re not usually the ones ranting on the internet.

Most of what I can find to donate to La Palma is set up for European style money transfers

Here’s the Red Cross link to donate to La Palma: I can’t find an English language one. “Una Vez” means once. “Otra” means “other amount” 1€ is currently $1.15 although there might wind up paying sightly more.

If you have an Openbank account you can donate at

I think the thing they miss is that relationships require work to be rewarding, unlike easily accessible things like Netflix or whatever.

It’s kinda like wanting to join a gym to move more when you don’t currently do any exercise. You know that exercise can be rewarding and the gym can facilitate it, but it still makes sense to go for a walk every evening before shelling out on a membership because if you can’t commit to the walk, then you are definitely not going to go to the gym.

If an incels life is one currently filled with bitterness, spewing hate online, watching tv and playing games, then jumping straight into the state of relationship is not going to change anything. It won’t make them more dynamic, or less hateful, or likely to do other things. There’s a thousand things a person can do to enjoy themselves while single that isn’t only consuming media, and they can’t be arsed even when they only have themselves to worry about. Which would be fine if they didn’t endlessly moan about it and displace the blame.

Without learning the basic tools for being self sufficient and content, the work of a relationship is simply going to be beyond them. All they’d do is be bitter and miserable while ruining someone else’s life in the process. And obviously they’ll decide it’s all their partners fault somehow.


From my experience marriage as well includes a lot of movie watching. but also I like movies so.


with all due respect I think you might not have gone to the right therapist. I haven’t needed to go to therapy for a while now but it has really helped me in the past. Helped me deal with my pstd and work through all my trauma and the drug addiction I once had. Life doesn’t stop until we are dead so that means problems won’t stop so a person may want to have a professional to speak with at a another time. for instants, I might want to talk to one about my increasing problems with conception. But for the most part therapist do really want you to be better, they do want to help you. they want to be part of your support tools even if you are paying them or insurance is paying them.

This is off-topic, but I was just reading r/hermancainaward. Looks like Roosh may have COVID. He doesn’t mention the word COVID in his tweet, but his symptoms certainly sound like COVID to me. IF you can believe anything out of his mouth is another question.

Regarding therapists; I’ve gone to rather a lot of them over the course of my youth and young adulthood, and my take is that they are about as effective as you allow them to be.

When I lied to them or hid things from them, they were absolute useless; when I was deeply, painfully honest and open, they ranged from okay to almost frighteningly effective.

Fwiw and ymmv

@Battering Lamb:

Also, I fear the answer, but what is a ‘chinlet’? I know they use manlet for short people, and I’m hoping he’s just insecure about his chin. But given he’s an incel, I fear racism is the more likely meaning.

”Chinlet” does indeed refer to chin insecurity; the (self-applied) terms I’ve seen for Asian incels are “MRAsians” and “ricecel” (see also “currycel” and “beancel/tacocel”.)

I know, but they’re the only ones who ask the question of why relationships have to be monogamous to be rewarding. I don’t know if I could manage it myself (let alone encourage others to do so without looking like a sleazeball), but it’s a good ideal to work towards if nothing else.

When did Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, online games and etc. become cumpulsory?

Stick it to the man, Mr. Chinlet, and hie thee to YouTube where you can learn to make all manner of cool things. Check out CrafsMan (my current fave), put you some gloves on, and take your pick of non-feminine crafts to learn for cheap. Just don’t look at the recommended videos and you’ll be fine.

Also re the industries that probably want you to fail, let’s not forget the weight-loss industrial complex!

@FullMetalOx: Thanks for clarifying. I am familiar with the other terms you mentioned, but you never know what fresh hell they open up with their screeds. Glad my suspicion was wrong in this specific case.

On the topic of therapists, I’ve had about 6 throughout my life, of varying quality. Sometimes a specific therapist just doesn’t work for you. That’s fine. Looking for a new therapist can be exhausting and anxiety-inducing, especially if you had bad experiences before. But a different one can make all the difference. Please keep looking for one if you struggle, if you do find one that works for you it can help so much.

Imagine of the sheer amount of joy and satisfaction that a happy relationship with sex, affection and companionship provides.

Except when these incels talk about their ideal relationships it’s all about them dominating and abusing their partners.

@Hambeast: and the quit-smoking-industrial complex.

@Elaine: What magic insurance is this that you said covers therapy? It sure as hell isn’t OHIP. In my experience, therapy is in the same category as personal lawyers, Mercedes-Benzes, McMansions, weekly maid services, fiber to the door, backyard swimming pools, home theaters, and 30-foot boats: luxuries of the upper middle class, particularly the ones who like to cosplay as actually-rich on weekends.

I grieved when my last awesome therapist retired. And my husband had one who was so amazing I’d sit in because we had such fun. Covered by our HMO (with limits, of course, because HMO).

I am happily married for approximately forever, and yet my husband and I watch movies, TV, we’re both on the Internet right now, and we eat junk food, just like this guy. We did when dating, and all the years since. While still managing to have sex and not be anti-Semitic. Heck, our ringbearer and flower girl were Jewish, so those kids and their parents who came cross country to the wedding sure weren’t supporting single-dom.

I didn’t say therapists were necessarily that wealthy themselves. Just that, at least here, their services seem to be priced out of reach of clients who aren’t; and insurance, at least the provincial public insurance programs, doesn’t seem to cover it. I think there might be private insurance that covers it but you only get that if you have a white-collar job, i.e. you’re in the top 20% or so by income distribution …

@GSS ex-noob: Eh? A Jew? I could have sworn the ringbearer was a hobbit. Maybe it’s time I re-watched at least the first film …

@ surplus

I didn’t say therapists were necessarily that wealthy themselves.

You did kinda imply it, with all the references to the millionaire lifestyle. And I do think it was a bit unfair to suggest they deliberately fail in their jobs, just to retain clients. I’m fortunate that I’ve never had to engage their services, but as mentioned, I have friends who do that job, and they’re totally dedicated people who try their best to help.

I could have sworn the ringbearer was a hobbit

I went to a wedding where the ring bearer was a dog. It was ever so cute. Although some of us were secretly hoping Poppy (for twas her name) might swallow the ring. Just to see how committed the couple were to exchanging the rings.

(As to work in general, it’s nearly 1:00 am here, and I still have a client on the blooming phone)

I guess he never considered the fact couples buy tons of things. Dating, weddings, travel, homes, furnishings, and all the eventual items needed for a family are a capitalists wet dream. He also ignored the fact that once people are parents they are pretty much stuck, often in jobs they hate, because they have families to feed. Homeboy didn’t really think this one through, just like everything incels believe.

@Surplus. Not all people who find long term partners leave dating apps entirely. Plenty of them use it to cheat. Sorry, I’m cynical when it comes to human nature.


The time in my life that I went to therapy, I was making ~5k/year above the poverty line, so I reckon people wouldn’t say I was pretending to be rich on the weekend, or even lower middle class by income.

Over here therapy is available on the NHS. Although I understand there is a bit of a post code lottery. Some areas are much better served than others.

But just looking at NHS salaries for therapists. They range from £18,673 per year to £44,248 per year; depending on grade.

@Alan Robertshaw

Yeah definitely a postcode lottery, and mental health services for more severe cases have been pretty much decimated.


[spoiler title=”mental health in the uk”] It’s why I kind of hate the “just reach out” and “mental health awareness” messaging that abounds everywhere. I remember reading that it was gov policy to buttress actual practical help with awareness (while quietly dismantling the help, of course). You can reach out and find absolutely nothing. People I know have been devastated to realise that suicide ideation actually disqualifies you from loads of services because you are too much of a risk. One even felt “tricked” by a seemingly empathetic nurse into revealing those thoughts, only to be told they can’t help them and if they feel at crisis to go to A&E.

The terrifying thing if the illness isn’t treatable with counselling (after the inevitable waiting list) and pills, the treatment just… stops. Aside from being bounced from one medication to another. I guess once people get to a certain point they may be committed, but from my observation it’s left to unqualified, exhausted and often rapidly unravelling family members to try to look after their loved ones. [/spoiler]

@ lollypop

Indeed. I used to do some MHT cases; and even through that there were some obvious discrepancies with allocation of resources. Like central London just felt overwhelmed and at breaking point; whereas out in the sticks it seemed they just had more facilities, and just time, to deal.

That fed back into how people felt about approaching the NHS for help. A lot of people were understandably cautious about reporting symptoms. There was always that risk that you could just end up being sectioned.

@Full Metal Ox – “entitlepantsedness” made me smile.

Ditto @Surplus – “I could have sworn the ringbearer was a hobbit.”

Anyway, yeah, therapy can be expensive. Ten years ago I paid $80/hr for psych counseling.

So I’m lucky Quebec has a system where public health offers 10 free sessions. I used that last year. Didn’t happen right away – after the doctor’s referral, I waited three months. My anxiety was worse than usual for various reasons, and the therapy did help bring things back to a manageable level, though I’m still working on overcoming fears of various sorts.

Now I’m thinking of the two doctors who said I had a mild version of anxiety disorder. If mine’s mild, I feel horrible for people who have moderate or severe versions. Because yeesh.

But $70K/year seems very rich to me. I dunno. The most I’ve made per year is a bit over $18K, and last year it was only $9K because of the pandemic. And I’m middle class, probably lower middle class, but still. My parents have a house, I have a graduate degree, I work in education…like, I’m not poor. But things tend to be a little cheaper here than in the Toronto area.

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